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Hi Jgpaiva,

for a more technical "How To" but still for newbies you can visit:

There you'll find hundreds of tutorials about everything concerning the W3C Standards (HTML, CSS, XML, XSL, RSS, ...).

Every tutorial is written from basics to advanced in sections and often break with some questions/tests at the end to proofe if you understand the former things that have been explained.

I learned XML and XSL from there and i liked it very much.

For a good HTML-Editor you can (beside NVU mentioned above) try the free HTML-Kit ( with a good editor and hundreds of selectable plug-ins for automating tasks and helpers for specific tasks. You can select which plugins you want to install and so build your "own" HTML-Kit that fit your needs.


@momonam and All:
 :o Sorry to all. Your wish is my command -> DONE! :)

I haven't thought of that, and another reason is for sure that english is not my native language. I could have used "man" in the context of "mankind" i think. But this is to much pathetic, isn't it?

My intension was surely NOT to discriminate someone for his gender, religion, race, politic interests, skin color, food preferences, IQ, profession, home country, home planet, home galaxy, ..., ..., ...

I also promise that NO animal was tortured or killed while producing this poem and i will have an eye at the political correctness of my future posts as good as i can.

Now let's go on with the birthday party and greetings.

DC's Anniversary

A year ago, yes that is true,
a site in the web was really new.

DonationCoder is it's name.
You haven't heard that? What a shame!

A great idea and a handful of women and men
start to do, what ever they can.

To get the site, to what it's today,
20000 Users, Reviews, a place to talk and play.

Discounts, Software and GiveAways,
making this site a really great place.

Information and kind people you can't find anywhere,
makes your visit here most valuable, i swear!

But always remember, *WE ALL* are the site,
without working together, our star won't sparkle bright.

So contribute as much as you can,
and tell everybody that you are a DC-Fan.

And keep in mind: We never have won!
We must steadily care, to make DC "THE NUMBER ONE"!


Thanks and congratulations to mouser and the members of the first hour of DC and all the others that do the hard work here.


Finished Programs / Re: DONE: Finding Mousepointer Utility
« on: April 06, 2006, 02:35 AM »
Dear Robert,

i know the XP-Feature and i tried it. But as the Logitech-Software, that have a similar feature as well, it is too less intrusive for my bad sighting. I need a THICK BOOM SLAP IN THE FACE thing that stays at the same place for the long time i need to recognize it. I have to search for it at the screen, and this takes a while. So a moving, one-shot circle is not enought for me.

Skrommels MarkMouse give me the opportunity to select the size and thickness as well as color and a changing, stay in place but intrusive crosshair-circle.

Maybe the XP-Feature can help better sighting people, but for me it isn't helpful at all.

You haven't posted the URL for Lecture-Pen. So i can't try it and say my opinion for this. You alse haven't mentioned if it is free like Skrommels MarkMouse.

But thanks for the hints anyway. Maybe others will like XPs Feature more or find LecturePen and find it more useful. Even i will try to find LecturePen and try it out. I'm always interested in new programs.


The best feature of FoxIt-Reader for me is, that it has not being installed in any way. Just copy the files somewhere and start it.

I carry it with me on my thumb drive and I'am always prepared to read a PDF Manual or sth. like this when i'm on a foreign pc.


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