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"Only" 20 days left, but if you still don't have WordPerfect Office, the best* available office suite, this is your chance:

* Unless you require XLSX/DOCX format support which is currently not that great in WordPerfect/Quattro Pro. I assume that WordPerfect Office 20, probably coming in May or June, will fix that.

Personally, I dislike the zsh (it does too many things), but I am currently spending some time with a Mac and they come with the zsh these days. Trying to make it relatively useful is annoying.

DC Member Programs and Projects / SCCS support for the zsh shell
« on: April 10, 2020, 03:50 AM »
I wrote a plugin for oh-my-zsh that displays the status of SCCS "repositories". GitHub, this time (because it's a pull request):


If the oh-my-zsh folks won't merge it before December 2020, I'll make this a NANY entry as well and host it somewhere else.  :D

I admit that my tool is not made for automatization. If you need to process ("pipe") hex strings automatically, a Perl script might be a better choice...


Useful for JSON transfer analysis. Enjoy.

(Update: Smaller binary.)

Source code:

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