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I borrowed the link from you.
And uploaded it. Very Cool Find

Check this- !!!WARNING!!! INCLUDES BUGS-
Tiny Robots Control Cockroaches

Well if I knew you liked that sort of stuff I would have sent a lot more. ;D
I usually scan web sites find lots of cool stuff dump it to my desktop, and when I am bored I (usually) come back too it. & have a lot nice freeware and usefull info.
I am checking there sites quit often. And has many excellent programs including Mouser's apps. I have been to this site a lot as well

Want more links I have enough to keep you busy for a while :Thmbsup:

DesktopCoral / Re: Usefullness
« on: May 27, 2006, 04:32 PM »
hmmm,... this sounds sort of like my idea.

When I surf I drop a lot of links to my desktop.
And my desktop become chaos really quick, what my idea was (which I have drawn a graphic for-not quite done yet) I small window that stays open on my desktop.
I cut and paste (the Links, Program~shortcuts TxT doc's ,images what ever) drop them into the window, until I decide what I am going to do with them.

I will work more on the image and animation so you can gain a better idea of what I mean.

I am sorry Mouser I was trying to help however it seems I just muddled things up.
Please forgive me me.

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