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IF they make you by an upgrade for a purchase you made under day 5 months ago, please let us all know - because i found that unacceptable and reason enough to never go near such a company again.

I'm pretty sure it was more than 5 months, though it was this year. (I keep my registration codes in KeyNote, and KeyNote doesn't keep track of the date a node was created, and now I can't check. I kick myself for that omission every day!)

And I do like tune-up Utilities, damn :)  I guess the question is whether one wants the new features. The new disk doctor looks fine, but since I've never had a disk go bad on me - never, not once in some 15 years - maybe I don't need it that much. Don't need Office 2007 support either. The improved registry cleaner - well maybe, it sure looks pretty, but I'm not using it much. (I have registry entries pointing to virtual drives, and they always get marked as invalid if the drive is offline.)

I'll wait for 2008 :)

Developer's Corner / Re: Help with Delphi Console Keypress
« on: December 20, 2006, 09:33 AM »

BTW - Can you tell me why any string def I use will not allow more then 255 chars?  This even happens when I declare the following...

      Longstring: AnsiString;

It's supposed to take 2GB, but I keep getting the error saying it can only have 255?  Weird.

When you declare a var as AnsiString in Delphi, you get the old-style statically allocated string with max length of 255. It's the same as saying
 myStr : string[255];

What you need is
 myStr : string;

Also check in Compiler options that "Huge strings" is enabled - it should be on by default, but do verify. If this define is disabled, the above declaration will still give you a 255-char string.

Found Deals and Discounts / Ouch, am I disappointed!
« on: December 20, 2006, 09:17 AM »
I love Tune-Up utilities, one of the best designed and most functional software of this type. I bought version 2006 several months ago, and had no idea a new version was available. The Update Wizard still tells me I have the latest version.

So when I visited the site now it looks like I have to pay almost 20 Euro for the upgrade - the coupon would deduct about 3 Euro. 20 Euro for a new version each year sounds pretty much like a subscription! I guess I should have checked their upgrade policy before I bought it. Too bad.

General Review Discussion / Re: Review suggestions
« on: October 22, 2006, 06:34 PM »
Trying to revive an oldie thread, let's see how it goes...

1. Mind-mapping and diagramming software. The reason I'm suggesting a review of those is that I'd love to read a discussion by those who use such software at an advanced level - because I don't quite understand how it is useful :) I have a basic technical understanding of mind maps, and I know of course what diagrams are used for, but I've never been able to fit any software like this into my note-taking or planning processes. They confuse me, they interrupt my thinking and try to force me into a mode of working that feels alien to me. I'm much better off with free-form notes. So I'm probably missing some big point of mind maps and/or diagrams. Bonus question: there are specialized mind mapping programs, as well as specialized diagramming software, but in the end it's all about connecting shapes with arrows, filling them with text and moving them around. Could one piece of software serve both needs?

2. Wikis, the web-based ones. There are so many, most of them free, differing in features, backends and formatting syntax. Wikis are primarily intended for collaborative work, but does anyone use them for personal projects? How do they fare as note-taking mechanisms? (For the desktop, there's WikiPad, which I don't think has any competition yet: )

Thanks for listening!

Best File/Folder Compare Tool / Re: What did you think of the review?
« on: October 20, 2006, 05:43 PM »
Well what did you guys think of the review?

Great review and very useful, as all the others. I am only missing one important data point: Unicode support. I worked recently at a project where manual file comparison and merging was a frequent task. The files were all unicode, and used various encodings: UTF8, UTF16, with or without BOM, etc. It was critical that the compare tool processed all these encodings transparently and did not alter them in any way. The company used Araxis, and I grew to love it, although it is too expensive for my personal use. It performed flawlessly; I loved the ability to click the arrows on the margins to merge one version into the other. Fast, too, even with big files. But correct Unicode handling was of primary importance (those were multilingual files used for software localization).

Does anyone know if Beyond Compare is as good with Unicode? The feature list does mention "Unicode and MBCS support", but this is listed under the "File Viewer Display" heading, which could mean that it does not apply to the editor.

Did I mention all the reviews are fantastic? I only wish I hadn't already bought most of the great software you've managed to get member discounts for :)

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