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Living Room / Need advice how to offer/sell domain names best
« on: January 30, 2009, 06:16 AM »
Hi DC,

a buddy of mine owns some domain names, that she never needs anymore. All the domains are in the TLD .de.

She plans to offer them for sale.

But as i never sold any domains i have NO experience with this. So i promised to ask my good friends here if there are some advices from experienced domain sellers how to do it best. Any caveats to keep an eye on? What sites are best to advertise the domains on? How will it work if a domain is sold (KK? Admin-C change?).

Mighty oracle of DonationCoder...Let mercy take place and enlighten me :D Thank you in advance to all and any hint is appreciated.


Site/Forum Features / First (short) Hello from me
« on: January 26, 2009, 03:11 AM »
Hi Folks,

Just a quick "hello" for now from me. I'm preparing a longer post with the photos of the postcards i got and a more detailed situation explanation. But i first have to fight against 3000+ mails (total including spam was 14000), renew some subscriptions that expired on 31st December and so on.

So thank you all for all the good wishes and giving me the feeling that something is missing on DonationCoder when i'm not here. :D

CU soon on IRC or in the forum

General Software Discussion / Re: Easy remote access to my home pc?
« on: September 16, 2008, 02:25 AM »

Another solution can be UltraVNC SingleClick (UVNC SC) or PCHelpWare.

Both are VNC like solutions. PCHW is free for everything (even for commercial use).

They both need physical access on the server, thats the bad thing about it. But they are very easy to use, as all the techie things is done by YOU (the computer expert). The user only have to download a small self-contained exe from your website (about 100-300kb) and doubleclkick it. Connection established. No installation necessary, either on userside nor on your side (viewer). UVNC SC even deletes itself after the session ends and leaving no trails on the remote pc.

Chat, Filetransfer and controlling the desktop of the remote PC is available with that.

No router/port-forwarding necessary on userside, as the server initiates an outgoing connection to the viewer (you are in listen mode). The user pc only must have normal WAN access.

The way it goes is this:
First you create a server-package with your actual data (your IP, username, password, blah, blah, blah). Very easy to do with PCHW as you start the viewer, enter your desired parameters and press the "Create Server" button. Then you can find a ready to release small exe file on your harddisk. Now upload this single exe to your webspace or wherever it can be accessed from the others. Then you press the "Start" button in your viewer and wait.

Second you tell your mother to download this package with her browser and start it somehow. The server connects to your viewer and you can begin controlling. So your mother only must be able to download a file and start it. No need to know whats going on under the hood.

You can create the server package in different ways so that the user must either enter a login/Password or that the connection is made automatically and without user activity (after starting up the server of course).

All features known from UltraVNC are available. So you can make direct connections, use the mirror drivers (but that needs install on the remote/userside pc! - but it works without the drivers as well, only slower) and repeater connections (when you are sitting behind a firewall as well). You can setup your own repeater or use the UVNC public repeater.

So this solution is excellent for helping in technical problems. Its not convinient to get a permanent access to your own home pc from everywhere in the world (User activity on remote side necessary!).

I just try to use the free 1scdll.dll from PCHelpWare in my own application to get up a remote support system for our company helpdesk with ticket support and such things. We'll see if i can get this to work. As i said, PCHW is free also for commercial use and you are allowed to build and deploy your own app with the 1scdll.dll (even if the dll is closed source) or use their ready to use apps (server and viewer) that can be customized with own gui elements (texts, background, company logo, blah).

HTH anyone

UVNC and PCHW Forum:

Hi there,

i'm feeling honored, that CodeByter has selected me as a beta tester for LineByter.

I think i evolved as the "nightmare on teststreet" for him.  ;D

I did everything, what i must not do with his poor app. Throwing in binary files, using german umlauts, blah, blah and came up with suggestions and wishes all the time. Most of my wishes were implemented in this first final release, some are on his todo list for V 2.0.  ;D

The +1 points for this app from my point of view are:
  • Fast, faster, fastest, lightspeed, LineByter!  :)
  • Portable! After installing you can copy the Exe to your thumbdrive and carry your search-buddy with you.
  • Compact! With only a small footprint.
  • The Match-Regex/Reject-Regex system to narrow the findings and the capability to add mutliple regexes at once for both are, as far as i can tell, a unique feature, that makes LineByter outstanding from most other Regex-Searchtools
  • Userfriendly! A simple, functional, clear and easy to use GUI. Only the regexes are still the cryptic beasts they are since they were invented. But for that you can't blame LineByter of course.  ;D
  • And last (only important for me) ACCESSIBLE! Also for visually impaired persons like me. Without unneccessary eyecandy and coloring whistles and bells.

Well done, CodeByter. I like it very much. As i use it at office too, the license fee is well invested and on the way.


Hi all,

yes, of course ZA will check. But normally it asks again if it finds a new app or a new version of an older app. That don't take place here.

And my first thought was also that doclauncher is blocked, but it wasn't the doclauncher, it was the FARR exe that was blocked.

Blocking new FARR without asking was, what makes me scratching my head.  :)

Thanks to all that give their suggestions, and yes cranoscopical, mouser can be very convincing, can't he?  ;D ;D ;D


Hi DC,

mouser insist that i have to post about what happened to me today, after updating to the latest FARR Version.

After the update i can't launch any result from the result window, getting an error dialog window instead that tell me, that "doclauncher.exe" in the FARR directory can't be started and that an error #5 (Access denied) occured.

After a bit of research i found out, that my firewall Zonealarm suddenly blocked the access from FARR to this doclauncher.exe. And that even all worked perfectly before the update and i dont changed any setting in ZoneAlarm.

To solve the problem, i have deleted ALL entries (i got a lot of them) in the Zonealarm program control list. After doing that and using FARR again the first time, i get the usual "Ask for permission" dialog from Zonealarm. I checked "Remember this" and clicked "Allow" and all was back to normal again. I could start all kinds of results (Documents/Files and Executables) again without any hassle.

I dont know why this had happened with this update, as i updated FARR a lot in the past time. Maybe it's only a problem on my single computer, but in the case someone other run into this problem also, you now know what can be the reason and what maybe can help to solve it.

CU all

Hey Loki15,

i just can say your, for me made, anchor is awesome. I now wait till my vacation start to add a winding rope to it and make it animated to use it at our maritime club page as the logo.

Thanks for all your effort.


Developer's Corner / Fileupload with Browser and Progressbar
« on: July 29, 2008, 06:58 AM »
Hi there DCs,

a few days ago i was in need to implement a file upload capability in one of my web applications. It should work on clientside without any special programs like a FTPClient or sth. like that. Only with the pure, available on every PC, webbrowser.

The ugly side of the story was, that uploads with browsers sucks. You have no real progress tracking. But i like to have this feature. So i researched a bit and learned that is isn't possible with only PHP right out of the box, if you haven't installed PHP V 5.2 or higher on your server or use some patched unofficial PHP corefiles. In the 5.2+ versions of PHP there are hook functions built in to monitor http uploads. But i was stuck with PHP 5.1.2, so no hooks for poor JoTo and i reject to use unofficial hacked core files.  :(

So i accepted to have a hybrid solution with a combination of PHP and Perl/CGI that can do the trick. I searched a bit further and found a wonderful component named XUpload from Sibsoft. I downloaded the thingy and it worked for me, right out of the box, after a short and easy install. So i decided to share this information with you all, in the case someone is in need also in the future.

Features i liked:
<li>A continuous realtime progress bar and information about uploaded amount in percent and KB, upload speed, used as well as remaining time</li>
<li>Handles big files also (i tested it up to 600MB yet)</li>
<li>The upload page and the embedded form, as well as the upload status window, are very customizable using a template system and CSS</li>
<li>The upload form is extensible with as many user defined fields as you wish</li>
<li>The upload CGI is fully transparent and you can redirect all form data, after the upload finishes, to any URI you want (to process the uploaddata yourself - e.g. like me to my PHP script again to send a notify email about the upload</li>
and best of all: IT'S COMPLETELY FREE

The older version 2.6 of XUpload is free. There is also a PRO Version 3.0 of XUpload with many more features (, page inline progressbar, ...) for purchase at $37 per domain. But even the free version is very usable for most cases and can be used for as many domains as you wish.

Learn more and have a live demo of XUpload at the developers homepage:


xupload_status.png<br />
A screenshot of my customized XUpload statuswindow in my web application in action.

Hope this information may help anyone on Terra in System Sol.  ;D

CU all

That's NOT an advertisment! I am not affiliated with SibSoft in any way. I don't get anything from them if you purchase their PRO version. And the free version is so good that i must say: Try the free and rethink if you really need the purchase of the PRO and if you need, feel free to do so. I am only a regular user of their free component and find it awesome. That's all folks.

Find And Run Robot / Re: too many updates !!!
« on: July 28, 2008, 02:11 AM »
Hi there,

You aren't forced to install every update. They are cumulative ones.

Feel free to skip one or two until you get the mood to update, are curious about the new features or until you find a nogo bug.

BTW. Using the well configured DonationCoderUpdater, an update for me is only about 10 mouseclicks and 1 min. of my time. Thats sth. i gladly invest in my most used utility. And with that i not only get it installed, i also get a well named setup file in my software archive directory automatically.

I really appreciate that mouser releases every new feature as fast as possible. So i must say, i love the everyday updates.

Just my 2ct.

General Software Discussion / Re: Vista Aero vs. Linux Compiz
« on: April 15, 2008, 01:35 AM »
Can't understand all this fuzz!

For me, eye candy is absolutely useless! I need Aero or any other graphical hype like a fish a bicycle needs. Meaning: NEVER!

There were really good programs, i uninstalled again only because their authors have the opinion to invent and use new graphical sensations in their GUI. Even if the program itself was a real pearl.

I want to work with my pc and so i prefer a fast, informational GUI without any whistles and bells. The only case i need eye candy is, when i play a game and need the "game atmosphere" as well. But then the games normally bring its own GUIs with them.

Go away from me with this cpu and hd-space consuming, irritating, candyshop, good for kiddies stuff.

Windows-XP Classic style for my desktop pc and bash shell for my linux server is all i need.

Sorry, call me a dinosaur or a philistine! But this is my opinion!


Please go away with Indexing! Never ever implement it in FARR please!


Mini-Reviews by Members / Re: XYplorer File Manager
« on: April 02, 2008, 10:06 AM »
Hey Donald,

thanks for the heads up on V 7.0!

Of course i run like hell to get my most favourite FileManager in newest Version.

After reading the "whats new" section i was impressed! Scripting is a really good idea!

I expected an upgrade fee for the new version, but i was wrong. FREE for registered Users! Woooohooooo! You are so generous!

Thank you sooooo much!

Your very satisfied customer

And now excuse me, have no time anymore to write. Must explore the new features in V7  ;D

Please count a +1 from me to what Nosh said...thanks to all that helpers that get DC back, up and running.  :Thmbsup:  :-*

I experienced mousers despair, and Gothics sleepless nights and all the help, good hints and suggestions from all the others live at IRC-Channel in the time DC was down. And i was desperate too, because i wasn't be of any help.  :-[  >:(

DC is back...and so is my internet-life!  ;D
[JoTo is singing "Ode to Joy" now!]


DC Member Programs and Projects / Re: CluGrid Discussion
« on: February 13, 2008, 09:38 AM »
Hi timns,

really odd, indeed! Please believe me that

a) i'm not such a computer lamer that i do sth. wrong here and
b) I'm not wasting your time with kidding aroung

Yes, please send me the file directly to <xyz> (for spam robot protection please replace <xyz> with my nickname).


DC Member Programs and Projects / Re: CluGrid Discussion
« on: February 13, 2008, 08:45 AM »
Hi Timns,

i just downloaded again the file from your dc-memberspage, ignoring the filename. After installing the new downloaded file in the splash screen at top still stands! Cleared my browser cache and tried it again...Again

*SHRUG* Dunno whats going on here. And yes, when ignoring all the hassle (manually set the ini, make the program window readable with every program start) i can use the program.


DC Member Programs and Projects / Re: CluGrid Discussion
« on: February 13, 2008, 01:09 AM »
 ;D ;D ;D Thats DC live! Even if you say crap someone will pick it up and go a step further! Loved it!


DC Member Programs and Projects / Re: CluGrid Discussion
« on: February 13, 2008, 01:08 AM »
Hi Timns,

first i don't find the .10 Version you mentioned. On your CluGrid page the download link still links to _9.exe.  :huh:

Second, i found my players ini-file and set some options manually with an editor. And the game now respects my settings from the ini. But if i change sth. in the options dialog, the ini file isnt changed in any way. Strange, eh?

The only thing i can think of is, that i don't use the default path for installing the game. My installation dir is D:\spiele\CluGrid instead of the default one. Can there be any problem?

One setting i'm confused of is (from my players ini):


Is that correct?


DC Member Programs and Projects / Re: CluGrid Discussion
« on: February 12, 2008, 03:52 AM »
Dear timns,

i hope i am not too annyoing to you. But with your last uploaded version you built in again old bugs.

1. The hints window initially shows up again with bloack on black. Having the font size changed refreshes with correct colors making them readable. Was fixed in the former versions.

2. Still no chance to remember my settings. On every program start i see the splash screen (even with unchecked "show splash screen" option), see the bubble help (even with unchecked "show hints" option), have to set "invert colors" every time again and again, have to switch off the bottom grid again and again and now (new!) i have to adjust the fontsize also again and again to make the left text in the grid readable (have worked before!).

Maybe you can tell me, where your program expects to save the settings (inifile? registry? If registry - where? So i can look at it to find out whats there and what not! Tell me, what should be there and i will compare to the whats there state). Maybe we can find the reason then.

BTW: did you know that i was born in 1912, have a nice swim with sharks and like to climb willows?  ;D At least your program said so! Nice idea to use dc members as protagonists for the game!


DC Member Programs and Projects / Re: CluGrid Discussion
« on: February 10, 2008, 05:02 AM »
OOOOH, you reminded me of a true cool idea!

Having the moon on a stick would really be nice!

When can we expect to have it?  ;D

The kidding

DC Member Programs and Projects / Re: CluGrid Discussion
« on: February 08, 2008, 06:15 AM »
Hi Timns,

no sir! no protection! And i'm also using an account with Admin rights, so there cant be a privilege problem too.

When i start the program and maximize the main window and switch off the bottom grid and use the exit command from the menu and start the program again the window is again NOT maximized and the bottom grid is switched on again.

When i change show splash screen and show hints to unchecked state in the options dialog, exit the program and start it again the splash screen and the bubble/balloon help still appear. The checkmark at show hints is there again then.

What can you tell me about handling the players?


DC Member Programs and Projects / Re: CluGrid Discussion
« on: February 07, 2008, 10:58 AM »
Dear Timns,

woooohooo! We're already there. I was just capable of solving my first game. Only a few beautiness bugs so far:

1. The hints window now shows up with good colors on program startup, but still has the black on black bug when using "new puzzle" menu item. Changing fontsize there restores the visible sate again.

2. As you already said, to make the left grid text readable i have to switch off the bottom grid and use the splitter bar. Then i can show and hide the bottom grid again to get an overview and play further as i need without  "encrypt" the left text again.

3. I have to set up all settings every time the program starts up. So there is no save of the settings (main window size/position, bottom grid on/off, ...)

4. Can you make an option to disable the bubble help (balloon help)? Using your program is not so difficult that i have to be reminded every time i enter a new window (grid, hint) that i can right click for options. And the balloons hide information everytime they appear. I have to wait or move the mouse to read the hints behind the balloon. That is a bit annoying for "expert users" like me.  ;D ;D ;D

New 4. I think the "Show hints" option is supposed to switch off the ballons, right? OK but then i somehow can't get the program to remember my option settings. When i open the options dialog and remove the checkmark at "show hints" and "show spash screen" and press the "close" button and reopen the options dialog the checkmarks are back again.  :(

5. The crosses and checkmarks are now well visible for me. But making them a bit bigger for me, as you wrote, results in that the gridlines are overwritten where the marks are set. (See attached screenshot). NOt a big deal as it has nothing to do with the gameplay itself, only a question of beauty.

6. I dont know how to handle the "players". What is the difference between "new player" and "create new player"? If i create a new "joto-player" and open "switch player" dialog joto is not there! What do i wrong here?

But as i said...i am now able to play the game as it is. The now existing bugs aren't no-goes now anymore. So feel free and take your time if you wanna solve them.

Second Time Donation for Second great game is on the way again. Many thanks again



DC Member Programs and Projects / Re: CluGrid Discussion
« on: February 07, 2008, 02:35 AM »
Dear Timns,

got the new version of CluGrid and tried it. The invert color option solve most of the problems for me, but after more testing i found some other problems like the following:

1. The hints window initially are unreadable for me, as they appear in black foreground on black background. As soon as i e.g. change the Fontsize with rightclick (smaller or larger doesn't matter) the window content refreshes in the new size in correct foreground color - getting visible. can you force a correct intial refresh?

2. when i change font size in the cluegrid area i get corrupted unreadable text on the left side of the grid. The text above the grid is readable though (see attached screenshot 2). Can't get it back to readable state. Neither with changing the fontsize back again nor with closing the program and start it again.

3. The popup tooltips (e.g. warning of a mistake) are white foreground with white background (unreadable). Not so important, because i can hear the different soundeffects, but if you can solve this too it would be great.

4. when changing fontsize in clugrid area the unused space in the window gets white background (even with inverted colors selected). I then have to refresh the window (e.g. switching to another application window with alt-tab and back to clugrid again) to get rid of this big white area. (See attached Screenshot 1)

5. The checkmarks, crosses and question marks in the grid are not affected by the invert color setting and appear black foreground on black background for me. Making them invisible. (see also the attached screenshots).

May i hope again you will spent some of your precious time for me and my problems with CluGrid? [tremblingVoice ON]Pleeeeaaase![tremblingVoice OFF]

Hope to hear from you again

DC Member Programs and Projects / Re: CluGrid Discussion
« on: February 06, 2008, 10:01 AM »
Dear timns, are really responsive. Only a few minutes after my post i got an answer.

I saw the "zoom setting" in Deductoid already...but i only understand how to get it zoomed now. Thats great. And with the capability to change the graphics to my needs i for sure can do a "del sherlock /S" :-))

Donation is on the way!

Thank you very much again.


DC Member Programs and Projects / Re: CluGrid Discussion
« on: February 06, 2008, 09:07 AM »
Dear Timns,

thank you very much for your CluGrid game. I love this kind of game and searched a long time for a computerized version of it.

What a pity it is unuseable for me. As a visually impaired person i must have a black background with a bright (white) text color. In your program i can read the hints as they use my system colors. But i cant use the grid as it has a fixed white background.

I wonder if it is possible and you are willing to investigate if its possible to ...
a) make the colors customizable or
b) use systemcolors for the grid as well as for the hint window?

I really would be very thankful if i will be able to play your game with the next version. Of course if i can use it, a donation is promised.

For your dedictoid game (there is another similar free, dos-based game named sherlock) the colors are useable. But there i have problems with the tinyness of the symbols. Maybe there it is possible to load other symbol sets that are easier to see for the "nearly blind"? Using simpler symbols (like the numbers - that are well visible for me).

I know, i am a minority. I really can recommend this games to all the others. The problems have nothing to do with the programs, it is all my fault (or better my eyes one).

I hope you won't leave me alone with my problem if there is a pssibility for you to solve it. The CluGrid problem is more important for me, as for the other game i still can use my Dos-based version of Sherlock.

Thx. again for your efforts.


Living Room / Re: Better run like Hell!!! I AM BACK!!!!
« on: January 11, 2008, 04:23 AM »
YES! That mug is indeed a keeper for sure. It is unique and i am proud of owning it. And i'm still thankful to nudone and mouser and the community for it.

@all FYI:
Wounds are still healing well. It seems that i can go back to work in about 3 weeks as then i can be considered full healed.

If this happens this will make a illnes for 3 Months and 5 Days. WOW...havent been ill so long in my whole life. And i hope it will not happen again in the future.


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