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I can't get the plug-in to show the contents of any of my Smart Lists.  I've read the note about them, so I know they're odd ducks, but it sounds like they ought to work if I've got the option for them checked, which I do:


When I try to use a Smart List, here's what happens:

1. The list shows 0 tasks.  I think that makes sense, given what you've described in your note:


2. When I select the list, it fills in the command line with what looks the correct syntax:


3. When I hit enter, instead of going and fetching the list and displaying its tasks in FARR like it'd do with a normal list, it opens my browser as if I were searching for rtm tasks /list:"Today's agenda"

I know that the Smart List I'm using here as an example has a single quote in it, and I thought that might be the problem, but I tried with another Smart List without one, and it did the same thing.

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?


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