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Developer's Corner / Re: Resurrecting Ubiquity for Chrome
« on: February 25, 2010, 05:45 PM »
Does anyone here have a Slashdot account and post a link to this discussion there? I actually don't want to register.  :)

Yes, it is.

Hm, before it is actually started, the installer already creates registry keys.  :D

(Just tested it: HKCU/Software/KMPlayer is created before actually doing anything in the wizard!)

OOo is slow, clunky and bloated.
So is MSO.  8)

As for the ribbon, have you actually tried using it, or are you just jumping onto the anti-anything-new bandwagon?
"Know your enemy". Tried it for about 10 minutes, laughed and closed it. Seriously, this might be neat for rather inexperienced users; for me, it is not. I can see the benefits because the bars have names now, but I also see that it eats productivity by shrinking your screen; not to mention that it does not even fit into any OS's GUI.

I have been an MSO user for years ('95 - 2003), maybe this is another reason why I prefer the good old way. Small buttons, no screen waste, no buttons for very, very blind people, only pure productivity.

(The ~ three seconds needs to load are OK for me.)

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