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Hi Mouser,
Thanks for the sympathy and keeping an eye out! Tried the UE forums, but UE2 is so old...and actually, the trickier thing for me, with no C++ background is to write the wrapper that calls both the eye tracker API and UE2 (I have VBS scripts that launches UE2...I guess should be straightforward to translate to C++?)


We need to send and relay messages and game events between two PCs:

(PC with Unreal Engine 2, running Windows 7 or soon 10, that also has incoming messages...not sure how this is connected to PC#1...maybe USB/recognized as a string?)
  |  TCP/IP
(PC hooked to the SR Research eye tracker system, running DOS).

We need some kind of wrapper, I think, perhaps in C++, that
1. calls functions provided by SR Research's EyeLink eye tracker API (in form of DLLs on PC#1) AND
2. takes messages from the Unreal Engine 2 gaming engine

to relay the messages (corresponding to events within the game) and the messages coming into PC#1 via TCP/IP from PC#1 to PC#2 (specifically to the eye tracking log files.

If I have understood correctly, there is no way to call functions in DLLs from Unreal Engine 2 (this feature was introduced in UE3 via

Someone on one of the forums had suggested, "Why do you not simply create a HINSTANCE object using the LoadLibrary function and reference the function from that instance into an FARPROC object using the GetProcAddress function?" (I'm not a programmer, def not a Windows programmer, so I have no idea what he means :-P)

Help? And if anyone has any documentation about UnrealScript2 (specifically looking at recording gameplay, for example), I would also very much appreciate it!!


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