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Find And Run Robot / Searching in Mozilla Firefox bookmarks
« on: August 15, 2005, 09:26 AM »
I'd like Find & Run to search inside Firefox bookmarks.
The bookmarks in Firefox can be found in a file bookmarks.html. The format is rather simple. So you'd need to parse it for a search. You don't need to find the current profile. It would be totally OK to ask the user to select the bookmarks.html files he wants to be part of the search.

I wouldn't do this.
There is no need for a toolbar of selected applications.
I'm using Find & Run because I'm tired of all those toolbar apps. They are just too slow.
I'd like to see special text shortcuts to start special actions like triggering searches. "g Find +Run" for example could start a google earch for "Find +Run".
It would break the general philosophy of Find & Run to have to click on buttons for some actions.

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