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Sorry. While you were typing, I solved the problem by shifting back to saving in PNG format. I will however try to recreate the issue. I'm by the way using Win10 and portable version of SC.

To your questions:
1) "Did you take the original screenshot using Screenshot Captor..?" The screenshot of the brown horse is taken by SC... of a Chrome browser window that's behind SC. The screenshot of SC and Chrome was taken with Win10's Snip & Sketch tool (Shift+Win+S)

2) Upgrade! Will do... Thx

Found another unsolved post regarding this:

Screenshot Captor / Saves rotated 180 degrees and in greyscale. Why?
« on: January 14, 2020, 10:37 AM »
Hi! Have been searching hi/lo and can't find the answer to this one. If I take screenshot of a horse (!), in SC it ends up saved rotated 180 degrees and in greyscale. In the editor it's still in color. If I save another version of it, it's still rotated/greyscale. I've tried the 'Post-Capture Options' > 'Grey outside Active Window' both on and off. No difference. Where are these settings set and how to turn them off?

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