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Find And Run Robot / Re: slenderFARR - a new skin for FARR
« on: January 12, 2008, 09:38 AM »
I created a variant that doesn't have a border around the window. I still prefer the original variant, but it wasn't a big problem to modify the skin. So here it is. You'll find it in the first post of this thread.

Unfortunately it isn't possible for a skin to make any of the other adjustments proposed by you.


This skin is really slick.

One idea to make it even more minimal: add an option to make the "help" and "options" icons normally invisible but visible when the mouse pointer is held over them.

It could be even more minimal if there is some way to make the horizontal dividing lines between the input box and the match list and between the match list and status bar invisible. And remove the black border for the FARR window.

It would be really cool if it was possible to through the above and through transparency minimize the GUI so that it on launch only displays a blinking caret somewhere on the screen, waiting for input!  8) BTW, is there some way to make the caret itself more bold? I have set "Arial bold 14" for the input box and the caret looks a bit to thin in comparison to the typed characters.

I made a version that tell FARR to not launch url :
The archive seems to be corrupted. It's also much bigger than the previous ones (451 KB instead of  94KB)

Another strange thing: When I close one of the two Firefox windows opened by the plugin, Firefox doesn't react on anything typed into the address bar. Only links on the opened page are working then. Very strange. Somehow this opening of two Firefox windows by the plugin makes them dependent upon each other.

Somehow the delicious plugin always opens a selected bookmark twice. When no Firefox is running, two Firefox windows are opened with the same URL. When there already is a Firefox instance running, two tabs are opened with the same URL.

The delicious plugin is now really perfect, awesome etc. Thanks for making it.
It's a lot faster than using the Firefox "Delicious bookmarks" extension for looking up bookmarks.

One concern I have is that the password has to be inserted as unencrypted text.
It would be cool if the plugin could ask for a username and password at the first time of invocation and use the cookie provided by afterwards. Hmm, if it is impossible to open some input dialog from a FScript dialog, it could read in a file and delete it after acquiring the cookie.

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