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Yea no new updates for some time.

My 3 biggest issues with this now is... for about 2 years...
1. When sending email, I have to move the msg from the out box to some other then back to out to prevent it from re-sending again after startup.

2. every mailbox checked generates a 1kb HEX coded tmp file, adding up to many thousands in a short time.
C:\Users\--username--\AppData\Local\Temp\lmo????.tmp lmo4F8C.tmp for example

3. when including an attachment, when issue 1 happens, after moving back to out mailbox, the attachment reference is broken on my side.

Also, can a updated SSL file be made please.

I am also in need of a USERS* patch for fixing Eudora Pro 7.x on Windows 10. (x64 here)  (users* because Qualcomm won't fix it)
1809 is the LAST Windows build/version that will allow it to be installed and work. 2004 is the most recent, but another is due out in Nov 2020.

ALL newer versions of Windows (19xx+) will simply not allow it to be installed because it has no digital certificate of authentication, or some other buggered security reason that MS thinks it must impose on users.

The updated files I got from a suggestion here early in 2020 worked great until about 2 months ago when MS started new restrictions.
Now SSL email does not work again.

>>>  ARE THERE A NEWER set of updated files?  (libeay32.dll, QCSSL.dll, rootcerts.p7b, and ssleay32.dll) and other files? for late 2020?  <<<

If you allow MS to simply download   any   FEATURE version update (and get to the point of ready to install even though it has not installed yet) past 1809 then Eudora will fail to even launch.
The fix I have in place for this to keep Eudora working is to daily check the auto downloads MS forces on you now and delete them.
C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution  is where they are put.

ALSO.. more importantly..
services.msc - must be manually run every day to stop the automatic download process.. Windows Update, then right click it and set to disabled.
This will only hold for 2 days max because MS forces it to be turned on remotely!! (within 3 minutes of startup) This cannot be stopped that i know of.
Even just sleep mode will not stop this reactivation.
doing this shuts off any update, including security patches, but... can still allow the update to check and downloads to come in, but if you let the FEATURE version update to complete then you're going to have problems.
Once the security updates download then you can turn off the updates and those will install ok.
You will need to manually run UPDATE from search to check for new.

i have 20GB of mail in my Eudora and no way of converting/transferring it to another compatible app... not even the earlier 2020 thunderbird would see them.
any suggestions?

After 10+ years of living in darkness, a light appeared during my searchings...

This FIX is a jewel!
I thought my email provider did something screwy on their side and they even admitted that they updated their mail server ssl structure the day my Eudora started refusing SSL connections.
They provided zero help on how to solve the problem, but did offer to sell me their email packages, starting at $5 per mailbox per month... having about 100, this made me angry.
So for some years since, I cursed them constantly, got banned from their community support pages for bashing their phone reps technical ignorance and profit driven support model.. I worked there for 7 years.
They made billions before going into their new age, with the owner selling out to hedge fund investors, then it took a large crap on its users.

I am running Win 10 x64
Eudora v7.1.0.9, in paid mode
before replacing the 4 files, I first ran the latest MS VCredist for both 32 and 64 bit.

After starting Eudora and setting checking use ssl if available, I got a popup with a certificate, choose accept it, and now it works perfectly.

This place is getting a bit of my money for this!!

also, I am not sure why, probably a 64bit thing, but my mailboxes are all stored in another directory and not the same one as the 32 bit installation would put them...
C:\Users\----USER NAME----\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Qualcomm\Eudora

If anyone has a fix for this please let US ALL know how to..
Eudora checks for updates on its own, and goes to JUMP.EUDORA.COM  which is now owned and controlled by a 3rd party who may be doing something with your data...
How do you shut this off, if you can at all ?

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