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The app lets you connect to Fitbit, Facebook, Twitter, Apple watch, GitHub and a lot more. It aggregates your data and shows you how they are connected. Every day you can rate your mood and add as many tags as you like.

Correlations can be:
- You are happier when you tweet more
- You sleep better when you work out more
- You sleep longer on the weekends (surprise  :D)

You can use it on IOS, Android, and the web.

I stumbled across it on a Fitbit forum. And started my trial. The coders are really nice and they are very transparent about what they do, how the finances are and what attitude they have to be gathering so much data about their customers. Check out their blog post:

Their website is:

I am just a normal user, I do not work for them.

You can get 30-day free test account here:

If you want an extra month of free testing you can use this link:
It's a referral link, so I get 10 days free time with the app if you use it. But that is not the reason i an writing about this app, its because i like it. Use the other link if you like. 30 days should be enough to see what it is about.

I have never been active on this forum, but have been reading the newsletters for several years.

Jan-Erik S. Halvorsen

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