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I've re-built libcurl with the C runtime linked into the binary and replaced the installer here:

No installation of additional runtime should be necessary.

Would appreciate if you could check this one out, even if smart lists seem to be working with 1.1.3 after all.

My only explanation for why it's working again now is a bug / glitch at RTM's side which they coincidentally fixed just now.

It installed and ran this time, I'm getting errors.

In this screenshot, I clicked on entry 5:
FarrMilk-Clicked on entry 5.png

In this one, I hit PageDn to see all tasks, then hit the down arrow to get into the list:
FarrMilk-Hit PageDown Then DownArrow.png

At that point, FARR force-closed.  Could this have to do with my running 64-bit Windows (7 Enterprise, SP1)?

For 32 bit software, as FARR is, you'll probably have to install the 32 bit version of the runtime. Eventually, on 64 bit systems, you'll probably end up installing both the 32 and 64 bit version of those runtimes. With current harddrive sizes that shouldn't be a problem. And they'll happily live, independently, next to each other. :)

That makes complete sense and probably explains what I saw - even though FARR is finding the DLL, it's the wrong version and so it can't load it.

I installed the VS 2015 runtime at home, and I still can't get FARR to load the plugin.  I suspect it has to do with my system being 64-bit and the runtime installing VCRUNTIME140.dll into Windows/System32, even though I did a 64-bit install.  I tried to cheat by putting Windows/System32 into my path, but that didn't work.  Neither did creating a symbolic link to it in the FARR directory.

However, I tried reverting back to version 1.1.3, and it is now showing me things from my smart lists.  Like you, I don't understand what has changed - why it now works where it didn't before.  So much for computers being deterministic.

Really sorry about that. Yes, it should be safe to install the VS 2015 runtime alongside the one for VS 2013. But to be honest, I thought I had the runtime libraries linked into the binary. But maybe I haven't for libcurl. I can't check right now, will do so in a the next 24 hours. Sorry for using you as a guinea pig.

I'll try to get the runtime installed (or will do it at home - like you, I'm juggling a couple of tasks right now and probably will be until the end of the work day).

As for the guinea pig thing, don't worry about it.  I asked for a fix, and you're responding - I'm happy to thrash around in the habitat, squeaking and whistling and whatever other sound they make while you keep tossing me things to try  8)

This version wants VCRUNTIME140.dll, which I don't have.

I know that's part of the Visual Studio 2015 Runtime, but I'm a little reluctant to download it since part of the project I work on uses VS and we're still on 2013.  I don't do Windows development, but that piece does build as part of my overall build, so I don't know if putting this on my system will break my build.

Can this version of FarrMilk be installed without the runtime?  Or do you know whether the runtime is safe for me to install?

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