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Living Room / Nuclear fallout from the latest netsplit....
« on: February 26, 2010, 10:55 PM »
[23:30] * Metshrine ([email protected]) Quit (
[23:34] <Stephen66> erm
[23:34] <Stephen66> wtf
[23:35] <Stephen66> did something just go horribly wrong, or am i still here
[23:36] <Kamel> you farted...
[23:36] <Kamel> why did you do that?
[23:36] <Stephen66> lol
[23:36] <Stephen66> did everybody just die?
[23:36] <Kamel> netsplit
[23:36] <Stephen66> ?
[23:37] <Kamel> they're usually caused by nuclear fallout
[23:37] <Kamel> in the event of large wars
[23:37] <Kamel> beginning
[23:37] <Stephen66> lol
[23:37] <Kamel> causing splits in the internet pipes
[23:37] <Stephen66> efnet just exploded
[23:37] <Kamel> sometimes they will rejoin after the dust falls
[23:37] <Kamel> not always

Living Room / Re: Pirate vs. Paying Customer illustrated
« on: February 25, 2010, 03:14 PM »
Piracy and theft are facts of life. There are proper ways of handling them and improper ways. This picture simply outlines the fact that a stolen product is actually superior to a purchased one. This doesn't make sense, and that's the operative thing here.

I don't support people going around and stealing things, but I (even more so) don't support the use of DRM or other crippling software to try and prevent something from being stolen (which is not preventing anything)

Living Room / Re: Confessions of an Internet “Shock Jock”
« on: February 25, 2010, 12:02 PM »
trolls are not to be fed

I've still not decided on a VOIP provider or an ATA for the said provider. I like skype a lot, and am very interested in the dial plans available in the advanced VOIP/SIP boxes out there. I hate having to use USB, that makes me cringe. If I could find a decent skype ethernet adapter I'd be all over it.

Anyway, that's my current snag, as well as wife lost job, funds dwindling, mom sick, the standard my life sucks crap

I voted for vista 32 bit, honestly my vote shouldn't count since i don't really use circledock.

I have absolutely no desire for a 64bit OS, not that I'm against it, but honestly, what's the point? epenis is the only true explanation, except for those with over 4gb of ram, which is consequently closely related to the former reason listed.

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