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Overhead cables depending from the ceiling; the only drawback upside being the risk of inadvertent strangulation.
-cranioscopical (June 12, 2022, 11:22 AM)


Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

Learn a scripting language.

Code: PowerShell [Select]
  1. Get-ChildItem .\test\* -include *.part1.rar -Recurse | % { .\7z.exe x $_ -o"$(Split-Path $_ -Parent)"}

Thanks RDP is a good option but not adequately mature (I am experiencing issues/inefficiencies).

That's almost funny, it's probably older than you.

It was good enough for me to edit videos from half way around the world ten years ago when nothing else would work, something I'm currently also doing this time except using RDP on a tablet but whatever ...

EDIT: I have 4 computers on my desk at home, RDP to another Windows PC, and VNC to two Linux PC's - just occurred to me since it always works and I've come to take it for granted.

@BGM, IIRC Synergy requires a monitor for each system also ... as usual it takes awhile to find out he only wants one screen.

Plenty of multi-mode keyboards and mice around, just get one of each that can connect to three devices, no need to move the laptops at all they can stay where they are and you just switch your attention to their screen and the keyboard/mouse to the relevant one.

Or just RDP from the main to the rest.

General Software Discussion / Re: Looking for Volume Booster
« on: June 09, 2022, 01:46 PM »
Have you tried turning on Loudness Equalisation for the output device?

Get a U-shaped desk and a swivel chair, problem solved.

Hi can I get the link for the three free Synty assets thx

No problem.

Surprise, surprise:
The developer behind WFC - the subject of this mini-review - joined Malwarebytes.

Malwarebytes promises to keep WFC free and continues upgrading it (in the short term).

"Welcome, Binisoft fans

We at Malwarebytes are big fans too. That’s why we’ve asked Binisoft founder Alexandru Dicu to join our team. And not to worry—we will maintain, support, and keep Binisoft products free for everyone in the short term. "

That happened a couple of years or more ago, probably at v5.4.0.0 as all features became free when Malwarebytes acquired it.

So you're the other side of the world again?  :-)



The Warren House Innw - the fire has been burning continuously since 1845 (hence the lack of trees in the near vicinity). :P

It's now post-COVID so:


Remove or change the APN names if you can.

Probably won't stop the requests but it will stop connections to mobile data.

Disable Mobile Data?

Doesn't stop it being enabled if you inadvertantly answer yes to a connection request.

If you remove or otherwise change the APN to something wrong, it will completely disable mobile data no matter whether the setting is enabled or not.

Remove or change the APN names if you can.

Probably won't stop the requests but it will stop connections to mobile data.

Reinstall using the supplied recovery media/instructions, run cipher, (included with Windows), over free space.

Or they're just not interested because it's of no benefit to them ... you could always hire a freelancer.

Don't equate lack of interest, (or anything else), with lack of ability.

Community Giveaways / Re: Humble Bundle leftovers
« on: April 06, 2022, 09:37 PM »
Hello 4wd,

Thanks for the offers! How does one redeem a game? I am interested in the PGA Tour 2K21. Thanks again!

I'll DM you a Humble Bundle gift link, it'll probably have a Steam game activation code when you click it.

DM sent, updated list.

Community Giveaways / Humble Bundle leftovers - Free Games
« on: April 06, 2022, 06:24 AM »

Community Giveaways / Re: Humble Bundle leftovers
« on: April 03, 2022, 09:19 PM »
I don't have any specifics, but a lot of them are just going to be sitting there. If Deo and 4wd are out of something, ask me.

Yep, got quite a few of the games available, (~70%), just waiting to see if a few friends want any before I post them here.

Community Giveaways / Re: Humble Bundle leftovers
« on: April 03, 2022, 04:48 AM »
Someone bought the same bundle 😉

For free if anyone is interested:

Unique Links:
C# Complete Unity 3D Developer Course []

Pathfinder Second Edition Core Rulebook and Starfinder Core Rulebook (Redeem by September 30th, 2022) [Paizo]
Intro to Game Development with Unity [Zenva]
Polygon Farm, Polygon City, and Polygon Prototype [Synty]
GameMaker Studio 2 Creator 12 Months [YoYo]
Music Maker EDM Edition  (Redeem by December 31st, 2022) [Magix]

The links show how to redeem the items, let me know what you want and I'll send the link/key.

NOTE: All of them require you create an account with the respective software company.

Free Steam games below:

NOTE: Some of these might be region restricted, I won't find out until I create a gift link to send - if this proves to be the case for one you receive, let me know or pass it on to someone who can use it.

I have the following Steam games available for free:
112 Operator911 Operator
Amnesia: The Dark Descent + Amnesia: A Machine for PigsBrothers: A Tale of Two Sons
Car Mechanic Simulator 2018Crying Suns
Draw SlasherDrawful 2
Driftland: The Magic RevivalDV: Rings of Saturn
EarthXEndless Space 2
Expeditions: VikingFable Anniversary
Fury UnleashedGameGuru
Gloria Victis - redeem by April 25, 2022Going Under
Iron DangerKerbal Space Program
Kingdom Two CrownsMetro Exodus
MonacoMoon Hunters
Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator 2021Nex Machina
Orbital RacerOut of Reach: Treasure Royale
PGA Tour 2K21Popup Dungeon
Post VoidRadio Commander
Ring of PainRoarr! Jurassic Edition
RPG Maker VXRustler
Ryse: Son of RomeSay No! More
Shing!Skullgirls 2nd Encore
Slay the SpireSoulblight
SupralandSystem Shock: Enhanced Edition
The Amazing American CircusToejam & Earl: Back in the Groove
Tooth and TailVagante
WARSAWWe Are Alright
Wizard of Legend

Free Rockstar game:
Max Payne 3

URL Snooper provides easy solution to finding the URLs for all streams by watching network traffic and identifying potential urls, especially streaming media urls.


Even easier: HLS Stream Sniper

You can export it and add it to any Chrome based browser, you can also get the Firefox extension:

2022-03-13 16_00_11-.png

Living Room / Re: Programming/Coder humor
« on: March 12, 2022, 10:49 PM »

General Software Discussion / Re: Does this "blog/shared notes" exist?
« on: February 21, 2022, 04:07 PM »
I meant you can recover the files from the original drives even though they've been moved off it.
Unless you've done a lot of writing to them or securely moved, (wiped the space they occupied), then they should still be recoverable.

Also, what manufacturer/model of external are we talking about?
Sometimes it's just the USB interface board that dies, the HDD is still working and just requires removing from the case and rehousing.
Unfortunately not possible with WD 2.5" portables as they integrate the USB adaptor directly to the drive, (don't buy them unless you don't mind limiting your recovery options).
Some others makes/models may be the same.

For backups, a 3.5" external would be preferable, it gives you the above option should the interface fail.

Fwiw, generally the time an electronic device, (and mechanical to some degree), will fail is within a couple of months of it being put into service or nearing the end of its life.

If you're near Melbourne eastern suburbs let me know if want any help with either recovery off the original drives or rehousing the new drive, (if possible).

PS. I generally only check emails or the forum every 2 - 4 days.

General Software Discussion / Re: Does this "blog/shared notes" exist?
« on: February 17, 2022, 05:27 AM »
... I purchased a new 5 TB hd and transferred a lot of scattered across many HDs "toddler" videos to it.

By transferred do you mean copy or move?

If it's copy you still have the original, just requires duplication of previous effort, (this time to dual externals).

If it's move, run recovery software, (Recuva, PhotoRec, etc), on the original HDDs, (hopefully you haven't written too much to them in the meantime), recovering to a new external and back it up.

General Software Discussion / Re: Windows 10 Announced
« on: February 11, 2022, 04:53 AM »
What makes you think there is such a thing as "WSL graphics"? As far as I'm aware there is no "display" connected to the WSL Linux VM. It's for terminal/console use only. (Windows 10)

What on Earth does this do? What is it for? How can it help me?

GWSL automates the process of running X on top of WSL and over SSH:
  • It lets you easily run graphical Linux apps on Windows 10.
  • It lets you run graphical apps located on remote Linux machines.
  • It provides a simple UI for launching Linux apps, managing them graphically, and creating customized Windows shortcuts for them.
  • All this at the click of a button! No memorization of commands necessary. Easy! (Windows 11)

WSLg is short for Windows Subsystem for Linux GUI and the purpose of the project is to enable support for running Linux GUI applications (X11 and Wayland) on Windows in a fully integrated desktop experience.

WSLg provides an integrated experience for developers, scientists or enthusiasts that prefer or need to run Windows on their PC but also need the ability to run tools or applications which works best, or exclusively, in a Linux environment. While users can accomplish this today using a multiple system setup, with individual PC dedicated to Windows and Linux, virtual machine hosting either Windows or Linux, or an XServer running on Windows and projected into WSL, WSLg provides a more integrated, user friendly and productive alternative.

WSLg strives to make Linux GUI applications feel native and natural to use on Windows. From integration into the Start Menu for launch to appearing in the task bar, alt-tab experience to enabling cut/paste across Windows and Linux applications, WSLg enables a seamless desktop experience and workflow leveraging Windows and Linux applications.

The last can use GPU hardware acceleration.

General Software Discussion / Re: What Android Apps Do You Use?
« on: February 03, 2022, 01:35 AM »
For better security, "an open DNS recursive service for free security and high privacy":

Also ControlD's DNS:

You can choose from preconfigured filters (just enter the appropriate DNS: IP4, IP6, DoH, DoT):
  • Unfiltered,
  • Malware,
  • Ads & Tracking,
  • Social,
  • Family Friendly,
  • Uncensored

Or create your own custom filters (a DNS URL for DoH and DoT will be created) from:
  • Ads & Trackers,
  • Adult Content,
  • Dating,
  • Drugs,
  • Gambling,
  • Government Sites,
  • Malware,
  • Social,
  • Typosquatting

If you sign up for a paid service you get access to more filters as well as other things like Smart DNS for geo-restricted content - they're a separate service of Windscribe VPN.

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