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Found Deals and Discounts / Re: The Humble Indie Bundle #3
« on: July 27, 2011, 02:37 AM »

even if i'm not a hardcore gamer at all i grabbed that.

A) because some of the games are very different and i like them (e.g. the gear game :) )
B) because i love such generous offers (pay what you think its worth) and want to motivate others to see that this concept will work and maybe get a lot more of such offers in the future.

Thanks for the notice!


Hi DCs,

today i stumbled upon this very interesting article (and the informationw was new to me as well). So i'd thought i'll share for those that aren't up-to-date windows gurus (as i am not too).

In short:

First it is a nice (and even for lamers like me very understandable) wrap up of the history of
WinAPI, .NET and development under windows.

Secondly it gives some insight about the reasons under the hood for all the rumour around Windows-Development in the last decade and some internals how and why MS did what they did.

Thirdly it gives some interesting news from "slipped out" code snippets and informations from MS about the new APIs in Windows 8 named DirectUI and WinRT that should bring the UI Design under Windows to a "modern way of layout" using vector based approach (formerly WPF - Windows Presentation Foundation). It also brings all the rumour that Windows 8 will ONLY use HTML5 and Javascript as the main developer platform to an end.

Early this month, Microsoft dropped something of a bombshell on Windows developers: the new Windows 8 touch-friendly immersive style would use a developer platform not based on .NET, which Microsoft has been championing for the past decade. Instead, it would use HTML5 and JavaScript. Since then, the company has refrained from making any further comment on the issue. In particular, the question that has many Windows developers particularly concerned—how can I make use of my existing skills and experience when developing these new applications?—remains unanswered; the company plans to reveal nothing until its BUILD conference in September.

But the situation probably won't be as grim as many developers fear. Early milestone builds of Windows 8 have leaked onto the Internet, and considerable effort has been put into figuring out how they work. Though officially tight-lipped, snippets of information have escaped Redmond's walls. So far, it appears that Windows 8 development doesn't just look not bad—there are signs that it will actually resolve many long-standing annoyances with writing Windows software. If Microsoft can pull off everything it's hoping to achieve with the platform, Windows 8 will be as important and radical a release as Windows Longhorn was going to be.

Windows 8 will ship with a pair of runtimes; a new .NET runtime (currently version stamped 4.5), and a native code C++ runtime (technically, COM, or a derivative thereof), named WinRT. There will be a new native user interface library, DirectUI, that builds on top of the native Direct2D and DirectWrite APIs that were introduced with Windows 7. A new version of Silverlight, apparently codenamed Jupiter, will run on top of DirectUI. WinRT and DirectUI will both be directly accessible from .NET through built-in wrappers.

WinRT provides a clean and modern API for many of the things that Win32 does presently. It will be, in many ways, a new, modern Win32. The API is designed to be easy to use from "modern" C++ (in contrast to the 25 year old, heavily C-biased design of Win32); it will also map cleanly onto .NET concepts. In Windows 8, it's unlikely that WinRT will cover everything Win32 can do—Win32 is just so expansive that modernizing it is an enormous undertaking—but I'm told that this is the ultimate, long-term objective. And WinRT is becoming more and more extensive with each new build that leaks from Redmond.

In long terms:

Read yourself at:

Hope the (a bit lengthy) article is as interesting to read for you as it was for me.


A funny remark i read in a comment about this article in a mailing list was:
"I never believed that HTML5 and JS will be the ONLY developer platform for Windows 8. I don't think the next version of Microsoft-Office will be written in Javascript!" :) :) :)

Hi Renegade,

thank you very much for your suggestions.

I'll look at all your given links.


Hi Buddies,

No, no tablet (yet). Normal Laptop/Desktop PCs with full sized Touchscreens. And yes, its a mix of Kioskmode and normal operation, as our app runs in Fullscreen mode, but let other applications (e.g. the x-ray scanner GUIs and so on) pop up if needed.

Used OSes are XP/Vista/7.

What is Win98-Avenue? I may Google for it. But the name won't let me jump in ecstasy when i read Win98  :-\ . But i'll search for it. Thank you.

If you can tap anyone of your environment and extract any useful information for this topic, i'd gladly appreciate your effort.

@Ath: Yes, Win7 built in screen keyboard came to mind too. But as you said, a bit inflexible. If we can't find our prince, we have to kiss that frog of course. But as this is not a thing we need tomorrow (but next week :) ) i can wait a bit longer if another one maybe comes up with another suggestion. Thank you anyway very much.

Any more suggestions? I'm still in "search and collect mode" :)

TIA again!

Dear DC fellas,

i'm in need of a good on-screen keyboard under windows to use with touchscreens. It could be a standalone app and/or (preferable) a SDK, LIB or class library for c++ and MSVC.

Freeware, Shareware, Donationware, Commercialware, WhatDoIKnowWare :) is all acceptable. But it should at least fit the following needs:

  • Royality free (Commercial purchase is OK, but then it should be freely distributable to any amount of customers without additional fees)
  • Must support UTF-8 and all i18n charsets and keyboard layouts or at least should be customizable to do so. That means beside the "normal" standards like QWERTY/QWERTZ, iso-8859-1, iso-8859-2 and such even more exotic charsets and keyboard layouts like simplified chinese, russian, hebrew, vietnamese, ... should be supported.
  • Customization is very welcome so we can e.g. hide unused buttons we don't need and will only distract the user.
  • Design customization to match our app design would be nice, but isn't a no-go if it can't be done.
  • Stable, reliable and precise functionality for use in a medical environment (doctors office, hospital, ...)
  • If its a standalone app, some way of communication must be possible (show/hide, maybe redirect input to our app, whatever).

Anyone has already any experience with such kind of software and can recommend a product or a list of maybe interesting candidates?

Any hint appreciated to sort out the gazillions of this kind apps out there.

Thankyou in advance very much for your assistance.


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