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I took a look at this but it looks like it's for Administrator type activities. But at 90% discount, it may interest some of you heavy hitters. Certainly not for me.
At this price it's in the "it's probably not for me but I'm tempted anyway" category. They aim it at IT pros, but it looks like the kind of automation tool that might also be useful to expert Windows users - including many people here. At a quick glance it looks like it might be described at "an AutoIt-like tool with a sexy GUI". Would that be accurate?

General Software Discussion / Re: IE7 Rant
« on: November 06, 2006, 07:57 AM »
However, due to minor annoyances and the lack of Roboform support, I have had to switch.

I also gave up on Opera solely because of the lack of Roboform support, as have countless thousands of potential users, judging by the number of forum threads you come across pleading for Roboform support in Opera. On the one hand I can understand why the Opera people don't want to allow extension support. On the other hand, it severely limits their market. Last time I tried Wand, it came a very poor second to Roboform.

Thanks Mouser, and Emurasoft, for my copy of EmEditor. My addiction to text editors is sated (for a little while, anyway)....


currently I am a big fan of both Ultra Recall ( and nevf's excellent Surfulater. Both good in very different ways.

I'd be interested in how you compare them with the other two of superboyac's Big Three, MyBase and Evernote?

I think one of the questions in this area (as others have mentioned) is whether you're going down the "all-in-one" route or the specialist tool route. Both routes have their temptations. Ultra Recall is an all-in-one solution. I think it's a wonderful piece of software, though probably more for data capture than for dedicated note-taking. I find it difficult to find any fault with it, and I urge anyone investigating this area to try it out. Good forums too. But there is a learning curve.

However, if what you really want is a light, speedy note-taker, then I'm not sure I'd suggest Ultra Recall. Again, as others have stated, it's up to each individual to list the features they need, and then examine the alternatives. I keep jumping from specialist programs (e.g. the elegant but expensive Notemap ( for outlining, the well-designed Notesholder ( for on-the-fly notetaking) back to all-in-ones. My main problem is that I can never make up my mind. I waste too much time trying out programs, and not long enough making the most of them.

It's a long time since I tried MyBase, so it might have improved, but I can't imagine it has outpaced Ultra Recall (they have similar structures). And while Evernote looks very interesting, I have not tried it - I currently have a self-imposed ban on trying new note-taking/data capture programs (for the reasons outlined above).

I have spent a small fortune over the years on an endless variety of notetaking and data capture programs. There aren't many I haven't bought or at least trialled. Nothing has ever felt "just right", although currently I am a big fan of both Ultra Recall ( and nevf's excellent Surfulater. Both good in very different ways.

Having said all that, the program I am using more than any other in recent months has taken me by surprise — because I didn't install it either as a notetaker or as a data capture tool. It's Clipcache, one of many clipboard enhancers.

Gradually, I realised how easy it was to capture and organise data in Clipcache, and how adding a note was simply a matter of hitting Ctrl+n and typing. Like all Clipboard enhancers, all you need to do to capture other data (including web snippets) is hit ctrl+c. It handles HTML well. And the new version (3, still in beta - is based on a robust SQL database engine, which cures what some see as a weakness in version 2. I am using version 3. Search is quick and efficient. Layout is based on the traditional and familiar three panel layout - tree, list, preview. Screenshots for version 2 here:

If you want something for quick notes, web snippets and basic data organisation, it's efficient. Perhaps not for heavy-duty use — for long-term stuff or major projects I'm still likely to put large buckets of data into either Ultra Recall or Surfulater (can't decide between them yet). But for "miscellaneous" stuff or casual use, Clipcache has merit.

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