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GoalEnforcer Visual Goal Setting software for FREE today only at Bits du Jour:

Here's a video:


Hello DonationCoder Folks,

We would like to announce our brand new software, The Visual Outliner:

* It's a fast, easy and fun hierarchical multi-level outliner for Windows.
* If you like the Omni Outliner for Mac, Visual Outliner is a great alternative for Windows.
* It feels like you are writing on Notepad, but with automatic outlining functionally.
* You can easily drag-and-drop outline entries all around the document. Try to do that with MS Word.
* If you don't like the mouse, there are plenty of keyboard shortcuts.
* You can quickly build your own theme with the theme composer. 
* It uses OPML as the native file format. It can export to plain text, html and markdown.
* It supports Tags, Notes, Hyperlinks, Task Tracking.
* The special feature, The Bucket of Ideas, can help you organize your brainstorming.

We strongly believe that our tool can help you with brainstorming and idea organization. It's the in-house tool that we ourselves use on a daily basis to develop our own algorithms and documentation.

Check it out at:

Charities are welcome! We are the developers of GoalEnforcer (mentioned in this forum a few times) and we've been helping lots of charities getting organized over the years.

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