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I am curious where you ended up, and if you found what you were looking for?
Interestingly enough, it does not look like ClipSmartPro has seen any development since this thread was active...

Apologies if my post took this thread in a different direction.  I see there is a new thread (linked above) .  I will endeavor to limit future post in this thread to tips and tricks  :Thmbsup:


+1 for this feature

I would also be interested in the OCR engine being hosted locally.   I came across a program that Screenotate that has open source roots.

I am not sure if I should start a new thread since this one is so old. Just wanted to chime in and say this is a feature that would interest me as well.

I have done some further reading and it does look like if you need/want a desktop application- OneNote 2016 is the best option, as it does not appear there is a OneNote 2019 desktop application. Only the Win 10 OneNote Application and Office 2019 will install/default to windows option.

That being said, @IainB,  my questions arise from the understanding that Microsoft has already made the decision to make OneNote an online driven application moving forward.  It is possible that my understanding is incorrect but I do not believe that is the case. It is also possible that Microsoft might backstep the decision to make OneNote a web app, or that they will roll out some new enterprise OneNote version. From my vantage point, much of what MS decides depends on the revenue stream and or their tring to "win" over market share.  I do not think OneNote's market is solely business.  I think they are going after the evernote market, which has its fair number of business persons, most of whom have cast aside concerns for privacy or believe that encryption/passwords are enough.  Evernote and other similar products want to sell online storage.  Microsoft might be looking to do the same, or looking to use OneNote to help attract people to utilize their other products.  In the past Microsoft has been slow to adopt the service model.  They now push 365 pretty hard, and I have read some articles that mention them moving to a similar model for their operating system itself.   
Back to my understanding of where OneNote is right now.  Microsoft has made the move to stop developing/updating OneNote 2016, and instead is only developing the Windows 10 OneNote web app which (as I understand it) requires  a login to the web, and only allows working offline through caching.  All files are born online. It is a web app that allows for use offline.  When browsing Microsoft's forums about this move, people are encouraged to express their opnions through the uservoice channels with the hopes that Microsoft might reverse their decision.

OneNote 2016 will have some updates until 2020 and security updates until 2025 which is nice.  That being said it would be nice to see some of the advancements from the webapp in 2016.  For one, it would be nice to see better hand writing  recognition.     

One of my other concerns was my move from Win 7 to Windows 10.  I had read a number of people complaining that Windows 10 would cripple their install of OneNote 2016. I found this concerning.  I would be interested in knowing if anyone here has had issues with that.  I have installed OneNote 2016 on a Windows 10 computer and it seems like both OneNote 2016 and  Window's own OneNote are coexisting fine, but I have not tested it thoroughly.  I would be interested in hearing from people here if they have had any issues.

Onenote 2016 vs Onenote 2019 vs DesktopApp

I am interested in securing another copy of Onenote (desktop application) before the only version that is available is the Win 10 OS Desktop version ( included free in Windows 10).  Since Microsoft is discontinuing the development of the standalone Onenote software (2013, 2016 and so on) app I am trying to figure out the best option.  My understanding is that the Free Onenote Desktop App that is included with Windows 10 does not allow local saving. It saves to the cloud by default and caches locally so that users can work offline.  If I am wrong about this please let me know.  I am not interested in my notebooks being hosted on Microsoft's cloud.  I also have been told that the version of OneNote contained in MS Office 2019 is actually just OneNote 2016 as there development focused on the free OneNote app included with Win 10.    I will likely get it bundled with Microsoft Office so I have access to the other office programs before everything moves towards a subscription service.   

My understanding is that there are 3 versions of OneNote for Windows: 

1) One Note Standalone or bundled wing Ms Office version 2011, 2013, 2016
2) Free Onenote Desktop App included with Win 10 OS
3) Onenote as it is included with MS Office 365, which I believe offers different versions based on the subscription service.

I am leaning away from 365 as it is a subscription service that can have its offerings changed on a whim and 356  nags/bullies users as MS sees fit.  It seems like purchasing a copy of Office 2016 or Office 2019 would be the best, but I would be interested in hearing other people's thoughts???   I have read, but have not been able to confirm, that the version of OneNote in MS office 2019 is just OneNote 2016 as they did not develop it.   As I have mentioned being able to save locally is important to me.   I also really like OneNote's ability to LOCALLY index audio and video and images making them searchable.

Further complicating this decision is my lack of understanding about how Win 10 handles the installation of an older version of OneNote with the free OneNote app?  Does one have both versions after installing an older version? I have read some places that Widows defaults to the Free included app if you install MS Office 2019 as the version on Win 10 is more recent than the version included with MS Office 2019. I am currently using win 7, but imagine I might change that before Jan 2020 when win 7 will no longer receive security updates.   I have read that ONe Note 2016 will have security updates until 2025.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.
thank you

Post New Requests Here / Re: Android?? Basic simple countdown timer....
« on: September 27, 2019, 09:22 AM »
I thought you just wanted minimal user involvement.  I would search for Tasker app or automate app and programs of the like.  Similar to autohotkey for android.   Choose any trigger (or combination of triggers) to initiate the timer.  It could be when your phone auto connects to a certain wifi network, or your gps finds you near home, or when you get an email,  "a specific timer" starts to remind you to call your mother or a playlist is set to start playing ;)  Here aree some sample examples of what is possible.  The link is from my bookmarks so it is likely old.  A good introduction can be found here.

My recollection is that tasker has a bit of a higher learning curve, but you can actually create and export the things you develop as apps.  They also have pretty active community. Chances are that someone has already figured out what you need/want to do.

Post New Requests Here / Re: Android?? Basic simple countdown timer....
« on: September 26, 2019, 06:52 PM »
Android has a built in timer/alarm clock.   You can activate it using voice commands. Would that work?  "Ok Google, set the timer for 20 minutes." It has been a while since I used it, but I believe it pauces and resumes music while doing this

General Software Discussion / Re: PearNote for Mac (like Onenote)
« on: September 26, 2019, 01:10 PM »

I don’t have a Mac to trial this with, but if it’s as good as the video says and if it meets one’s requirements, then it could be a compelling reason for migrating to a Mac.

I completely agree. It does make me wonder if there might be a way to cobble together something that works similarly.  I really like how the audio/video and the notes sync. It is nearly identical to Onenote.  I really am interested in something to replace Onenote.  The standalone version is being replaced with the Win 10 desktop app which only allows offline caching, not saving (as I understand it).

I am considering diving into mac emulation to try out PearNotes

General Software Discussion / PearNote for Mac (like Onenote)
« on: September 25, 2019, 01:45 PM »
I am curious if anyone has any experience with PearNote. It looks similar to MS One Note and has peaked my interest. 
It seems particularly useful for a training/webinar scenario.  It syncs your notes with the audio as well like Onenote can.
It allows you to incorporate slides into a note file, which is more cumbersome in Onenote.  I have done it in One Note by taking a screen shots and pasting them into the notebook.  This can make the Onenote file larger than it needs to be.

Pearnotes also allows you to export to html.

I really like the ability of syncing my written notes with the content I am watching. I also like syncing audio/video with my notes. This means I can quickly navigate to the audio/video if I want to review what I was making a note of.

There is an pretty interesting demo video here

I did a pretty extensive search some time ago when looking for One Note alternatives and never stumbled upon this.  It makes me wonder what alternatives might actually be out there. 

pear note.JPG

I know this post is from a while ago, but I am curious what you ended up going with. 

I did a quick search for open source magazine software, but it seems that the ones that might exist are buried under the open source magazines  :)

Thinking outside the box, wordpress has a multitude of addons to help coordinate blogs with multiple writers. Many of them are free.  They are all about work flow, meeting deadlines and curating ideas for the future.  You could either selfhost or signup for a free wordpress site. Make the site private and then even use it as a platform for writers to share drafts and contribute to each other's stories and sign up for stories on the docket for the future. 


Regarding Lightroom: Thanks re the Lightroom utility. Looks potentially rather useful

I have not experimented with it, as I do not have lightroom.

Regarding face recognition: In Picasa, face recognition seems to have always been independently carried out by the desktop app and thus not requiring any online Cloud-based/Google functionality, unless you wanted to link people's names/faces with their email address (the database for which would be in your online Gmail account). I therefore find it curious and somewhat telling that the Google marketing push - effectively shutting down Picasa and only partially replacing it with a new offering (Google Photos) - was to force the user into a seemingly unnecessary (i.e., not a user requirement or benefit) and sole reliance on Cloud functionality, thereby apparently creating/ensuring an increasingly more captive audience and owning unfettered access to an increasingly large amount of users' data (i.e., including the image databases).

it was an unfortunate move! That being said I'm very happy to hear that it works locally. If it ever stops working it looks like there might be a way of exporting the tag information to lightroom

I have mainly used Picasa in isolation from google, (but on windows 7). Face recognition worked fine for me -- but I haven't used Picasa actively in a year or so.

Thank you Tomos.  Nice to know someone is still using it and it is working fine.

I was curious if folks are still using Picasa 3 without any issue?
What I'm most interested in is a local directory and photo organizer. I'm curious if the face recognition still works in isolation from Google?
As an aside, it looks like there is a Picasa import for lightroom utility

"Latest News: Version 2.0 released 2/18/2017:  Overhauled and improved importing of People & Face regions. Now they are imported as native Lightroom people and face regions rather than just “People collections” as in previous versions. If you used a previous version of P2Lr and have face recognition from Picasa, please see this page: Importing People after using earlier version of P2Lr. "

I cannot help with your broader question, however I was hit with a similar issue when the firefox scrapbook add-on I was using to save pages was killed by the quantum upgrade.  I have been using zotero, a research citation manager, that might meet some of your  requirements. It downloads with single click and has the ability to sort and search based on creation date. I found out that Zotero used the same engine as the scrapbook plug-in to create webpage snapshots. I had been happy with the quality of those snapshots.

It used to be that Zotero kind of lived in the browser as a plugin. However, now it is a standalone application (database) with plugins (it calls connectors) located in the browser.  As you surf, the Zotero plugin attempts to categorize the type of site you are on. The icon it displays will change based on how it categorizes the webpage. When you press the icon, it automatically creates a snapshot of the page AND does its best to pull the information that would be needed if you were citing the page in a paper. A small pop up in the right corner of the screen shows when it has started and when it has finished.  If it is a pdf, it will download the pdf and try and pull all the relevant information from the pdf.  The zotero indexs all of the web pages and pdfs so they are searchable. You can also navigate the the folder where all the saved web pages (or snapshots as they are called) are located. These are in Mhtml format.

While the file name will not have the date created in it as you would like, you have the file created date. In fact Zotero has an interesting "timeline" tool where you can organize your saved links (citations) as a timeline using various variables, including i believe the date created. https://www.zotero.o..._tutorials/timelines

At first, I was a little apprehensive about using Zotero because I do not want another application in my workflow. However, it has been open source for quite some time, it has a big following, and I have enjoyed the interface.  It also has an export feature I could see being useful should I need it.

Hope this helps

Mini-Reviews by Members / Re: BazQux Reader - Mini-Review
« on: April 25, 2018, 04:43 PM »
Thank you for the mini review

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