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I dont really want a shellreplacement for this.

Hi, had this idea of a clean taskbar, which only shows the opened windows and tray.
- no start button, but space should be usable
- no clock
- tray should be visible (btw. i use ps tray factory to hide some icons)
- whole taskbar should only be visible, if more than one window is present and on mouseover

hope someone can do this.


Bug: Add Explorer.exe on IgnoreList and try to close the Explorer Window, nothing happens...
BTW I use QTTabBar.

Ok, some seconds later everything worked... o_O strange...
(Is it possible to disable the Tooltip with the info, which process is hovered?)

@lanux128 Thank you for you work!  :Thmbsup:

It would be another condition, e.g I would like to run two diffrent groups of app's. First group only starts Caps=ON and second group only starts CAPS=Off.

Edit: Feature Suggestion:
-a list, which shows all these "special" links with the possibility to delete them.
-option for Startup Delay (>=0) for each program

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