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Screenshot Captor / Re: Improving Region Select Capture Mode
« on: November 04, 2011, 04:20 AM »
Hey Mouse-maaan,

Thats great! I LOVE the new guideline crosshair.

I am one of the "i only want to grab a region guys" and i always started up to grab the minimal bound box, starting e.g. at top left point and drag the area until i notice that at the more right area there is a content that raises higher than the left top point. Starting again to grab new.  >:(

Now with the new full screen guidelines that won't happen again.

WOOHOO from me for this!


Developer's Corner / Re: Auto generate 'spinner' code for your website
« on: November 03, 2011, 06:58 AM »

Thanks a lot!


Living Room / Re: Another Nail in the Coffin for Free Speech
« on: October 18, 2011, 04:49 AM »
Well, I'm not astonished at all.

In germany the term "Ga-Ga" has also the meaning of being an idiot, insane, crazy, lunatic, retarded anyway. Like we germans say "Er oder Sie ist Ga-Ga!" (He or She is Ga-Ga - replace the Ga-Ga with your most preferred word from my above mentioned list).

I knew already for a longer time that this useless carbon unit (i avoid calling her a human being intentionally), that others call her a singer or worse an artist (EEEEEEK!) is DEFINITIFELY GA-GA! Look at her outfits, performances and last but not least horrible music (if you insist to call it music).

So i think, YES she have the right to insist in this name and all derivations. Because she is "THE GENUINE GA-GA" in the german meaning.</ironic> :)

What concerns me much more is, that there are so many dumb kids around that like her and her <vomit>music</vomit>.

Poor poor world.

I feel fear for our human future and our world

To be serious, i hate when this copyright topics happens. Remember that someone tried to "patent" the word Webspace to get money from everyone that uses that word in any context? Thanks god that patent was refused by an intelligent person. And the freeware author of FTP-Explorer (an ftp client) that got sued to not use the word "Explorer" for his app? WTF! Where will all this end? I think i should patent the word "the" for me and become a billionare from all the license fees i'll get. And jugdes that decide this way have either NO IDEA what they are doing or are GA-GA too. Well in both cased, they should be removed from their job. Just my 2ct. *ShakingMyHead* Tsk Tsk Tsk!

Hi Vlastimil,


My problem with Photoshop is the visual impaired unfriendly GUI. That problem is not with RWP, great. Well some seeing problem i have with RWP, but most can be workarounded by waiting for the tooltip and whatever. So whenever i need to manipulate a PSD, i gladly fire up RWP now.

I also love the easy way to install plugins (as easy as installing a FireFox plugin) and the really nice done tutorial videos.

Another big plus is the portability. RWP will have its reserved space from now on on my "Utility-Allways-in-my-pocket-Thumbrdrive". :)

Thanks for the generous offer to give it out as free/donationware. Some bucks (Donationcredits) are on the way.


OK mouser and stephen,

Now i'm mad on you both.

You made me lose a whole day with this AWESOME INTERESTING WELLDONE CAN'T STOP READING Newsletter. :)

Thank you very much for the enjoying hours.


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