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Thank you Peter,

bookmaked your suggestion. Will do!


Hi Thinkies, :))

well, thanks for all these suggestions. I, for now, try to explain the hotliners Skwires suggestion. I tested it and it works fine even if it's not for "dummies" and needs a bit understanding. But hey, it's free and can do all we need and also can create standalone macros (with the help of an AHK installation).

If they wont be able to handle the mightyness of Pulovers Macro Recorder, i will have a look at the payware suggestions as well.

Thank you gain for spending your time to answer my question.

Wooohooo DC forever and mouser for president :)


Greetings to my private Think-Tank (a.k.a. Donationcoder Forum) :) ,

i need to find a macro recorder for windows OS for our QA dept which need to test new updates for our software. This implies going through the same steps in our application for every testcase again and again. Sometimes with the exact same data (e.g. if an error occured to see if the error is gone after bugfix), sometimes only the nearly exact procedure but with different values (other testcases).

Problem is, AutoIT or whatever is not an option, as these guys and gals have no programming knowledge at all. So the recorder should be one for dummies. Just something like "start recording -> do the things you need to do -> stop recording -> playback recording".

No need for eye candy or whistles and bells. But saving/reload a formerly saved macro would be nice. Also maybe the possibility to edit the recorded steps a bit (e.g. someone did a wrong keypress by accident or need to change an entered value - with this feature he dont have to start all over again with recording the macro).

I dont need any special functionality like using DLL calls or whatsoever. Keypresses, Mouseevents are a must, edititing an existing/formerly recorded macro would come handy and having a kind of giving specific windows the focus so that the keypresses would go to the correct one (can be simulated by mouseclicks of course too) would be nice. And, as i said earlier, as easy to use as possible.

OH! And it should be FREE of course. Not that we wont pay for a good solution (if there are real benefits we maybe purchase one too), but then you have to fiddle around with license transfer from one pc to another and keeping an eye that you wont go over the top of your license amount and whatnot. With a free product that would be much easier to handle.

My problem is not, that i cannot find any macro recorder. More the opposite is true. I find GAZILLIONS of those and dont have the time or mood to install everyone one after another to see if it fits our needs. Maybe we can constrain the search a bit when you helpful community share your experiences and knowledge about this topic with me and recommend some of the better ones.

Thank you in advance guys for every recommendation.


Find And Run Robot / Re: Heuristic Scoring for previous search term.
« on: December 19, 2013, 02:36 AM »
Hi WongKit,

if i interpret all the buzz around the right way, mouser is just right now working an a big new major release of FARR Version 3!

I don't know what new features are planned to be implemented, but i think there is a good chance your idea may make it into it. *Shrug*

I'm sure mouser will reply also to your question as soon as he wake up and have a glance at the forum. :)

Please stay tuned a  little bit more.


Or you can use Notepad++ (Freeware).

Notepad++ has a colum select mode (hold alt-key while selecting the appropriate text/columns). Then with the first column marked you can use menu TextFX->TextFX Characters->UPPERCASE.


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