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Thanks very much, Steven, for the detailed information. I knew a small part of this, but not most of it. I'm a little unclear about a way around this. I always access LastPass through the browser. So even if I were to go to LastPass, copy my password, and paste or type it in, wouldn't my accessing LastPass through the browser (via the little red icon in the upper right corner) also be problematic?  I mean, I type my master password in order to access my vault in LastPass. Or is it just somehow the LastPass mechanism in 3.3.4 that makes me vulnerable? 


Yes, I think you're right that the last version of LastPass to work with  Pale Moon is 3.3.4. That's what I have on my computer, and it seems to work well. What sort of vulnerability does using it involve?

General Software Discussion / Re: the power of Linkman
« on: July 21, 2019, 11:21 AM »
Steven, thanks very much for the helpful info about updating Linkman on Pale Moon. Given what you say about the differences between your version and mine being very small, I think for the moment I'll leave mine as it is. But I have your message saved (yes, I know I can find it here, but....), and if/when eventually I find a compelling reason to update, I know I'll find that message helpful.  Again, many thanks!

General Software Discussion / Re: the power of Linkman
« on: July 20, 2019, 04:41 PM »
Hi Steven,
I'm not sure what exactly I said that you're replying to.  Was it my statement that as far as I knew, Linkman hadn't been updated in quite a while, but it works perfectly for me just as it is? I see you mention version 8.99. I've got Not sure what the differences are between mine and 8.99. After reading your current posting, I went over to the Linkman site. The page says that Linkman integrates with Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Opera, but it says nothing about Pale Moon. It used to be that that didn't matter, because Pale Moon could use Firefox extensions. But now that Firefox has changed the way it does extensions, that's no longer true. So I'm not sure how I would upgrade to 8.99 if I wanted to. As I say, though, I'm not sure it matters, since 8.98 does what I need.

And yes, happy to see your shout-out to Powermarks!  I too used it for years and loved it.  :up:

Steven, I'm so glad you mentioned Lazarus. I have used and loved that extension for years. It has saved me innumerable times when problems arose and I lost what I was typing on the web. I can't imagine being without it. Of course, that means I'm not using Firefox, but I bailed out several years ago and moved to Pale Moon, which I've been using happily since then. I'm also using Linkman. As far as I know, it hasn't been upgraded in quite a while, but that's fine with me. I love it just as it is. 

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