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I'm wondering if the site can be altered in some way to enable printer friendly output from its pages, mainly the review pages.  The normal printout from the new graphics viewer review eg sits right over on the right hand edge of the page.



Best E-mail Client / Can you spell e-mail?
« on: May 20, 2005, 06:37 AM »
I wa slightly amused to discover that the word email, spelt without the hyphen, is not in The Bat!'s spellchecker.


Some forum members may be interested in the 50% discount for crossgrade to Conceiva Download Studio version 2.2 (a new version) here.


mouser, I have no commercial interest in this software other than as a programmer.  If this post is a problem (perhaps considered unsolicited advertising) please feel free to remove it.

I posted a link to mouser's review over at which is a very appropriate forum for this type of discussion. 

One member raised Mulberry as his favourite with special mention of it's IMAP capability.  Pine and Foxmail also got a mention.  Some forum members here might want to take a look some time.




General Software Discussion / Software for Mindmapping etc
« on: April 29, 2005, 04:44 PM »
I wonder if any forum members have any preference for Mindmapping or similar software.  I have bought the program Inspiration but would like something which is closer to the mindmapping paradigm.  It seems to me the bang per buck in the established packages such as Mindmanager, Mind Genius, Mindmapper, ConceptDraw etc is pretty low and they seem to be getting more expensive all the time. 

I just spent the best part of a day at work trying to create a new way of looking at budgeting at work to help the number nuts understand the engineering.  I had to use Visio for the idea generation and mapping process so that the outpout could be shared with others.  Yuk.  I could have done the same thing with Excel in less than two hours.



I thought of another one.  I want to prevent my daughter from logging into her account and shutting down the Kerio firewall.  (If it wasn't for her doubtful P2P software I wouldn't need a firewall).  I'd like to be able to hide the Kerio firewall in the system tray automatically on her account.  I've trawled the net and there are plenty of system tray managers but I can't find a simple one that will simply hide or reveal one or two icons.

Jeff (cross posting from another place on the forum).

I thought of an idea.  My 16 year old daughter and I are continually coming to blows about our joint use of the computer.  Quite apart from her forgetfulness about who pays for it and is therefore entitled to use it as he sees fit, she is always complaing because I mute the sound.

She goes on, turns her music on up loud, and leaves it on loud when she's finished.  I get on and straight away I either turn the speakers down or mute it in some other way.  Whaen she returns she whinges about having to turn the sound up again.  I swear the next time she does it the speakers a re going in the trash.

What would be nice would be a preset speaker volume for each user (we have Win XP Home SP2).  When the computer is being used under my name the volume level returns to a default (for me that would be zero) and when she switches to her account it swithches to her default (set by me so that the neighbours don't complain).

Probably harder than it sounds to program.  What do you guru's think?

Jeff (cross posted from another place in the forum).

Backup Guide / Information about Paragon Drive Backup
« on: April 17, 2005, 06:16 AM »
Just to fill in on the functionality of Paragon's Drive Backup as mentioned in the review.

To make a backup of a complete disk one chooses the menu item "Hard Disk"  One then has the option to make a copy of the hard disk to another hard disk, make a image of the hard disk to the same or another partion or disk (this image may be split into files of equal size for subsequent saving to CD or DVD media), or make an image of the hard disk directly to CD's or DVD's.

To browse a backup volume one right clicks on the archive in the lower panel and choose "Browse Archive".  One can review or restore a partition or files by doing this.

I agree with the reviewer that this latter function is certainly not as user friendly as it could be.  Also while I have not viewed Acronis Trueimage for a while I can imagine it is more user friendly than the Paragon product, especially for more inexperienced computer users.  The ability to view backups just like you can view original files and folders is a very good idea.


Do Beyond Compare users think that a more automated way to run BC scripts would be useful eg for automated backups?  In other words a basic interface to create scripts, say, wizard style.


Best File/Folder Compare Tool / Foldermatch?
« on: April 08, 2005, 05:29 PM »
Has anybody tried FolderMatch?  How does it compare with Beyond Compare?  ( :) Obvious answers will be chuckled at!)


Best Website Change Monitoring Tool / compared with Check and Get
« on: April 02, 2005, 03:18 PM »
I use Check and Get, which I have found to be very good.  Check and Get has a flashier interface than Website Washer but I would have to say C&G is more cluttered.


Best Firewall / Outpost and Win XP fast user switching
« on: March 31, 2005, 04:45 AM »
I would prefer it if Outpost handled FUS better, ie if connection advices were visible to the user logged in and not just to the first user on the computer.



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