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  • Monday December 4, 2023, 5:59 pm
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I found something similar I forgot to say, but not enough for me. PBOL result the winner in compare.

Who is the developer of the countdown timer you shared a picture of?

General Software Discussion / Re: Accessing articles from many pdfs
« on: September 23, 2023, 06:42 PM »
Thanks Target...that sure looks worth following up!

I would look into zotero. While it is often categorized as a citation manager, it is possible to do alot more with it.    I would looking into its ability to extract pdfs through a plugin and also how people use it in conjunction with other applications, like mind mapping applications. There was an application years ago that was mentioned here (qippa I think) that did some interesting things when analyzing the citations.

I got a Google alert about this post. I am a user of this app and yes, it's very handy. No negative experiences that I've had. So yeah, just wanted to say it's worth it and I can recommend it. Ask me any questions if you like and I'll do my best to help.

@BarryG I realize some time has pasted, but I would be interested in learning more about how you use it.  Also how did you get a google alert about this post?
Thanks for going the extra  step and joining.

I have not played much with Alomware. 

N.A.N.Y. 2023 / Re: NANY 2023: zb, a zip blog
« on: April 13, 2023, 10:03 PM »
very cool

I have been meaning to check into some of the new to me distros as I landed on Linux Mint at least 5 to 10 years  ago when doing something similar to what you are doing here.  You can create a live cd /usb drive and boot it up and see if any drivers are missing, then you can commit and install it to the system's hard drive. It installs with some things you might not think are important by default, like a media player and browser.  It has a listing of softer that you can install broken down by categories.  If someone has used an app store, they can likely figure it out.  I have very little complaints with people not being able to figure out how to use it- but this was quite some time ago.   Like has been said, it has a similar feel as window 7. 

If people are going to be gaming- I think there are distros with vetter video graphic support. It used to be that wine was the only game in town to install windows applications on a linux machine, but I have heard there are more out there that allow one to install windows applications.  It does not seem like that is an issue in this case.

If these pcs are going to be used as "common" at a shelter, I wonder if there are any purpose built linux kiosk version that might be more stable in the long run

I think the big thing is, that Mint got user friendly/similar to windows right "first" and because of that it has a bit of a leg up compared to other distros.  Other distros might be better.   What is nice is most distros allow you to boot from cd/usb thumb drive to try it out. I would like you to try a bunch of distros and then report back :D

I am always interested in how people use platforms to work collaboratively.  I think a plugin will likely be the easiest way and I am assuming there is a marketplace and forum for that. I am not able to do that, but maybe someone here could take it on.

I have been on sites (generally photo sites) that restrict downloads.  A popup came up saying downloads were not allowed. I wondering if  you could make a pop-up with a contact form/questionnaire. Or maybe adding the form to a captcha???
I am guessing if you require membership you will have a greater ability to track what people download.  Putting a banner along the top of each page  asking people to fill out a form might be something to do in the meantime.  Or adding a landing page. 

Edit: I did a quick search and found the following
This developer might be able to tweak their plugin.   Might be other existing plugins.

Anyone heard of or use AlomWare Toolbox? I am wondering what out there might have a similar feature set or if anyone has tried it and had positive or negative experiences with it?

I originally was looking into it because it will OCR screenshots using window’s native OCR, but then I noticed it has a lot of other neat features all bundled into a nice interface and a portable app. 

The website does a better job describing the program features, but in short it consists of a:

Macro recorder and AHK like automation.
Clipboard history manager with text manipulations as well as a screenshot manager with OCR.  (I do like link Clipboard Help& Spell more)
File Explorer “power” user options with scripting, file search  and folder watching and file backup
PC Desktop State management
Calendar and Scheduler with scripting
Plain text notes with the option to encrypt
various other window tweaks

Folder watching seems like it offers versioning.    I am a longtime fan of portableapps, and I think you can bundle many applications to get a similar feature set, but I like how this is packaged and I think it looks intuitive enough that non-power users could use it and enjoy the benefits.

It is in beta.

General Software Discussion / Re: Internet Timer
« on: December 16, 2022, 05:08 PM »
Ah, I actually got the user to promise.  That's the best solution, anyway!  People will surprise you sometimes - just gotta keep hoping for them.
Well that does work.   I was going to suggest a router/swtich with its power plugged into a light timer set to the times you want :D

Android Apps / Re: Which Android Emulator
« on: December 05, 2022, 08:38 AM »

General Software Discussion / Re: Web clipping
« on: August 23, 2022, 10:01 AM »
I am in search of a better web clipper myself as I have not found the perfect solution.  I am not sure about password protected sites.

Most recently I have been depending on the browser plugin single file, which is often overkill as it saves entire pages.  At one point I used a plugin called "scrapbook" which I recently found out has been resurrected by a developer as  "scrapyard" I have not looked deeply into it.  It seems to be well thought out and provide some interesting workflows to save bookmarks and webpages locally. It also has a android application. I believe the developer uses orgmode as their personal knowledge manager and scrapyyard ties into that.  It is open source.

I have also used zotero which did a great job capturing entire pages.   It seems it might be a possibility because many academic works that someone might want to collect content from are behind gateways requiring passwords. 

There was a period that I was using tagspace's web clipper. It allowed me to be more selective about what I was selecting from a page, and it saved the clipping locally as a html file which I could link to locally if need be.  I did not need to use the tag spaces app to use the  web clipper. 

For certain types of information I would use joplin as it would store in plain text with images and I could have it accessible in different computers I have syncing joplin.  It is similar to a markdown web clipper  Logseq has a few plugins that are similar as well.  One saves the simestamp of a youtube video which is a feature I have long needed.   

I know someone who loves rightnotes web clipper or bookmarks because of how they can copy and past the clipping including a hyperink to the url, but I have not checked it out too deeply.

I also know some people who use zootsoftware for web capturing.

General Software Discussion / Re: Contra Chrome
« on: August 23, 2022, 08:40 AM »
I use Firefox, but I have installed chrome too when firefox fails.
I was using the laptop yesterday when it started to crawl. The major culprit seemed to be Firefox which was hogging memory and sometimes CPU. I tab open, 34 processes!
Had many tabs of Vivaldi open, but its speed never seems to be impacted by opening extra tabs.
Went back to normal speed when I closed FF.

That is strange. Most everyone I know has the opposite experience.  Chrome based browsers tend to hog more resources and they get bogged down on java heavy sites after a period of time.  I typically use my chrome browsers for specific purposes and as the number of tabs grow, it will slow and then become unresponsive or the tabs will begin crashing.  I started firefox today with close to 10 windows and 47 tabs.  That number will grow more than I care to admit as the day progresses.

However this thread is about the privacy concerns with chrome.  I wish there was something that could be done to address the privacy concerns.  Some of my banks require chrome to display online statements which is really unfortunate. Years ago google had a motto not to be evil.  They have removed that motto and I cannot help but think it is because they gave up trying.

A more modern version here:

This is a great list.  There are a number of goodies there that I have never heard of.  Thanks for the point.

My pleasure.  I made a list with the stuff I use personally.
@ibay770 Have you used WinToUSB successfully?

Living Room / Re: Projector recommendations?
« on: May 25, 2022, 09:41 AM »
So is the idea that the newborn has some visual stimulation when laying in crib.

I know that a number of pico projectors have smartphone apps (though I do not know how much I would trust these applications). Many projectors also run a version of android and you can download apps.  Years ago I used a free android app that would pull pictures from a nextcloud web share folder.  I think I had it installed on an older kindle.  Setting this up on a windows PC was even easier. Use nextcloud's desktop app to sync a folder of images and then setting that folder as the source for a slide show or screen saver.  I can upload pictures to the nextcloud manually or automatically from my smartphone or my pc.  I believe there might also be a nextcloud slide show freature that works through the web browser.

While projecting onto the ceiling certainly is a little more magical, I might consider just mounting a display or android/pc tablet on the ceiling our using a mounting arm that move the display in the directions you would like.  When looking at pico projectors I would consider the noise level.  Their fans can be loud.  I would also make sure that it can charge the internal battery, while in use. I do not know how long their bulbs last. That used to be an issue with projectors.  If you are also interested in playing sound, you will need to work out the audio.  Also, I do not think most projectors are designed to be on and running for 8 hour stretches. And finally,  most inexpensive projectors are going to get bleached out with any light on. 

If I were trying to build a system, I might just hook up a pc to the projector/or display and have the screen saver pull from a local folder I could add images to over the network. 

Similarly, I might look at one of the Raspberry Pi projects for "Digital Signage"   There are some really powerful systems out there.

There are also digital picture frames that allow you to load images onto the "picture frame".  Some allow you to load images remotely.  In my opinion they are expensive, but they can provide a way to "beam" images into family member's homes in way that is easy for persons not familiar with computers and that is aesthetically pleasing.   When I looked into it years ago, there were quite a few options you build your own with a cheap tablet. 

PublicDomainVic / Re: Keep icons arranged in a folder
« on: May 13, 2022, 04:05 PM »
What an interesting application.    It would be helpful in order to implement a “folder contents”  kanban board. Take a snapshot of where you are, and then restore that snapshot.  Last year I played around with focalboard (open source) when I needed a kanban board for a project.

I see. I had assumed that since you were sharing the promotion you liked it. I appreciate your sharing your issues with the UI.  I also noticed that it can do searched on removable  media which was attractive.
It seems like a powerful program. 

I am curious if anyone is using Deskrule?  It looks like it can search the contents of a file and has numerous plugins that allow a quick preview (I think- have not tried them)

I have been using filelocator.

Sounds good :Thmbsup:

This app was inspired by both your random sound application and also your random sample application.

It makes sense to me for the spreadsheet/notes entry GUI to also control some of the actions so I am calling it the Action/Spreadsheet Entry GUI for the sake of this description.  So I guess that means there would be two parts of the GUI. The action/selection part and then the notes/entry part.

User Experience:  The Action/Spreadsheet Entry GUI pops up at user defined intervals/random intervals that allows user to select from a number of pre-loaded files from watch folder(s) similar to the Random Sample App.
-A hotkey/button can postpone the Action/Spreadsheet Entry GUI.
-A hotkey/button can re-populate the list.
-A hotkey/button to select from favorite folders.
-A hotkey/button to open spreadsheet
-Clicking on a file from the pre-load list will open that file and pull date/time and file information into the entry part of the GUI.
-Right clicking on file takes you to file location.

The entry portion of the GUI would provide a place to enter notes alongside the date, time and file name. I am imagining it having several fields.   Being able to edit the text that the app enters would be helpful to correct or clarify entries.

-Set watch folder(s) for application to open/play.
-Set random intervals
-Set Postpone GUI time
-Set file selection bypass (just opens a random file without the pre-load/without entry)
-Set how many random files to “pre-load” in GUI. (like random sample app).   
-Set what file information, time, date etc is pulled into spreadsheet entry.
-Set save location for spreadsheet.
-Set hotkeys for app if that is possible. (launch, postpone file)
-Set file extensions (and maybe application to open file)
I am trying to imagine how the spreadsheet entry will work.  I am not sure if you had ideas about how you would do this.

Other thoughts:
-I am not sure if it would be possible for the user to define some short text entries in the settings, that could then be selected from a drop down menu for the spreadsheet entry.
-Move file to a different folder after it has been loaded.
-Setting to remember last location GUI opened on desktop
I am assuming that the files would be opened using Window’s default application associated with the file type, however, it could be helpful to set what program is used to open a file.  Then the faster program could be used if the default application is slower to load.  This also means that work in that default application at the time of launch is not affected.

That is all.  As I mentioned to you, this was inspired by your random sound and your random sample app.  I certainly will understand if any of this just is not possible or within the scope of what you want to take on.   

Hi! RandomFilesApp pledged @

Stay tuned for first ALPHAS, on its own thread :up:
-publicdomain (April 16, 2022, 12:42 AM)

Thats great. I have been thinking about this.  I can share the thoughts in the thread as soon as I see it.  I am  assuming you want to create it.

Found Deals and Discounts / FileCenterDMS 50% Off
« on: April 14, 2022, 09:47 AM »
I know a number of people who use this software professionally in their firms. I am considering buying it.  Figured I would share it here.  Maybe others have experience with it.



Glad you're liking it!  :)

How about creating that new app to fit your brainstormed requirements?

Most importantly: would you like a specific app for exercises or a generic "run random files" program (with spreadsheet reporting). I'm fine with any one you choose since it's basically the same app :up:
-publicdomain (April 13, 2022, 04:16 PM)

That would be great for me!! I am not sure which would be better.  I believe the "run random files" would be of more use to me and to others because it is more versatile. Like someone else in this thread. I do have alot of random audio and video clips from movies etc that a generic run random file program could bring back to life.  I also think the open random files in the folder could be helpful for going through some old pictures I have and getting descriptions into a spreadsheet.  However, there might be better tool for that task.

I imagine that if it were geared towards exercise it would make sense to have the spreadsheet reporting centered more around the exercises and stretching. So quickly entering how many repetitions were done with some stock answers.  However, if it were a generic run random files with tracking it might be nice to have the ability to enter what stock answers can be selected when reporting.  I need to wrap my head around this.

Whatever it ends up being I think it would be nice if the file name could entered automatically in the spreadsheet.  The nice thing for my use case with the random files for exercise and stretching is that I do not need to spend alot of time filling in some sort of exercise template. I have alot of video clips already, then I have various pdfs and jpgs.  I just drop them in the folder and it will pop up and nudge me eventually

Thanks in advanced   

I really like this application.  Very cool!

I am curious how difficult it would be to make this so that it could open other types of files (video, audio, documents) or even from a list of links. I am using this as a reminder to stretch and exercise during the day.  The sound triggers me to refer to a list of stretches/exercises I have as various different files on my PC.   It would be nice for the file to be pulled up from a list of different exercises or stretches I have videos, jpegs of the exercises/stretches I am suppose to do.

Even better if I could track which stretches I have done in a spreadsheet, though that seems like a different program all together.  This is a great help, just wondering how easy it would be to tweak to my use case.     

Living Room / Re: An Exercise Reminder app (in Autohotkey)
« on: December 14, 2021, 08:29 AM »
^ there's a download link at the top of the page linked to in the OP (?)

You are correct.  However, it is from 2016. There is a newer version here but the download link does currently work.  When diving a little deeper there is a post about restructuring the program downloads on the website.   

I have no idea how different the 2016 version is from the later version.  It might be that there is little difference. 

Living Room / Re: An Exercise Reminder app (in Autohotkey)
« on: December 13, 2021, 09:35 PM »
 I was looking to try this out and discovered there is a new version, however I cannot find where to download it.   Looks like there was some page restructuring from this post http://s355751075.on...tware-restructuring/

Is the download still available?

General Software Discussion / Re: alternative to filehamster?
« on: October 06, 2021, 05:24 PM »
Do you have it running and installed on a windows 10 machine? What are you using now?
I'm no longer doing the work I used it for. No longer even work (professionally) at/with a computer. I do have one project though that I intend to finish next year, for which I could use it, or something like it, so might try install it at some stage again.

Tomos,  I totally understand. I just have a hard time believing that the comment prompt is not more common.
Thanks you

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