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Hi Gailfrank,

nice finding! Looks good too. I will check that out and ask the others if they are accepting ads. If not, it is cheaper to go with Skype ($4) as with AnyMeeting ($18). But if ads are ok for the others, it will $0 and that is cheaper than Skype then. :)

Thanks again for your effort and the notice.


The real question is,
How many syllables are in "cranioscopical"?
different for everyone i think... :)

Hmmm, i bet 6! Anyone more? :)

@Jibz: Thank you, now i need to spend another more time and use Google again to find out what WebRTC is. You won't get any more coffee from me next time you join the IRC channel. HAH! That is what you deserve! :)


Hi Curt,

there was joke list about topic "You know you are Internet addicted when..." and one item was: "If all your friends contain an @ sign in their names" :)))

Well i think 90% of Skype users have no premium account. So my friends which i need to hold a conference with have none too, i am nearly sure. But that is not neccesary. They can go with their free (normal - no premium) account and still can join the conference. Just one person of the conference (the inviter or creator of the conference) need to be premium. So no costs for anyone except me.

And even if i state that i "live in the internet" i havent heard about Google Hangout. I get lost all the time when i login into my Google account with all that gazillion of services they offer. I dont know what the most of them are good for. I just use Calendar and Play store. I have a gmail account which i dont use either. And i use the search engine of course. Thats it for me with Google. :)

I think my DoCo Account is much more important for me than my Google account.

*LOL* yes that i wonder too. I always had the impression mouser did something wrong then. :) But its convinient when i go to bowling. I bring my own ball with me! *LOL*


Hi Curt,

Hahahahahahahaha! Well, i don't even know how i got it and why i deserve it. My forum activity can't be the reason when you look at my posting count of about 200 in 7,5 years of membership. I haven't paid anything extra for it and (citing Bill Clinton here) "I had NEVER any sexual relationship with mouser". :)

Also, i'm always more on the taking side than on the giving one. I pulled out so many useful informations and hints from what i call "my private think tank" (a.k.a. Doco) and gave so few back. So this is not the reason too for sure. *SHRUG*

So the only explanation is, our mouseman were drunk when he generously granted me this title. I just remember he ended with the words "Get up now, SIR JOTO!" when he lifted of the swords blade from my shoulder. *LOL*

So this unsolvable riddle why i own this title is in a row with the other famous riddles of our world like "are we alone in the universe" and "why is the word 'abbreviation' such a long word". :)

Back to the topic though:
Well, all my sputter about Skype over Google is based on the assumption, that technically all works fine with Skype as i understood and expect it. If not, i will be caught with my pants down and maybe have to return ruefully to Mr. Google (or any other recommendation that will come out in the future).

Humble Greetings

Hi Deomaaan,

as i said in my posting, the advantage of Skype here is that 90% of the planned participants already HAVE a Skype account and already HAVE Skype installed and already ARE familiar with the Skype program.

That is not true for Google+. There i have to convince them to sign up and to be honest, even i find the google hell of services very confusing and complicated to use. Imagine how confusing this is for a pc dummie.

And, as this is highly likely to be a one-shot event (maybe twice if needed), i dont see the need of another account at Google for the others when they'll never use it again. The other way i decline strictly to open a Facebook account while most of the others have one. And i surely would decline to open one just for a single event too.

Therefore i think the already paved road is better way to go, even if costs a fee to drive on versus pick up your Machete and hit a new pathway through a jungle with a group of untrained newbies. :)

There is a monthly plan for Skype premium which costs about $4. If i calculate the value of the 10 hours of my precious time that i would need to get them all together on a new service, this is worth every penny of it. (Who would work for $ 0.40/h?) :) And, all the others can stay with their already existing free accounts. No need to upgrade to a premium account for them. Only ONE (the initiator of the conference) must have a premium account. The rest can work with free account. So no costs for them, as it would be the same with the free Google account, but much much less effort.


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