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I think you may find that if you hit F2 right after you select an item from the QuickPaste menu, you'll restart the rename mode and the CHS paste will properly occur in the rename.

Unfortunately that won't help you if you are just trying to quick paste into the middle of an existing filename, rather than completely replacing it.

Exactly that is the situtation :) ArsClip was capable to doing this, beside rtf formatting; but I stick to CHS, because it has more other features, which much more important for me.

In some cases F2 trick maybe will useful.

Anyway, I can live with it :)
Thanks for the support!

Hello Mouser!

I'm using more and more software from (replacing my long-time-used applications, like Listary, Greenshot, ArsClip)!
This happened with ArsClip as well, because I had some compatibility issues with some programs I use. However, CHS works well in any circumstances.

Except one: While I'm in Windows Explorer renaming function, hit the "Quick Paste Menu" shortcut, Explorer quits renaming.

I download many files from a website; the file names just numbers, date codes, etc. I need to rename the files based on 2-3 text source. It would be easier, to directly rename them in Windows Explorer (at the moment, I need to quick paste the infos into a note/notepad, then copy the assembled file/folder name).

So, the feature request: is it possible to solve, quick paste from CHS into windows explorer file/folder renaming?

Thank you and the donationcoder staff for great softwares!

Same red rectangle at me, with v1.12.01 (on Windows 10 x64). Set timer to 0 solved also.
Great program anyway :Thmbsup:

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