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Removing the sidebar would be great.  I don't need to do this very often but that graphics review requires special relaxed reading over a cup of coffee.  Thanks nudone, mouser and others for the review.


Sorry I'm late in replying.  I've been away from my computer.

I would be interested in a method of printing out reviews (so I can read them on the bus on the way to work) which is more economical of paper.  For example printing out the recent Graphics program review directly from the website on A4 in portrait mode takes 52 pages.


In the review it is indicated that ThumbsPlus is a good choice for large graphics collections.  Does anyone have an opinion if it is better than ACDSee for this purpose?

I bought SmartPix Manager some time ago and one of the reasons was it enable viewing of thumbnails acrosss many directories.  Are ACDSee and ThumbsPlus good at this?



Image Manager Shootout / Re: Thanks Nudone, great review!
« on: July 16, 2005, 04:47 AM »
Thanks, nudone for your review.  I shall now read it more thoroughly as I have been away from my computer on a short break.



I'm wondering if the site can be altered in some way to enable printer friendly output from its pages, mainly the review pages.  The normal printout from the new graphics viewer review eg sits right over on the right hand edge of the page.



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