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now it works as expected.
I'll defenitely work with it the next time.
Maybe there are some minor improvements, but for now I'm happy.

Many thanks.

maybe then I still get your suggested workflow not right.

My need for this tool:
- I often have to use an accounting tool for different projects
- The projects often change
- The projects have cryptic names
- When I need to enter something for one of the projects, I want to open the list with the projects "ah ok, this time it's the project with the red t-shirt" select the "red t-shirt project" and in my accounting programm the cryptic name will be entered.

Might be a bit complicated or not as easy as i imagine.
Could be a workarround if there is nothing else, but I'm looking forward for publicdomains release ;)

You could kind of also use mouser's FARR for that.
1. Create an alias with keyword value pairs in this format
keyword | paste value
abc | paste 123
golf | paste don't forget to play golf
2. Set a regex pattern for the alias. For example
3. Set up a special hotkey in FARR to open FARR and trigger the alias (which then shows the list of keys). Under "Text for search edit box" add "zz" (the string that will trigger the alias).

But then you need to remember the keyword that will be replaced, am I right?
So you enter "abc" and it will be replaced by "paste 123"

the DC community rocks!

You are right, the community rocks. I think I read the complete forum with all entries, stored a million links with tools to test  :D

P.S.: I dindn't get mail notofications about the replys in my other request, so I hadn't answered yet.

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