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Thanks - I'll try that  :)

Norton Ghost installs a windows xp service, which I assume controls its backup scheduler. But I start my backups on demand so don't need it.

The problem is, if I stop the service through WinPatrol, Ghost just starts it again next time it runs.  :mad:

I've discovered I can use
sc stop "norton ghost"

to stop it - so is there any way I can make that command automatically happen once Ghost has completed its shutdown?

Thanks  :D

Screenshot Captor / Re: [Request] Some features after 2.30.04
« on: February 24, 2007, 06:50 AM »
ScreenShot Captor is a fantastic program and compares with SnagIt.  I am trying to get some of my clients to make donations for this program because they are using it and some of them had already bought SnagIt.  The only reason some of them are still using SnagIt is because it has the ability to capture printer output rather than send a document to the printer.  I'm not sure but I think this is the only feature SnagIt has that is missing from ScreenShot Captor.  Is this a possibility for a near future upgrade?  So that when you install ScreenShot Captor it also installs as a printer and then you can select ScreenShot Captor as one of your printers?

I appreciate the work that was put into this product and I intend to be an evangelist for it.  Thanks again.

BTW, when you added the eMail feature that was when many of my clients felt like they could make the switch from SnagIt.

Agree totally - although one other way that SnagIt beats SC is that it's much better at identifying individual objects, and hierarchies of objects.

Eg in this quick reply panel it can recognise individual emoticons, or the entire emoticon bar, or the entire Quick Reply panel, all as separate objects; SC couldn't get close to that at the moment.

Oh - actually; one thing that would make SC more useful - capture templates. If I could create a template that was 'Capture Window, include cursor, copy straight to clipboard' or whatever, that would save a lot of time  :)

Is it anything to do with non-standard paper sizes like 'letter' ?

I'm an idiot  :)

Of course, it didn't occur to me that it was because I was CTRL-clicking the redbox caption. When I tried CTRL-clicking within the selection area itself it worked perfectly


Pressing the right-CTRL key on its own (while the focus was within the selection box) also worked, except since I have Highlight the pointer when you press Ctrl set in Mouse Preferences I get the concentric circles appearing in the capture. This isn't a problem with CTRL-Click as the capture triggers on the click, so by the time you let go of CTRL triggering the concentric circles the capture's already been done.

Maybe there could be an option to make the trigger  pressing down, rather than letting go, of the CTRL key, or to add a minimum delay of a second or so when activating with a CTRL key?

Anyway, thanks for the fast reply Mouser - sorry it was such a dumb question  :D

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