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Living Room / Re: location triggers for android
« on: November 04, 2014, 03:28 AM »
+1 from me for Tasker in combination with AutoLocation (a Tasker Plugin).

AutoLocation uses the Google Geofences technology. You can define any region of any size (even overlapping or one within another - e.g. a fence with 1km diameter informing you by popping up a dialog that you are nearby the shopping mall and that you you can go shopping now and a smaller circle inside this region just round the shopping mall that opens automatically your shopping list textfile when you are just in front of the mall. :)

There are some more useful Plugins from the same developer available like AutoVoice, AutoShortcut etc. that can be used in combination with each other and Tasker to do all kind of stuff on all kind of events/triggers you can imagine. All not free, but really well done and mighty, so worth every penny IMHO.

Well, as this needs a bit of insight into Android (Events blah blah) and a bit of logical thinking (call it a bit of programming thinking) this is maybe not for the newbie user. It takes a bit of effort to put a working system together that do what you need, but if you have it, the options are endless.


Living Room / DC MicroGathering USA<->Germany :)
« on: October 15, 2014, 08:07 AM »
Hi DoCo's,

I became good friend with also long time DonationCoder member Ken many years ago. Since then in both of us grew the wish to meet sometimes in real life. But for many reasons it never takes place since now. You can imagine how happy I was when Ken sent me an email announcing that he plans to visit me in Germany this year together with his sister Terry.

I went immediately to my teammate at work Ute. She also knows Ken from chatting. I told her about the good news. She got excited too and instantly agreed to take off some days from work, as me, while Ken's and Terry's visit. As my flat is too small for three people and hers is much bigger, she offered to give Ken and Terry shelter, bed and breakfast. Thank you Ute for your offer and help, without them the visit would’nt been possible.

There was a lot of planning to do in advance. Ken, who was never outside the USA before, need to get a passport first. Also the activities have to be planned. Where to go? What needs to be visited? And so on.

Then the day was coming! On Saturday 28th of June 2014, Ken and Terry started their trip to Germany with the first hop from Jacksonville to Charlotte international Airport. From there their next flight crosses the Atlantic Ocean directly to Frankfurt/Main, the most biggest airport in Germany. At this time Ute and I met in Stuttgart to prepare the arrival of our guests with some shopping and whatnot. In the evening we decided to have a nice pizza together to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Ken and his sister in a few hours. The funny part about this was, that I installed a flight tracker app on my smartphone (it is named FlightAware if you are interested in and its completely free). So we were able to follow Ken's and Terry's plane in nearly real time with all technical details like flight height, course, airspeed, delay and also the exact position of the plane, even in a graphical manner showing a small plane icon on a world map. But as there were still some more hours to wait, Ute and I parted and went to bed.

At the next morning (Sunday 29th July 2014) my first look goes to my smartphones display to see where the plane had gone over night. And it was already over the european shore. If my geographic knowledge was right they were over Belgium. So just a few minutes to go until touchdown in Frankfurt. When Ken and Terry had landed in Frankfurt and got their baggage, they have to switch to the train that will bring them to their final destination Stuttgart (about 200 km away from Frankfurt in the southwest of Germany). Ken was eager to ride the German high-tech train ICE, that will go up to 280 km/h on the high-speed tracks between Frankfurt and Stuttgart. The ICE passes this about 220 km in about 1h 20 min.

Ute and I met on Sunday morning to go together to the railway station. At about noon the ICE with Ken and Terry arrived just in schedule. We waited on the platform and looked around for the people we only know from chat and Skype. And then, there they are! What a hello on the platform. What a hugging and even some tears. Friends for years that never met before. It was just awesome. Then we grabbed the suitcases and walked down the platform towards the cabs.

When we arrived at my home, we raided at first my father's apartment to say hello and have a nice “welcome snack” with Swabian pretzels (with and without butter), Salami sticks and Prosecco (an italian speciality - something between wine and champagne). The funny thing here was, that my dad don't speak a single word english (only Italian and German) while Ken and Terry neither speak Italian nor German. So at first I started to be the simultan translator. But after a few minutes I was jobless, because Ken and my Dad started to communicate with gestures using their hands and feets. They learned each other some english and italian words. :D And I was astonished how good it worked. I just have to jump in rarely when the topic gets too complicated. After that Ken and Terry went with Ute to her home to unpack. Two hours later they came back. In the meantime one of my best friends Ralf joined us and we all went out to have dinner in a restaurant with Swabian specialities (Rostbraten with Spätzle – Kind of roasted beef with swabian homoemade noodles). Of course Ken and Terry suffer from jet lag and so we quit the evening early to go to bed.

The following two weeks were filled with the planned activities. Sad thing about this was, that the weather was not very good at that time. So some of the planned activities had to be canceled. :( For example I have planned to hire my friend who own a nice oldtimer. An old Mercedes-Benz convertible, brown with white leather interior. I thought it would be fun for Ken and Terry to drive like some VIP to the raptor flight show. But there was sadly no day with weather good enough and warm enough to drive in an open car. And with the bad and rainy weather, the birds in the show won't fly anyway.

It was the wish of Ken and Terry to visit the "Zugspitze", the highest mountain in Germany (belongs to the Alps and sits directly on the border Germany/Austria). Because it is a bit away from Stuttgart, it was a whole day trip to go back and forth. The way up was done by a big and long ropeway. What a pity it was very foggy this day, so you can’t see a long-range from the mountaintop.

But other activities went well. So we had an italian eve in my aunt, my cousin and uncles flat. My stepfather and my uncle are native italians and so we had a lot of genuine italian food (cheese, salami, lasagna) and beverages (wine, grappa) this evening. Another teammate, namely Jota, that knows Ken also from chat, is from Greece and invited us to an genuine Greek evening with "Pastizio" (a greek pasta bake). Thank you Jota for the great evening. Some other evening's were spent together with my dad with Swabian specialities like "Maultaschen" (mouth bags) and grilling with a lot of fun. Some visits in restaurants completed the evening activities.

On some other days we went to some points with lookout over the city. On another day I hired my regular cabdriver, which is a licensed city guide, to do a guided city tour with us, explaining to us some historical details about the buildings, castles and the history of Stuttgart which was long time the residence of the King of Württemberg. We also touched the prominent Mercedes-Benz Museum with it’s award winning architecture (but had no time to go in) and the original garage of Mr. Daimler, where he invented and built the world's very first automobile. The birthplace of the modern cars and anchestor of all the automobiles we use nowadays.

An extraordinary day was also the 5th of July, when we all went at first to an exhibition of my blind self helping organization. There Ken and Terry could examine and try some of the modern helping gadgets for visually impaired and blind people. Ken also tried to walk around using a white long stick that is used by blind people to fumble the ground when they are walking. In the afternoon we went to the clubhouse of my maritime club. On that day we had a day of open houses together with all the other watersports clubs at the lake. All people were invited to meet us and try the things our and all the other clubs has to offer. That includes sailing, ruddering, learning knots, rope throwing, kajaking  and much more. So Ken and Terry had the chance to get a ride on our two mast sailing boat, the biggest ship at the lake. At the evening we had a nice grilling together with the club members.

There were also a few days we did nothing or just less, to rest and recover. On that days we just sat together, had nice conversations (I think we solved all the problems and diseases from all over the world, but I forgot the solution we came about - what a pity – maybe it was 42. But i can’t remember. :D ) or just played a nice boardgame.

Then this sad but expected Saturday 12th of July came around. The day of departure. We met in the morning to escort Ken and Terry to the railway station. We were there long time before the train parts to be sure to not miss it. So we had enough time to sit down at the platform and have some last conversations. When the time of departure came, there was still no train on the track. Huh? But also no announcement. Ute noticed, that there was an ICE train standing and waiting on the next platform though. But that could not be ours. Ute went over there anyway and asked the conductor. Then she ran back and yelled that it IS indeed our train. WTF??? They changed the track and platform without announcement to the passengers. Are they nuts? So we had to run to the train and had no more time to say a nice goodbye. Just a small handshake and a hug must be enough, because the conductor already forced us to hurry up because the train has to leave.

Then Ute and I were alone again. Ken and Terry had left. We went home, cleaned up a bit and tried to remember again the last wonderful days. While Ken and Terry where on their way to Frankfurt by train to catch their plane back to Charlotte and then to Jacksonville. Of course I traced their flight again with my smart phone app.

It was a wonderful experience and a wonderful time. I loved to have Ken with me in real life and enjoyed the days. Ken took hundreds of photos and send me some of them that he selected as the “best of”. From that selection I took a few to post it here to let you see how great this meeting of two DonationCoder members was.

I hope you enjoyed my report about the DCRLCT (DonationCoder RealLife ComeTogether) and i hope that there will be many more of these events, so that we all can learn us to know in real life.


Me (JoTo) at the maritime club while the day of open houses

Ken and Hans-Jürgen (a maritime club member) at the maritime club while the day of open houses, preparing a radio controlled model boat, getting ready to let have Ken drive a round with it

Ken and Ute

Terry and Ken

Post New Requests Here / Re: Inverse filter for white windows
« on: April 08, 2014, 08:28 AM »
Hi cool-RR, (a.k.a. bro in mind),

i'm visually impaired and MUST HAVE light on dark theme. dark on white theme renders unreadable for me because i got blended.

I am doing an everlasting fight with pc and android developers to convince them to offer color customization and/or a dark theme. Cant count the endless amount of emails i wrote already.

I have not found a solution yet. Well, i use Magnifying Glass Pro that can have a screen magnification of 1x for a full screen and applying an inverse (beside some other) filters. It also offers an hotkey or even automatic activation/deactivation of the filter (e.g. when your mouse enters the window or leaves it). But that wont help you much, because you just want a filter that only lasts for some seconds and not all the time.

So i am out of help, but its good to know that i'm not need to feel like an alien because i just like (or in my case need) a dark background with bright font color.


Hi Peter,

thank you for you lengthy but very interesting post. There are some very good points in it.

I agree with you, that with a scripting tools like AHK you are prepared for everything, but you need programming capabilities, which is not for everyone. And i must put a grain of salt into your hymn for AHK. I agree it's a mighty and helpful thingy, but the language itself (the syntax and synopsis, which is originally based on AutoIT 2 syntax) is a desaster, a hell and a pain in the *ss. :) That made me follow AutoIt when V3 was released with a REAL programming language syntax and not followed the AHK path. I hated AutoIt 2 Syntax from the beginning, but at that times there was no alternative. So yes, AHK is mighty but not for everyone, and not for me. At least not for my premier Scripting tool which is AutoIt 3 in which i can do 99% of the things i can do in AHK too, but with a real programming approach and not a bunch of cryptic characters in a line (AHK script often remind me on some geeky perl scripts in which you can also do wonderful things in a few characters, but nobody would recognize what you are doing - often not even yourself when looking in it after a year for maintenance reasons). :)

But the macro recorder i have chosen now (but not yet showed to the hotline staff) is based on AHK anyway. Pullovers Macro recorder offers both. A click together or record your activities in realtime approach on one side and an export to an AHK script and use it as a starting point for tweaking in programming manner.

But i, for sure, will also have a look at tiny task. Now you made me curious. :)

For the topic "text expander" i must agree too. PE (which i use myself - i own a pro V10 license) is a great app. But i also must agree that the support of Bartels Media is often very rude and impolite. The customer care is not at it's best. More like "pay, go away, shut up and don't ask us dumb questions". That is shown also int that they claim to monitor every comment on BDJ before releasing it to the public because of some bad experiences in the past. What do they fear or hide? Negative posts? So what? Can't you find a negative point in every app? A wise guy said in the past: A finished, perfect and bug free application is always out of date! :)

Also the license policy of PE is a very bad thing. I was asking in the past for a discount for existing PE customers when i want to purchase another license for portable version. There was NONE at first, and after i complained i got one. But only a few bucks less than the original price. The discount was not worth to mention at all. Result was, that i rejected to purchase a second protable license. I wonder if the company of PE is able to calculate in a mercantile manner. Lets see: 1 License + 10 or 20 bucks for a second portable one is definitely more than only 1 License + nothing. But *shrug* if they want it this way, every kid should get his balloon in the color it wants. :)

It's true that PE can do more than just text replacing. But from all the macro/hotkey stuff, i must admit, i just use some forms and mail creation. For other things i use other applications. PE macros are very complicated to create (just my opinion). But the question is, if i need to pay for features i don't want and use? I.e. i recently got angry about my Amazon prime membership, when they started to include the instant video feature to it. Of course together with a price raise of 20 Euro!!!!! 20 Euro for something i'm NOT interested in, i haven't asked for and that have nothing to do with the former intent to get your orders that you place at amazon faster and without handling and shipping costs (which i really like and find the service superior). But i'm not a video streamer, i cannot use the service on my android device. What the heck is the idea behind to include a video streaming feature to an order-delivery-premium service subscription (beside to get more money from the customers). I really think about to quit my membership...but would miss the permier delivery service. And there is no subscription available with only the old features for a lowere price. :( Same with PE, do i really need a hotkey/macro feature in a text utility like it is implemented in PE? I wonder when PE will start having a musicplayer or a cook-coffee function being implemented. :(

Again, thank you for pointing me to Phrase Expander. I'd have a look at this too and maybe my next purchase, if my PE V10 license ends, is NOT at Bartels Media online shop. Who knows. Calculating for Bartels media: 1 License + rude support + alternative program = 0 Euro for Bartels Media.

OH, i know Bartels media is a member of DC and reads the forum  (at least from time to time). But thanks god i know mouser very well and therefore my post here wont be monitored first before releasing it to the public. So no chance for Bartels Media to stop it...Na na na na naaaa naaaaa! :)


LOL, of course mouser must have to go over the top again, eh?

Instead of recommend a single tool he points me to a whole review and ranking of 10 of them. :)

Thank you mousieeeeee, will read that.


Thank you Peter,

bookmaked your suggestion. Will do!


Hi Thinkies, :))

well, thanks for all these suggestions. I, for now, try to explain the hotliners Skwires suggestion. I tested it and it works fine even if it's not for "dummies" and needs a bit understanding. But hey, it's free and can do all we need and also can create standalone macros (with the help of an AHK installation).

If they wont be able to handle the mightyness of Pulovers Macro Recorder, i will have a look at the payware suggestions as well.

Thank you gain for spending your time to answer my question.

Wooohooo DC forever and mouser for president :)


Greetings to my private Think-Tank (a.k.a. Donationcoder Forum) :) ,

i need to find a macro recorder for windows OS for our QA dept which need to test new updates for our software. This implies going through the same steps in our application for every testcase again and again. Sometimes with the exact same data (e.g. if an error occured to see if the error is gone after bugfix), sometimes only the nearly exact procedure but with different values (other testcases).

Problem is, AutoIT or whatever is not an option, as these guys and gals have no programming knowledge at all. So the recorder should be one for dummies. Just something like "start recording -> do the things you need to do -> stop recording -> playback recording".

No need for eye candy or whistles and bells. But saving/reload a formerly saved macro would be nice. Also maybe the possibility to edit the recorded steps a bit (e.g. someone did a wrong keypress by accident or need to change an entered value - with this feature he dont have to start all over again with recording the macro).

I dont need any special functionality like using DLL calls or whatsoever. Keypresses, Mouseevents are a must, edititing an existing/formerly recorded macro would come handy and having a kind of giving specific windows the focus so that the keypresses would go to the correct one (can be simulated by mouseclicks of course too) would be nice. And, as i said earlier, as easy to use as possible.

OH! And it should be FREE of course. Not that we wont pay for a good solution (if there are real benefits we maybe purchase one too), but then you have to fiddle around with license transfer from one pc to another and keeping an eye that you wont go over the top of your license amount and whatnot. With a free product that would be much easier to handle.

My problem is not, that i cannot find any macro recorder. More the opposite is true. I find GAZILLIONS of those and dont have the time or mood to install everyone one after another to see if it fits our needs. Maybe we can constrain the search a bit when you helpful community share your experiences and knowledge about this topic with me and recommend some of the better ones.

Thank you in advance guys for every recommendation.


Find And Run Robot / Re: Heuristic Scoring for previous search term.
« on: December 19, 2013, 02:36 AM »
Hi WongKit,

if i interpret all the buzz around the right way, mouser is just right now working an a big new major release of FARR Version 3!

I don't know what new features are planned to be implemented, but i think there is a good chance your idea may make it into it. *Shrug*

I'm sure mouser will reply also to your question as soon as he wake up and have a glance at the forum. :)

Please stay tuned a  little bit more.


Or you can use Notepad++ (Freeware).

Notepad++ has a colum select mode (hold alt-key while selecting the appropriate text/columns). Then with the first column marked you can use menu TextFX->TextFX Characters->UPPERCASE.


General Software Discussion / Re: What Android Apps Do You Use?
« on: October 16, 2013, 04:21 AM »
@4WD: Thanks a lot for the mention of Network Connections above and the opportunity to get a free UnlockKey.

Got it, works great, very informative NetworkUtil!

Much appreciated!

Hi DoCos,

i was ordered by my boss to find a way that we can offer a simple mobile app to our customers that runs on several mobile platforms from the same codebase. Android and iOS was the minimum. And best would be to use our well known C/C++ knowledge.

First i found "RAD Studio XE6" from Embarcadero, which is a really complete product that can do what we want. But the price is also "very complete" :( € 4700,00+ per seat. WTF! :(

Doing a bit more searching i found some other tools (e.g. Xamarin, Appcelerator Titanum and of course the famous PhoneGap/Cordova from Apache Group). But either they don't use a single codebase (only 70% or so can be shared and you need to write some parts device dependent) or they don't offer C/C++ API. Also some of them don't compile to native apps but to so called Hybrid apps (a webapp that runs in a UIWebView on the device).

Then i stumbled upon "MoSync" I never heard of before. But they claim they were around since 2005.

MoSync offers to write your app in HTML/CSS/JS or C/C++ or a mixture from that. You can build native apps for different platforms from the same codebase without any change. There are different levels of abstraction layers. In the highest level you get a complete ready to run,event handling code template and you just need to fill in "your own meat" :). You can also dive into deeper levels to get more control over layout and behaviour, but then, if you dive to the lowest level, you need to write #ifdev code, because you lost some "crossplatformness".

While you can compile ready to install .apk files for Android under Windows with just installing MoSync, you can only compile the code for iOS under windows. You end up with a ready to package directory structure with the ready to package files in there. But for the final packaging you need an OSX platform (e.g. a MAC) to create an installable package from that MoSync output.

The best thing is the licensing. MoSync is FOSS under GPL v2 AND they offer different commercial licenses that lets you out of the constraints of the GPL (e.g. offering your source too). But they offer even a FREE commercial license, for just the price that every developer have to subscribe for their MoSync copy on an annual base. License plans that cost money offer support plans from experts though, while the free commercial license is constrained to forum/doc/faq support. But the documentation is really detailed and huge. MoSync comes with a lot of sample apps and there are also a lot of guides/tutorials and videos available.

The IDE behind MoSync is Eclipse. And the installer package brings all you need in a handy installer package for either Windows or OSX. But even that MoSync brings its own Simulator for testing your app, its recommended to install the native SDK simulator from each platform (e.g. Android SDK Simulator) because the MoSync simulator (MoRE) is just capable to simulate basic things.

The API supports a lot of device capabilities (like sensors, audio, video and such) and covers also daily needs like connecting to an URL and downloading something and whatnot.

App development made easy
We provide free, easy-to-use, open - source tools for building cross - platform mobile apps.

MoSync SDK - native mobile app development for multiple platforms using a single code base

The open-source MoSync Software Development Kit (SDK) is a rich cross-platform mobile application development environment that makes it easy to develop apps for all major mobile platforms from a single code base. The SDK enables mobile developers to build and compile apps for up to nine different platforms at once, using C/C++ or HTML5/JavaScript, or a combination of both to create hybrid apps.

Develop in C/C++ or HTML5
The MoSync SDK is a rich cross-platform IDE with a C/C++ foundation and tight integration with MoSync Reload, which allows you to easily create hybrid apps using also HTML5/JavaScript.

Deploy to Multiple Platforms
The SDK enables you to compile your app for up to nine different platforms, using one single code base. You can then focus on your next app idea.

9 platforms supported, that is: Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Moblin, J2MEE/Java, Symbian and MeeGoo.

The only thing i miss so far is a kind of "form designer". Its a bit tedious to generate your UI programatically and see the results of your changes only after a full compile and upload to the simulator or your device. Here a WYSIWYG GUI editor (like in the Android Eclipse Devekoper package) would be really, really handy.

What i'm thinking about now and i don't know if its possible is, if i can have a kind of "background process" (or service) with MoSync, as our planned app needs to run in background and "poll" some URLs to see if there is something new to download. Maybe this can be done with push notifications though (which is supported by MoSync). But i'm a Newbie to mobile app development and don't see every point in this new world right now. We'll see. :)

Well i was really happy that i found that pearl. And the company is really generous to give that away for free even for closed source/commercial. So i felt i have to share that with you.


Announce Your Software/Service/Product / Re: RealWorld Paint 2013.1
« on: September 12, 2013, 04:04 AM »
Hi Vlastimil,

wonderful piece of software. And i can't believe its free. I've seen much less mighty and poor programmed apps that cost $50+.

And for me Adobe Photoshop is definitely a no-go. Too pricey for the small amount of graphic work i have to do and the GUI is visually impaired unfriendly. So "NO" for me to PS. But i often need to load a psd file or whatever, and then RWP comes to help.

So RWP has definitely its place in the software scene.

Donation is on the way!

Screenshot Captor / Re: How could you do with screenshotcaptor
« on: August 16, 2013, 05:40 AM »
Hi Cradino,

Go to page in browser, start Screenshot Captor and select "Region or Scrolling Capture". Then notice the red border, assure that you select the interior of your browser window (the area where you see the page) and hold CTRL and click the left mouse button.

In the upcoming window of SC choose "Start a scrolling capture" and follow the instructions on the screen.

For me it said, that scrolling had not worked. But i ignored that and set "Scroll by page (Default)" manually in the combobox after clicking the test button.

Klick the "Ok, lets start a scrolling capture button" and wait till SC did its work capturing and scrolling the browser window.

In the next step click the 2 buttons "Guess margins" and "Guess overlap" to get a correct image without any parts doubled.

Dont forget to "keep" the result (save it).

That gave me a perfect scrolling capture image from the page you mentioned.

Good luck

General Software Discussion / Re: Freeware = CRAP!
« on: July 24, 2013, 06:44 AM »
I agree with Worstje!

I use Screenshot Captor for years on many PCs. My company even bought a company license for it to use it commercially legally.

NEVER EVER appeared any malware, virus, browser/DNS hijacking, install of any unwanted bloatware or whatever from Screenshot Captor.

Either you got an infected package from anywhere else or you had a virus/hijacker already before or after installing Screenshot Captor. I think, if you got your package from elsewhere and sent it to mouser (the author), he gladly will check the shitload of the infected package and try to stop the deployment of this bad package.

Sorry to hear about your bad experiences, but please don't blame the wrong (good) guy for something that another reason is responsible for.

Give SC another try on a clean machine (or vm) and you'll see you are wrong and blamed the innocent.


Hmmm, seems Jibz had a lot of coffee lately. He is sooooo creative in finding good points and samples i never thought of.  ;D


Hi Curt,

aha, and why, as the article states too, don't they scan normal http urls then too? They just scan https URLs. So Spammer, Scammers, Phishsers signed a codex to only use https connections?  :)


Hi there,

what we all suggested and accepted when we signed up for a Skype account is now proofed by the german team of "heise". It is not only a paragraph in the EULA of Skype, but Microsoft is actively scanning Skype traffic for https urls and visits the collected URLs automatically shortly after they have posted.

Neither MS nor Skype wanted to declare why this is done and what is done with the collected data furthermore. They both hide themselves behind ridiculous statements about "this is for security reasons to protect our users from SPAM". Ha, ha, ha! What do these companies think how dumb we are that we believe such a crap?

Anyone who uses Skype has consented to the company reading everything they write. The H's associates in Germany at heise Security have now discovered that the Microsoft subsidiary does in fact make use of this privilege in practice. Shortly after sending HTTPS URLs over the instant messaging service, those URLs receive an unannounced visit from Microsoft HQ in Redmond.

Read the full article here:
German page:
English page: http://www.h-online....u-write-1862870.html

As they try to hide this and they conjure up excuses, proofs for me they have dishonest plans with the data. So give these criminals a big BOOOOOOOOHHHH or better some false https urls to keep their servers busy and leading them to virus pages that let their servers explode! :(


Find And Run Robot / Re: Find and Run Robot - Freeze after Launch
« on: April 26, 2013, 09:02 AM »
Hi mouser,

that is exactly the same behaviour and problem i talked about with you in the IRC channel. I am facing exactly this same problem on 2 Win7 machines with latest FARR. Also tried to clear history with no success, and i looked at my history and there were only lines starting with c:\blah blah, so no external drive, no network drive only system harddisk. But i cleaned the list, as the big FARR-Master told me. :) And i dont think i have a really big folder in my search path (but define BIG please :) ).

I'll try your second option to maybe see in which directory it starts to freeze. But, kfitting says, the problem is, it is not happening all the time. Kind of random freeze that is. I dont have recognized a rule to determine when it will freeze and when not.

That doesn't happen on my 2 XP machines, where i use the same FARR version though.


Hi brahman,

thank you will check that out too.


Hi Gailfrank,

nice finding! Looks good too. I will check that out and ask the others if they are accepting ads. If not, it is cheaper to go with Skype ($4) as with AnyMeeting ($18). But if ads are ok for the others, it will $0 and that is cheaper than Skype then. :)

Thanks again for your effort and the notice.


The real question is,
How many syllables are in "cranioscopical"?
different for everyone i think... :)

Hmmm, i bet 6! Anyone more? :)

@Jibz: Thank you, now i need to spend another more time and use Google again to find out what WebRTC is. You won't get any more coffee from me next time you join the IRC channel. HAH! That is what you deserve! :)


Hi Curt,

there was joke list about topic "You know you are Internet addicted when..." and one item was: "If all your friends contain an @ sign in their names" :)))

Well i think 90% of Skype users have no premium account. So my friends which i need to hold a conference with have none too, i am nearly sure. But that is not neccesary. They can go with their free (normal - no premium) account and still can join the conference. Just one person of the conference (the inviter or creator of the conference) need to be premium. So no costs for anyone except me.

And even if i state that i "live in the internet" i havent heard about Google Hangout. I get lost all the time when i login into my Google account with all that gazillion of services they offer. I dont know what the most of them are good for. I just use Calendar and Play store. I have a gmail account which i dont use either. And i use the search engine of course. Thats it for me with Google. :)

I think my DoCo Account is much more important for me than my Google account.

*LOL* yes that i wonder too. I always had the impression mouser did something wrong then. :) But its convinient when i go to bowling. I bring my own ball with me! *LOL*


Hi Curt,

Hahahahahahahaha! Well, i don't even know how i got it and why i deserve it. My forum activity can't be the reason when you look at my posting count of about 200 in 7,5 years of membership. I haven't paid anything extra for it and (citing Bill Clinton here) "I had NEVER any sexual relationship with mouser". :)

Also, i'm always more on the taking side than on the giving one. I pulled out so many useful informations and hints from what i call "my private think tank" (a.k.a. Doco) and gave so few back. So this is not the reason too for sure. *SHRUG*

So the only explanation is, our mouseman were drunk when he generously granted me this title. I just remember he ended with the words "Get up now, SIR JOTO!" when he lifted of the swords blade from my shoulder. *LOL*

So this unsolvable riddle why i own this title is in a row with the other famous riddles of our world like "are we alone in the universe" and "why is the word 'abbreviation' such a long word". :)

Back to the topic though:
Well, all my sputter about Skype over Google is based on the assumption, that technically all works fine with Skype as i understood and expect it. If not, i will be caught with my pants down and maybe have to return ruefully to Mr. Google (or any other recommendation that will come out in the future).

Humble Greetings

Hi Deomaaan,

as i said in my posting, the advantage of Skype here is that 90% of the planned participants already HAVE a Skype account and already HAVE Skype installed and already ARE familiar with the Skype program.

That is not true for Google+. There i have to convince them to sign up and to be honest, even i find the google hell of services very confusing and complicated to use. Imagine how confusing this is for a pc dummie.

And, as this is highly likely to be a one-shot event (maybe twice if needed), i dont see the need of another account at Google for the others when they'll never use it again. The other way i decline strictly to open a Facebook account while most of the others have one. And i surely would decline to open one just for a single event too.

Therefore i think the already paved road is better way to go, even if costs a fee to drive on versus pick up your Machete and hit a new pathway through a jungle with a group of untrained newbies. :)

There is a monthly plan for Skype premium which costs about $4. If i calculate the value of the 10 hours of my precious time that i would need to get them all together on a new service, this is worth every penny of it. (Who would work for $ 0.40/h?) :) And, all the others can stay with their already existing free accounts. No need to upgrade to a premium account for them. Only ONE (the initiator of the conference) must have a premium account. The rest can work with free account. So no costs for them, as it would be the same with the free Google account, but much much less effort.


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