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Hi everyone. Chris here.
I'm the creator and developer of doogiePIM (one of the pieces of software in the Fundraiser giveaway and discount).

I just want to say congratulations to all the winners and to Mouser for organising all this.  I'm so happy the goal was reached and hope the future is equally as exciting.

To the users of doogiePIM; I hope you'll enjoy my software for many days to come. If you don't enjoy it or there's something not quite right with it, please let me know. I love feedback, especially when it adds to the quality and usability for the benefit of others.

To everyone, enjoy this wonderful forum and let the good times roll.  :Thmbsup:

Amateur Potato Enthusiast  8)

To celebrate a whole year of great development of doogiePIM. BiteSpire is offering 20% off the normal price until mid May 2017.

To get the price, go here:
For details about doogiePIM, go here:
For development history, go here:

Yes, I'm the developer. My name is Chris, from BiteSpire, and would love to read your feedback on doogiePIM.

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