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Living Room / Re: Networks and external drives
« on: March 08, 2010, 11:03 PM »
Also there is another solution that requires a purchase, you could get a 2.5" HDD in an external case (I like MovingStar) that uses 2 USB jacks to provide the power so there is no AC adapter.  Then get some 3M Dual Lock tape (from ACE or Radio Shack) and mount the drive on the back of your laptop.  Viola!  Removable External.....

For me my disgust with .NET started with a $3400 HP 19" laptop that came pre-loaded with Windows Media Center 2002.  It was going to replace my TV, DVD, Stereo, and Full Tower computer with a 21" CRT.....

After having it only a short while, all the Media Center functions stopped working.  I had to get on the phone with HP and after walking me through a 2 hour removal process with huge command lines working in the CMD window, it seemed that the .NET 1.x version was conflicting with the newer 1.x version and to quote Monty Python, 2.0 was "right out"....all the wrong extensions, etc. had permeated EVERYTHING....

I had the original discs from HP and even with a fresh, clean install, the Media Center functions would not work due to how .NET was installing incorrectly.  Even to this day, with those same discs slightly modified by nLite to accept any computer, they will not work properly and give .NET errors.  Even the Experience pack and the Space screensaver (EVA spacewalk guy) don't work properly on certain hardware configurations.

Now today, you can download great programs like CDXP Burner but they do not function unless you have the proper .NET framework installed.  What I have finally done is keep all the versions released, 1.1, 1.4, 2.0, 3.0 all on a separate USB drive and keep that in my 'toolbox' for when I am diagnosing certain problems on computers, because they are 20, 200, and 300mb downloads that I simply don't want to wait for, but even with USB 2.0 you still have to wait for extraction and then installation, rebooting a few times, etc....

I liked it when there was only the VB6 Runtimes that needed to install and everything was peachy in W2K...I just don't understand why we need to download and install a 200mb library of 'possibilities' to use a program that is 4mb in size....

I also agree that it was never designed for Linux, and installing the wrong version even below other versions can make X interfere with Y, and to diagnose it is bullocks!!!!!!

General Software Discussion / Re: Batch photo filter software?
« on: February 09, 2010, 02:05 PM »


I have found to have really low prices on everything.  You can get a computer for $57.88 there.

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