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Find And Run Robot / Re: slenderFARR - a new skin for FARR
« on: April 11, 2007, 11:57 AM »
with this skin, can you move FARR window? If not, how do you propose this can be done?

Also, is there a way to control the font size, color, background color in FARR's window?
There is a small caption bar at the top of the window. You can click on it and move the window around. To aim at that region with your mouse cursor can be quite challenging. Move the cursor to the top of the window until the resize cursor appears. Move the cursor a very little bit down until it changes back to a normal cursor then press the left mouse button and move the window.
There is a simpler method for changing the location of the window. Resize it on all four sides until it takes up the place you want.
I know that this would be horrible for a skin used in other applications, but since I normally don't move FARR's window, I don't think it's a big pain.


Find And Run Robot / Re: slenderFARR - a new skin for FARR
« on: April 01, 2007, 10:25 AM »
coooooool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup:

May I add this to the set of skins installed by default with FARR ?

Sure,I'd be honored to have my skin added to the default set of skins  :Thmbsup:

Regarding the usability issues.. Perhaps i can make a special exception to turn of this skin while configuring the options.

Yeah, that's probably a solution. Typically the configuration windows aren't used that often. So they can stay unskinned.

Find And Run Robot / slenderFARR - a new skin for FARR
« on: April 01, 2007, 09:44 AM »

I created a new skin for FARR.  It's meant to be minimalistic or well ... slender  :)


It's also meant to be used with transparency switched on.
Since it's tuned for FARR's popup window, there are some usability issues in the configuration windows of FARR:
  • The close icon is very small and hard to aim at. That's because the title bar of the window is very small and I didn't want to see a dominating  close button on the popup window. The close icon also only appears when the mouse is over it. It is in the top right corner.
  • Text input fields don't have any borders. That's because I wanted the text input field in the popup to be borderless.
@mouser: Would it be possible to have an option to define a skin for the popup and another for the other windows. I would provide a version of this skin without the usability problems for use on those other windows.

The screenshot shows FARR with disabled status bar, disabled tool bar and hidden column headers. The column headers are also skinned. So if you like to have them visible, that should be no problem.

To install the skin copy the skn file contained in the attached zip file to FARR's skin folder and then select it in FARR configuration on the "Display"-page. To get around the mentioned usability problems, you can temporarily change to another skin, make your changes to the configuration and return to slenderFARR before closing the configuration.


2008-01-12 : Added border less variant.

Hi Mouser,

Nice plugin, but unfortunately it's useless for me since I'm putting all my bookmarks on with the nice bookmarks Firefox extension. I wonder if someone could create a FARR plugin for


Find And Run Robot / Re: Hiding the FARR Title Bar
« on: February 14, 2007, 12:06 PM »
I think that's a nice idea. Not a "must have" but definitely a "nice to have".

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