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Living Room / Super Mario AI Competition
« on: September 11, 2009, 01:27 AM »
Hi all,

I want to let you know about a unique competition for Java programmers. It involves writing an AI controller to play randomly generated Super Mario Bros. levels. You will get a basic package of Java classes that you can use to test and play the game and write your controller around. You can enter the competition for free and win up to $500 if you can beat the other AI agents!

More information about this competition can be found at I'm not affiliated with the organisation of the competition in any way.

It might be nice to set up a DC team and see what we can come up with...

where's a good place to get some word lists? including some default ones would be nice. :)

Basically, if you download any book from places like the Gutenberg Project, and you load that into the game, you will have more than plenty of words to play with. The game will filter out any duplicates.

I never intended this to be made public, otherwise I would have paid some more attention to details like this ;)

A thing that kinda sucks, though, is that you can't drag the window around - having it forced to be centered is a bit annoying. It does look pretty nice, though :)

Yeah I know.. I was just playing it just now and it annoyed me too! *lol* Back then I think I primarily focused on the 'dot-matrix' GUI then anything else ;)

I should note that you have to have a text file with some words in it -- each word on a separate line. You can load this file in the game and it will use these words, keeping track of the words used before.

Also, you can change the "font" by editing Matrices.txt. Each character is a 5x5 matrix with an "X" indicating a filled point and a "_" (underscore) indicating an empty point.

that is cool! so we might have a chance to play the game after all.. :up:

Here is the original file as I posted it in the programming school :) Have fun!


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