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I must add, that i am not using newest version of AutoIt though. I am still with V, as i need to run my scripts still under Win 9x, ME and such.

So i can't say anything about the new features in newer versions.


Thanks for clarifying!


-1 for DBAN - all you need is a regular Windows format - be sure to do a full format (ie, not ticking the "quick format" checkbox).

But how do you use regular Windows format on the only HDD in a PC?

Format the partition from the Windows installer disc?
Good point :/

The only thing is, IS the NSA interested in the data of MY hdd? I don't think so.  ;D
Not so fast -- how will they know until they take a look?
Do you think you are the only person to be using your PC for storage? ;)
WHAT? Others do it also? OMG! And i thought it was MY invention to do it.  ;D


Hi ewemoa (Acronym hidden for IRC channel use only <- Insider joke for regular irc channel members!)  ;D

Who am i not to believe!? Thank you for pointing that out.

BUT, what makes me REALLY suspicious is, that NSA agreed to it too. That stinks for me. I am sure they only claim that one shot overwrite is enough because they are able to recover easily and just want to keep their business as easy as possible, wrapping the public in the dream of safety. ;D

For me, this NSA agreement, is a clear sign, that i have to come back to that i have to overwrite 35+ times my hdd data (and then still use my sledgehammer at it), as i trust the NSA (and many other LEAs) as far as i am capable throwing a 16 tons stone by hand. :(

The only thing is, IS the NSA interested in the data of MY hdd? I don't think so.  ;D

Osama bin laden ... errrrr....JoTo of course!  ;D ;D ;D

THANKS to all of you!

Seems i missed a very popular application here. Shame on me  :-[ But that is why i call DC tenderly "My personal ThinkTank".  ;D

I don't have to protect military secrets on my hdd though. i just not want that my buddy, who's getting the pc, will see my pr0n collection in whole.  :P  ;D  ;D  ;D

I got DBAN now and will erase my hdd soon with it.

@fodder: Beside that i don't have to extra get DBAN while format is built in, is there anything wrong with using it vs. format?

Greetings and thx. again

Hi Codeys,

i need your help.

I got a new pc and want to gift my old one (still functioning) to a poor soul (friend of mine that has a much worse one than my old). I just want to pass on the hardware (without OS and Software installed) as he owns all software himself.

As i also pass on my system harddisk (C:) and i FOR SURE WON'T pass on all my data, i'm in need to secure erase that HDD before giving it out of my hands.

I KNOW that there are a gazillion of good and free eraser apps out there, but there is a hoop i have to jump through.

As i'm to dumb to use a screwdriver, i'd prefer to avoid like hell to open the old pc, remove the hdd, stick it to my new pc as a secondary drive, erase it with a normal windows gui app, remove it from my new pc and reinstall it on my old one again.

Is there any free and good eraser app out there that works from e.g. Windows Console (booting from the original windows cd into console - then change CD and fire up the erase all app? I don't mind if i get any nice gui or not, it has just to erase a 160GB SATA HDD. :)

Or does anybody know about a free bootable toolcollection diskimage that contains such an app?

Any other ideas i don't think for now? (Only suggestions that leave the HDD working please! :) So "using a sledgehammer" is out! *LOL*)

Please enlighten me! TYIAVM!


Find And Run Robot / Re: Just uninstalled FARR!
« on: May 27, 2010, 05:37 AM »
WOAH! You got me schocked! :)

It's now your turn to pay the next package of heart pills for me. :)

Congratz and wish you all the best for your new Job. Hope you enjoy the new tasks and get rich and happy from it.


General Software Discussion / Re: Do you touch-type or hunt-and-peck?
« on: September 18, 2009, 01:54 AM »
Hi fodder,

hmmmm, it seemed they changed the measurement unit then. My results are some years old, when i did the test they sent me an email with the CPM not the WPM. So it seems i need to do it again, to get a comparable result. Will do soon. :)

Yes, of course. Copying is more difficult. But as long as ALL have the same rules (all do copying) the results are still comparable.


Damn! They redid the test in whole. It's unusable for me now as they use white background :( So i am not able to do the test again. ARRRG! If someone find another speed typing test with an accessible interface, i'd be glad to join the contest again.

Also there was a speed typing game link posted on DC a few months ago. It was TypeRacer IIRC. Maybe someone wants to challenge me there? :) I am searching for opponents though, not victims. *LOL* </exaggregation> </bragging> :)

I found the DC Post and the URL of the game. There you can get your WPM and average WPM too. I am user JoTo63 there! Come on guys! Who wants to loose against me? *EvilLaugh* :)


General Software Discussion / Re: Do you touch-type or hunt-and-peck?
« on: September 17, 2009, 04:52 AM »

typing classes were mandantory in my school while i was about 15-18. So i had to learn it and today i thank god that it was this way..

I am now at approx. 278 cps, corrected to 268 cps for 2 typos i made in the last test i did (Online-Test, typing a given very long regular text, typing for 3 min. as far as you can get). I think i am faster when i don't have to read the text i have to type (this slows me down a lot for my bad eyesight) and if the text wasn't in english - german words are more practical to me.

And as a 10 finger touch typer, i am able to type blind without looking at the keyboard. Keeping my eyes on the screen and noticing my typos immediately and so i can correct them. Mostly no need for later proofreading again the whole text. That saves time as well.

(Possible typos in this message results a) from my not native english tongue, b) my bad eyesight and c) of not doing proofreading of course *LOOOOL* :D :D :D )

If i'd were a boss, i'd pay someone 10% less if he can't touch type with all 10 fingers, as he is slower for sure as everyone else doing hunt and pecking.

But it also depends on what you have to do. I, as a programmer, profit from my typing skills only, if i write regular text (like in manuals, comments, mails and forum posts). I can't get the speed advantage while typing program code with all the brackets, parenthese and other special characters and strange character order you need to type in code.

So my summary:
YES, they should learn it for our nowadays modern world, indeed! And it should be mandantory for sure!


What about a DC speed typing contest? :D
Here is the URL of the online speed typing test i did (The company sells type learning software, but the test is free for everyone - they tell you afterwards that you can get faster if you purchase their software :) ).

I start the contest with my following results :) :

Test Time:      3 min.
Selected Text: Astronauts
Typing Speed:  278 CPM
Accuracy:       97 %
NET SPEED:     268 CPM

Hey! And DON'T CHEAT! :D :D :D

Hey, i thank you all for finding that nice words.

Except Scancode of course! So i have to punish him for his post in the channel again. Now thinking for 1000 more Olly questions that i can torture scannie with on monday in IRC :)

Hahahah, to be serious, always have a great time talking to scan in channel, with or without olly topic. :) He's one of the funniest and smartest guys there and always have a helping hand for everybody.

Why have i knew that Scan reverses the word "dog" for himself? Hmmm, seems i know him too good already, eh? :)

Greetings to all

My post could be titled:
"I wish i were a dog!"

With my eye disease that leads to fully blindness with ongoing years, i look also forward in a "Huh? Its nighttime always now, how can this happen" future. I don't know how fast the progress is and how long i am still able to see at least a bit, but darkness is my destiny for sure, nevertheless whether it will come tomorrow or in 10 years. And as this is a gene defect, there is still no chance for healing. Even if the scientists experiment on some solutions, they are yet far away from anything useful. If a medical capable or interested person amongst you are interested in my detailed illness, google for "Retinopathia pigmentosa" or "Retinitis pigmentosa" (the old name of the same disease).

I am sure, that human have more complicated tasks to fullfill and more complex needs to do, and with keeping in mind that seeing is one of the primary senses of humans (in contrast to dogs), i am sure, i am not able to adapt as fast and good as this dog did.

But nevertheless i am adapting to the ongoing loss of sighting i already face every passing year. Many of the people around me are astonished how i handle things, even without looking at it. It makes no sense to watch though, as i, when i look at it, wouldn't see it anyway. :)

If i enter a new area e.g. i start automatically counting steps and direction changes and remember then, even for use on a second visit weeks later. When i reach my destination, in most cases i am able to tell you exactly how to move back (and are able to perform it). Thats normal life for me. "Normal people" don't care if there are 10 or 12 steps at the stairs. I do, as it makes the difference for me between "get down properly" and  "land in hospital with a broken leg" :) . This happens without even consciously thinking "Oh, don't forget remembering the stairs count".

I often hear and notice even silent and short noises others won't. I recognize and remember sounds better than others. I differentiate people on how they sound while speaking.

My memory seems better trained than most of the others around me. If you tell me your phone number, address, whatever, i am normally able to memorize the data immediately (of course only up to a certain amount) and can repeat it even after hours. This comes, because i can't use business cards or even a slip of paper to write such and other information down. I am not able to read it again anyway. :)

I found ways to differentiate money (coins and bills) from feeling and weighing them and comparing sizes with other items (e.g. my wallet, my thumb, whatever nearby i know the size of), found ways to tell when my glass i just fill up is full without spilling the fluid all over the table and so on.

Sorry, if this sounds like bragging and you get the impression i will tell you i am a superman with all that special abilities. That is not my intention. I am just trying to equalize my disadvantages in normal life with some cheating. :)

There are many "tricks" to adapt and equalize the problems you get when you can't see sth. So i am still not desperate about my disease and use more the way of thinking "Thanks god, that i was able to see at least a bit for so long time!" than "Shit, why must i suffer!". The people who know me will testify, that i am a funny, life loving person, even with my "problem".

But i am also sure that there are many situations i will not be able to adapt in any way. E.g. do you know how often i walk out of the house wearing different colored socks? Colors are one of the real problems when you can't see. Colors are not tangible, weighable, measurable. My Mom, also suffering the same gene defect, uses a small gadget that can recognize colors and speak the color name aloud. That works fine for very basic colors, but won't when you get to pastel-colors. So this is only a small helping hand, not more not less.

And i definitely miss some things badly too, like driving a car and be mobile in all other ways also, like going out alone to foreign areas. And also doing some hobbies i loved to do earlier, like computer gaming, driving RC-Racecars and throwing boomerangs, that i am no longer able to do. And i think that's make the main difference between me and a dog! The dog don't miss anything and have no wishes and needs, beside the basic ones like to be feeded, get a home and such, in my opinion.

So i come to the summary of my (sorry) too long post: If i only were a dog :)


Hi there,

I don't use AHK but only AutoIT. But my suggestion should work anyway in AHK as well, as this is standard behaviour from operating system.

A windows checkbox can set by keypresses like this (don't know if JAVA behaves like a standard windows checkbox though):

- Plus sign (+) force to checked state. If its already checked it will stay checked.
- Minus sign (-) force to unchecked state. If its already unchecked it will stay unchecked.
- SpaceBar toggles the checkbox. So if it's unchecked it gets checked and vice versa.

So make the checkbox to have the focus by an AHK command and then use an AHK command to send keystrokes as described above (in AutoIt this would be the SendKeys-command - dunno for AHK though).



I have the feeling that the guys that made the test know me personally! :)

I find that the result is exactly matching me. And not as usual with such tests "some match, some not". I only fine one single fact i disagree with. That i love antique things. But its true that i hate "hype" or "fashioned" things, and YES i don't own an IPHONE or IPOD yet, even if everyone else do. PERIOD! :)

Ah, forgot, my personality is:

Your Type is ISTJ
Strength of the preferences %
Introverted 11
Sensing 1
Thinking 62
Judging 67

Grettings to all
ISTJ errr. JoTo :)

Sorry for delayed answer.

Thank you all. He ended up to use Google Code. All that he needs and nice capabilites and performance.

So you guys guided me in the right direction and i have now +1 at my scoreboard hosted by him for me. :)



what do you mean?

Maybe i was not clear enough. I could work in SC even when the scanner dialog was open. But when i then try closing SC i get a full hang of SC.

If you think, this is teasing, i must reply...if SC depends on the opened dialog (and this seems to be true or why would SC refuse to close normal if not depending)  it should safely disable its main window and do a Bell() when clicking sth. in it, as it is with every modal dialog within an app. Then the user is aware of "something is open anywhere" and can close that first.

Or do i misunderstand you here?


Found a problem!

I have chosen to let SC open my scanner dialog (better said, it opens automatically because i have forgotten to insert a document into my pull through scanner before scan invocation).

Then i was diverted to sth. else. When i came back to my scan i have had forgotten that the dialog was still open. I was not in mood to scan now and closed SC.

Then i got a problem. SC won't close at all and freeze, and the worst thing was, that my scanner dialog was also still open and freezed also.

A nice deadlock. :(

I was forced to use TaskManager to kill the SC process to get rid of my scanner dialog at the same time as from the SC window.


Mahesh2K and Ehtyar,

Thank you very much. All your suggestions forwarded to my brother. On Maheshs Stackoverflow links are some more sites to check. Thats very helpful.

Now it's my brothers turn to look and decide. :)

Thanks again to all for reading and recommendations. As always there is no topic DC Community isn't able to say sth. useful. Woohoo! :) :) :)


Woohoo! I grabbed one! Still working at 13:50 CEST (UTC+2)

Thanks Lutz for pointing that out!


Thanks Justice! I'll forward your informations to my brother. I think public source is not a problem as this project will be published anyway as a dissertation within a study. :)


Hi DCs,

my brother, together with his team, is developing a game as a project within his bachelor study. The project will be evaluated by the professor and counts to his final exam.

He is in need for a cooperative developer site like SourceForge with SVN hosting (thats vital) and if possible bugtracker and other whistles and bells for team development (not vital - svn only is acceptable too).

The problem is, that no money is available for the project. So he is in need for a free service.

SourceForge is great and exactly what he needs, but in the free account plan, he told me, you are like a second class user with very slow connections (e.g. SVN with 1KB/s).

Any experience with e.g.? Other good ones come to mind?

Would be great if someone can help out with some more suggestions and or own experience reports.

TIA very much

WOW!  8)
Thanks rjbull for pointing that out!

Have to run to get it now...  :D


Living Room / Re: Funny song clip about system administrators
« on: March 11, 2009, 03:45 AM »

@cranoscopical: Thanks for asking. Healing is getting better every day. Still at home though! Expected more 2 or 3 weeks from now on till i can go to work again.

@Ehtyar: I'm on IRC for 2 days now again. And you aren't there (at least only idling). So come and get me so i can get YOU! :-))

Thanks for the related link!

CU all

Living Room / Funny song clip about system administrators
« on: March 10, 2009, 12:24 PM »
Hi folks,

found this, found it funny and want to share with you all.

Any system admin can approve how true this is. *SIGH*

Watch and enjoy this funny clip from


Dear DC Members,

as promised, now a bit more detailed and longer catch up about my
actual situation and in the last weeks, inclusive scans of the
postcards i got from members.

First let me thank you all again for all the kind words. It's a real
good feeling that there is somone out there that cares.

This time i got the same problem as in 2007. A pus filled abscess that
grows inside my belly. The difference to 2007 is, last year i got 2
smaller ones in the left and right chest while this time it is 1 big
one in the middle lower belly.

The first week (from 24th, Nov. 2008) i stayed at home with care of my
normal doctor. On 1st, Dec. 2008 she saw that it grows instead of
healing. So she decided, that we can't wait any longer and sent me to
hospital. I was so dizzy and exhausted from the infection and
inflammation, that she called an ambulance for transport. After 10
min. i was in the emergency department of the hospital. (That was a
first time ride in an ambulance car for me. Interesting i must say! :D )

They have to make an operational cut of about 11 inch wide
and 3 inch deep. That size of the wound explains why i had to stay in
hospital for about 8 weeks. In that 8 weeks i got a total of 11
operations, all with full anesthesia. That was a bit of stress for my
physis and psychic of course.

But after the first operation the pain stops immediately. So i felt
good after a few days and the boring waiting phase in hospital starts. :(

Now (since 23st, Jan. 2009) i'm home again. But the wound is still
wide open. It has to heal slowly from bottom to top and that takes its
time (at least another 1 or 2 months from now on). I get visits at my
house from a nurse every day to change the bandage and inspect the
wound so it didn't get infected again. So far the wound is still clean
and begins to heal as expected.  :up:

Looking back it was a very good decision from my doctor to sent me to
hospital. The abscess was grown so big in the meantime, that only 1
inch of meat seperates the pus from the abdominal cavity. If the pus
would have entered this, some of the inner organs would have been
infected (a so called Sepsis) and that would have meant serious lethal
danger to me (dying rate of sepsis patients are about 70%!). :o But
thanks god this was prevented just in time. So i wasn't in real lethal
danger at last.

The bad thing is, that nobody knows if this shows up again in the
future and nothing can be done to prevent it actively. So the only
thing i can do is to hope that this time was the last time i got such
a crap.  :'( Please keep fingers crossed for me for that!

I don't have to go to work at the moment until the wound closes at
least mostly. So, at the moment, i enjoy a kind of vacation. :Thmbsup:

That completes my actual situation description.

At last i want to send special thanks to the postcard senders for the
good wishes. It was really fun to get the cards in the hospital and
they made some of the long boring days a bit brighter. Thanks guys!!!

A side effect was again the bragging i can do when the nurse brings me
the cards from all over the world with a headshaking, wondering where
i know from all this people from all around the globe. Felt like a VIP
then!  ;D ;D ;D

Thanks also goes to all others who sent me PM on the forum or yells
cheers for me when i re-enter the IRC channel first time again.

At the bottom of my post please find the scans of the postcards i got.

Greetings to the most kind and best Community on the web

Postcards from members i got
(in alphabetical order)
from Computerfritze
from Cranioscopical
from Ehtyar
from Mouser
from Tomos

Living Room / Re: Need advice how to offer/sell domain names best
« on: January 30, 2009, 06:56 AM »
Hi Zridling,

thank you! Very interesting Links. I'll have a look at them and have to translate them (my buddy isnt capable of english).

But if someone here has already sold a domain and will tell me how it was done i have a information that is much more trustworthy.


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