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Please join the chant (to the well known melody the us marines sing when they march - at least they do it in the movies all the time...but who am i to tell if its true...Josh, call on duty to make the forefront singer!):

What we want to Nudone do?
A cody image that is new!
What we do when Nudone do?
We all cheer for him Woohoo!

(To be continued endlessly until Nudone did it again!)


+<insert my weight in pounds here> from me for a new cody image



Living Room / Re: NEW Cody wallpapers for Halloween
« on: November 04, 2011, 08:54 AM »
Hi Nudone,

what a pity about the christmas codies :(

And the Island one is great. It even fit my addicition (I'm member in a maritime club), so i would be glad to use this, as it would be perfect. Just too bright :(

Nevermind, it was just an idea *SNIFF* :(

Thank you anyway

And again i lost half of a day because i neither could resist, nor i can't stop reading this newsletter.

I'm still hoping for an empty or totally uninteresting newsletter in the future so i can satisfy my boss when doing my work instead of reading. :)

Thank you again for this hours of pure pleasure.


Living Room / Re: NEW Cody wallpapers for Halloween
« on: November 04, 2011, 05:10 AM »
WOW, Nudone did it again! :)

I'm so cody addicted!

2 Questions though

1. What happened to I just get a "This domain is parked" with GoDaddy ads :(

2. Are there any CCWs out there (Cody Christmas Wallpapers) :) I'd be glad to have one for the season. But it should have a very dark (black or deep blue) background and overall brightness. So an image with Cody in snow i cannot use for my visual impairness.

That reminds me, i must search for a season-less cody wallpaper i can use everyday in between seasons as well. But also with a dark overall brightness or i can't use it.

Thanks a lot Nudone for your great work again and for inventing this cute little pet for me (errrm for us i mean) :)


DC Gamer Club / Re: Humble Voxatron Debut
« on: November 04, 2011, 04:31 AM »
I bought it just for the "Blocks that matter" game.

Isaac is a nice one too, but i'm not so much in action rich games. So even the "leading" app in this bundle "Voxatron" is not really for me.

But who cares. I got a really addictive game (Blocks that matter) and i supported the HumbleBundle Idea.

So thats a win-win situation.


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