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Indeed. I was just being lazy by not posting them in the first place  ;D

I need clarification on #2 -- can you elaborate?
Here are three screengrabs showing what I see on Prompt dialog, clipboard image pasted into Paint, and saved and opened in SC:

Screenshot Captor / 3.25.01 beta
« on: March 11, 2013, 07:26 PM »
Couple of comments:

1) I've mentioned it before, but I think the default for "Window Capturing 1->Auto-remove area outside border with alpha less than..." should be 0 rather than 200, so it will capture the shadow when the shadow is present. Otherwise the default is to capture it in a way that is different f4rom what the user can see which seems odd IMO.

2) The thumbnail of the window capture on Prompt after capture, and the image copied to the clipboard (with above setting set to 0) has a black border, whereas the image shown from Save image and show has white border with shadow (which is what's expected)

UrlSnooper / REQ: Ability to see more of the RAW packet data
« on: January 06, 2013, 07:38 PM »
URL snooper is great as it is and can find most media URL's. However, URL snooper has a problem with some sites which offer media in different qualities, as only the default quality URL appears in US. This may well be an issue with the site rather than US, but it would often be possible to work out what the correct URL is for the quality you want if you could see more of the raw packet data (ie. the folder and filename part are past the end of the raw packet data).

Does US already show the entire raw packet data for a URL ?

If I view the packet files, the following packet file does not seem to follow on from the previous packet file, as if something is missing. Should the packet files contain all data from every packet sniffed ?

If US doesn't show the entire packet, it would be very useful if it was possible to configure how many bytes either side of the found URL was shown as then in most cases I could determine the actual media URL for the quality I'm after.

The latest version now correctly captures the shadow, but does not clear the background. Is it possible to automatically clear the background (ie. the bit around the window), as WindowClippings manages this ?

Also, a slightly odd issue is that on Win 7 with default Aero Glass theme, the window border of a captured window in the SSC preview is a lighter shade of blue compared to when I view the same image in Window Picture Viewer or any other image viewer. Is there an option causing this to happen, or is it a problem ?

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