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General Software Discussion / Re: Directory Opus 9
« on: December 18, 2007, 07:26 PM »
who apparently don't mind all the usability annoyances, big and small, I have found in 30 minutes of playing with it.


One of the nicest things about UltraEdit is its customizability.  There are probably a few too many options and workarounds to learn about in thirty minutes.

If you have the new version (13.20, with or without the latest hotfix), try opening any file in UltraEdit, then minimize the editor, and see if you like what you see :) If you don't catch on immediately, with UE still minimized to the taskbar (not the tray) press Ctrl+F, or whatever shortcut you've assigned to Search -> Find. Yes, it's totally broken, and yes, I've reported the bug, and yes, the developers have confirmed it. I'm just surprised it took a trial user to report a bug that happens to be quite bothersome (esp. when you switch applications often). Meaning, I hope everyone else didn't think it was a cool new UltraEdit feature :)

Or in any version, double-click empty area where the file tabs are. That I guess is not a bug, since it's been like that forever, it's just weird and doesn't seem to serve a purpose.

I'll post some of my favorite UE annoyances, since it looks like I'll be buying it out of necessity anyway. That'll be a spearate thread, and tomorrow, since it's past 2 a.m. where I a.m.

General Software Discussion / Re: Directory Opus 9
« on: December 18, 2007, 09:58 AM »
Thanks, Darwin. The viewer seems to be working fine, though of course I don't know what to expect as correct behavior. The only thing that's bugging me is that for some document types (when the viewer is embedding an ActiveX control, I guess), the viewer window cannot be closed by hitting Esc.

Plus, I can only open one viewer pane at a time. When trying to view another document, the existing viewer window is reused. I'm not happy about this, since in TC I often work with multiple viewers open.

Also, the viewer in TC lets me switch between viewing modes live (ANSI, OEM, Unicode, UTF-8, Hex, etc), with a single keypress. The reason this is important is that sometimes I want to view html files rendered, but other times (more often) I want to view the source. Or try various encodings, to see which one works. I can't find a comparable feature in DOpus viewer (except View As Hex).

In general, DOpus doesn't seem too friendly to keyboard-only navigation. In fact, this was what caused me to uninstall DOpus when I first tried it some months ago). Navigation in DOpus is pretty much the same as in Windows Explorer. Note what happens, for instance, when you press Enter on a folder. The subfolder opens, with the first folder focused but not selected. If you press Enter now, nothing happens. If you press down arrow, DOpus will select the *second* subfolder, probably not what you want. To descend into the first subfolder, you have to press up arrow first. This could be easily fixed in the program, apparently the author just didn't care and users aren't bothered by this. I'm also missing the ".." entry in folder list for going up in a folder tree. Yes, I can see the up arrow above the list, but it's too tiny for fast clicking. I use Backspace instead, but Enter in TC is much nicer: press Enter once to go into a subfolder, press Enter again to go up.

Small things, admittedly, but they slow me down and in general this is how I tell a program is not for me.

(On edit: I've found "Automatically select first file in folder", which helps a little.)

Then again, if a program has been in development for years, is at version 9+ and has a huge user base, I guess I'm not a target user. I get that a lot recently, e.g. with UltraEdit, which has like a million registered users, who apparently don't mind all the usability annoyances, big and small, I have found in 30 minutes of playing with it. Sometimes I want to start a movement to donate a copy of Alan Cooper's "About Face" or Joel Spolsky's "User Interface Design for Programmers" to all our favorite shareware authors, because many of them should really read those, for our benefit :)


General Software Discussion / Re: Strange Firefox Error:
« on: December 14, 2007, 05:51 AM »
I've encountered a site or two where this error disappeared after I allowed cookies for the site. Not the one you posted though - accepting cookies doesn't help (FF

Ed: darn smiley damaged the version number...


Living Room / Re: Amusing Server Error Messages
« on: December 13, 2007, 05:23 PM »
I thought it was better than the normal error messages you usually get on websites.

Wonder if whoever does maintenance for YouTube 24/7 thinks the same...

I worked once as an outhouse (opposite of in-house, pun somewhat intended) language specialist for a localization company. The project manager asked me one day to sit in on a meeting with one of their clients, a three-letter big BIG BIG IT corporation. As the meeting progressed, the PM kept asking one essential question, which he rephrased in multiple configurations, viz. "I need to know your timeframe, so I can ready the resources". What resources, thought I - doesn't he know how many keyboards and coffee cups they have? Only after a while did I figure he was talking about me (and a bunch of other outhousers).

Soon after I upped my rates :)

Ed: Which also reminds me of this episode of Dlibert:

PHB: I have been saying for years that employees are our most valuable asset. It turns out that I was wrong. Money is our most valuable asset. Employees are ninth.
Dilbert: I'm afraid to ask what came in eighth.
PHB: Carbon paper.


General Software Discussion / Re: Directory Opus 9
« on: December 10, 2007, 03:42 PM »

Go to Tools -> Customize -> Keys and edit the F3 hotkey (or define a new one if there isn't one already) to run the Show command.

Oh-my-God, I've just seen the hotkey customization dialog in DOpus! :) The ability to assign a sequence of commands is awesome.

Thanks a lot, Nudel!

Backup Guide / Re: Information about Backup4all 2.3.2
« on: December 10, 2007, 01:19 PM »
I've just had a play with the demo and am about to place an order for this software. I have to say I'm impressed.

Plenty other niceties, too. Among those I don't remember mentioned in earlier discussion:

- You don't need to run Backup4All in the tray. If you use Windows Scheduler, there is no additional load on your system; the program only starts when a job is scheduled and can be configured to exit when done.

- I love being able to drag folders into the Source window, rather than fish for folders in a tree one at a time or select checkboxes. (The checkboxes are also available, though).

- This may have been mentioned, but open/locked file backup is smooth sailing, no problems there at all.

However, having used it for a year, I have a pretty long list of things I'd like to see improved. The first time I made a request I was pretty much brushed off by the author (politely, but still), and since there is no user forum, there is little one can apparently do to request a feaure or influecne the program's direction. Here's a short version of what I'm missing in Backup4All and some bugs I've found - I have yet to send it to the author, but after his first response I'm not too hopeful:


- backup files as they change, with an optional minimum time span between backups

- For versioning, there is an option to "Limit maximum number of stored backups", but no option to limit by date, i.e. Keep old versions of files for no more than n days. The latter is more useful / more intuitive than the number of backups, because e.g. I know I want to keep old versions for a month, but I don't know how many copies will be made in a month (and if I change the schedule, the number of backups will also change, which will in turn affect the limit). In other words, I don't care how many old versions I keep; I do care about always having access to versions at least a month old, and there is no way to configure that (unless you put no limit on old versions at all).

- ability to run regular backups (full, incremental or differential) without zipping. (The Mirror mode copies without zipping, but does not do versioning. If you mirror to folders with a datestamp, it copies all the files every time.) Zipping is of course hugely useful, but makes it hard to compare versions, since you must unzip the files first.

- There is no support for comparing stored versions. It should be pretty easy to add integration with Beyond Compare, WinMerge etc.

- when using the mirror mode, it does not scan the target folder, but copies everything, even if the target files are already in place. This is a more general issue - Backup4All relies ONLY on its catalog files (bkc). If you delete all mirrored files but keep the bkc, it will not restore the missing files, because the bkc file tells it they are present. And the opposite: if the target files are already there, it will still copy them over if the bkc file indicates they are absent. This has cost me several hours recently (backup over 54 kbit LAN).

- pause a job while it is running (important if a scheduled backup kicks in just when you're doing something disk-intensive)

- suspend all scheduled backup jobs (this can be done by manually editing Windows Scheduler tasks, but it should be a one-click operation, e.g. when installing software or running an operation that requires lots of disk throughput or network bandwidth)

- ability to backup selected registry keys to .reg files (very, very few programs do this. HandyBackup does, but it's $99 and misses a lot of other features, like backing up open files)

- automatically run tasks that were missed or have failed

- provide a remaining time estimate for a running job (there is a progress meter, but a rough estimate in minutes would be more useful)

- enable filtering in the jobs pane (e.g. show only tasks that have not been run yet; only tasks that are not scheduled; tasks with warnings or errors; tasks that have FTP or LAN as target, tasks that are scheduled to run today, etc - lots of possibilities here)


- error messages are too generic, especially for FTP-related errors. If, for example, you make a typo in the ftp server hostname, all the log message says is "could not connect". What it should report instead is DNS lookup failure, which would immediately tell you that the hostname is wrong.

- If Backup4All is configured to exit when a scheduled job is finished, it will quit even if you started it manually and are editing a profile in the dialog box. There is no prompt, it just quits while you're typing in it. A little annoying if you've just spent 5 or 10 minutes fine-tuning your file selection...

- There is a bug in its bug reporting feature (try it, "Support request" under the Help menu)


One other great addition would be a way (or an easier way if I just haven't figured out how yet) to capture an entire web page, instead of just what is onscreen.  I know SnagIt recently added that feature and I think it would be very useful indeed.  Of course I say that not even sure that screenshotcaptor doesn't already, so how much do I really use that feature. ;D :-\

Besides SC, try "Save as Image" add-on for Firefox:

Does exactly what you describe; saves to jpeg/gif/png and shows a neat preview where you can just save the whole page or crop a region.


General Software Discussion / Re: Directory Opus 9
« on: December 09, 2007, 05:19 PM »
Two humble questions from an avowed Total Commander-er...

1. Does DOpus have anything like Total Commander's command line? I use it all the time, and in DOpus I've only been able to find the "CLI" window, which only seems to process commands internal to DOPus.

2. How can I configure DOPus to give me the equivalent Total Commander's F3=View (i.e. what TC calls lister)? I see there is a viewer, but it always opens in the embedded pane, while I want a separate window, and need to be able to view more than one file at a time. I suppose I could drag the viewer pane to undock it, but that's too much work :)

(TC does nearly everything I need, but I'd like to explore DOPus and I envy the "virtual folders" and the breadcrumbs features, so I was thinking I could buy DOPus and use it for some specific operations. But without a command line and without a superfast View that works *exactly* like TC or better, I wouldn't really be able to use it much.)


Thank you, Andy! It's "shell", not "shellex", after all. For the record, here's the two settings required:

The "OpenWithLister" key is just an internal handle, can be anything. For the "(Default)" value specify the menu item label (with hotkey):


Next, add a "Command" subkey, and for the "(Default)" value specify the path to program and argument:


Now I have my beloved lister everywhere and it's all good!

create a shortcut in the "send to" folder then right click on file>send to>the program?

Ah! It's been years since I used Send To last, but there it is, thanks! :) I'd still prefer a menu item that doesn't require fishing through a submenu, but this will do fine for now.


Okay, I really should know this, but there it is, I don't :) I need to add a single command to Explorer's context menu for all files (not folders), manually. I hardly ever use Explorer, since Total Commander is my thing, but there's an increasing number of apps that embed explorer's shell nenu in their file listings (Nero, Acronis True Image, etc). Often I want to view the contents of files in these contexts, but there is no viewer in XP and "Open with" doesn't qute cut it for effiiciency. So I want to add a command, for every file type, that will open the file in Total Commander's lister.exe.

I know there are tools to remove junk from the shell menu (e.g. Shell menu view by Nirsoft), but now I want to do the reverse, hopefully for free. I've no problems with editing the registry, and I think the entry should go under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\shellex\ContextMenuHandlers, but that's  about what I can figure out. In Explorer -> Tools -> Folder options -> File types you can only add a new action for a specific file type; specifying no extension or "*" doesn't work. (The former produces an error, the latter is ignored.)

I should really know this by now. I was sick with fever when they taught shell menus, I was.


General Software Discussion / Re: SyncBackSE vs. SuperFlexible
« on: December 06, 2007, 04:44 PM »
Not a bad choice at all, DBC.  I use BackUp4All also, along with SFFS and FileHamster.  I love FileHamster for its ease and the fact that it just works so well - I will most likely purchase a Pro license shortly.

Do you know if there's a trial for the Pro version, Jim? It seems that only the free version can be downloaded. (I'll probably still try it anyway, still need to find a real-time-backup-on-change-with-versioning solution).

Still like MirrorFolder, but after emailing the author with some questions regarding performance, then filing a support ticket through their web interface, I'm still waiting for a reply a month later, so it's unlikely to be coming.

Of the remaining two, I would make the same choice that you did.  BackUp4All is excellent.  I'll leave it at that...

Backup4All is excellent, despite of all I've said about it here :) Having tested nearly all of the backup apps discused on DC, I'm staying with Backup4All. It even saved my a** recently when the manufacturer of my NAS device sent me a beta version of their firmware, which corrupted every file copied onto the device (added 1 byte in front of every file!), and Backup4All complained immediately when it noticed something dicey was happening to its catalog files. It does have a number of quirks, and it's not the optimal backup tool in the ideal Platonic sense, but I'm just about convinved it's the optimal backup tool available today.

Living Room / Re: Destroying the World, One Server at a Time
« on: December 06, 2007, 03:32 PM »
By "server" I'm sure they mean the enterprise-class brutes your ISP is running 24/7 at the other end of your cable.
But still, an SUV?

It would be interesting if they accounted for the number of people servied by an SUV compared to the number of people served by a single - well, server.

Maybe I'll cut back on the pr0n.

Maybe the pr0n artists should cut back on the lighting!


it has nothing to do with online storage  :D (no file is stored on their servers...)
and it DOES sync folder to folder either locally or through the internet  :Thmbsup:
(it does need the foldershare servers to manage the sync process however)

I apologize, I must heve gotten confused by their screnshot, then :) But what about the "web download" feature, which apparently lets you get your files from any computer, anywhere, by connecting to the foldershare server?

On edit: I think I got it. It seems to create a p2p connection, so as long as the source machine is connected to foldershare, you can connect any other machine anywhere and download files from the source.


10000 file limit per folder (you can sync up to 10 folder)
10 folder limit seems pretty limiting.....Is this a free version limit?

Looking at the website, it's an online storage thing, ie. your data kept on their servers. It does not appear to sync folder to folder, locally:

John, how's Tivoli Continuous Data Protection doing? I've just installed the trial on my laptop and it's very interesting, but I haven't quite figured out its workings yet. I've noticed it starts backing up certain files even without any manual configuration, which is nice. Nicer even that it picked up my Firefox profile folder of its own volition. At the same time there's a weirdness to it, because from the whole profile folder it picked and backed up only one XUL file. (I know very little about how it works yet, though I acquired some familiarity with Tivoli Storage Manager, when it was being localized for Polish some years ago. I remember TSM had a very cool idea of archiving with stub files, but CDP does not seem to include that.)

I've been putting off installation of the trial since IBM customer support cannot figure out if I can even buy the product from them. Poland is not listed among the countries on the product page, and when I try to go to checkout, I get an "unexpected error" from the server. IBM support keeps redirecting me from person to person, and it doesn't look like I'll be able to order it, so I'm hesitant to use the trial, since it looks like a GREAT solution for hands-free backup to NAS, and I don't want to get attached :)


General Software Discussion / Re: ESET Smart Security
« on: November 27, 2007, 08:32 PM »
No popups!. Now that's a change from Zone Alarm, Outpost, Kerio, Kaspersky and Comodo, all of which I have used and discarded, mainly for the reason of excessive popups and poor learning skills.

Well, there are no popups if you stick to the firewall's default operating mode, in which it will allow everything out and let nothing in. This is okay if you never want to stop any apps from connecting out, and if you don't use p2p. For something like BitTorrent, for example, you need to switch to interactive mode, get the prompt from the firewall and tell it to let torrent traffic in, otherwise it's no go.

When you're sure all the rules have been set up properly, you can enable the "Policy" mode, where the firewall uses the rules and denies all other traffic, so you're free from popups again.

Personally, I choose to live with popups, they're very nicely designed :)

.marek, a pretty happy ESS user

Edit: I want to qualify the "pretty happy" part. It's been working almost flawlessly for me, which is fantastic for a completely new product, and it certainly works much better than recent versions of Outpost (to which I was quite attached for a long while) and Comodo (which killed my LAN and wouldn't be persuaded otherwise).

However, the ESS firewall does have a persistent bug, much discussed on Wilders Security Forum. No matter what the firewall config, you cannot browse other machines on the LAN. The LAN still works, shares work normally, network drives that have drive letters assigned likewise work. The only issue is that you cannot see or navigate the list of computers. Some people only see the local machine listed, others see nothing at all. Uninstall ESS and all is as it should be. This is a bit of a bummer, but since "cd \\machine\share" works fine, it's not a showstopper.

When you install Autohotkey, a small program called "AutoIt3 Window Spy" gets installed along with it in the Start Menu. It does exactly what you've described.

AutoIt3 Window Spy.png

Mobysaurus / Re: Installer picks wrong language, cannot install
« on: November 26, 2007, 05:03 AM »
Thanks a lot, Mouser, I'll wait for that.

Mobysaurus / Installer picks wrong language, cannot install
« on: November 25, 2007, 09:49 AM »
On my Polish version of XP SP2, this is what the installer's first screen looks like:


I can see which button is the default, but other than that the installer is unusable. I canceled the installation for fear the program itself would look the same.

The characters are all wrong (Polish uses ISO-8859-2, or Windows-1250), a modified Latin alphabet. Since I've seen similar text before (notably in spam), I suppose the installer is trying to talk at me in Russian. Russian uses Cyrillic, which is an entirely different codepage, hence the display is all garbled. FWIW, the characters are definitely not garbled Polish characters. Agnitum Outpost once thought Polish users spoke Russian too, but it did manage to display Cyrillic correctly :)

Please complain to whoever authored the installer. To most people in Poland it will be undecipherable, even if properly displayed. I am of the last Polish generation who learned Russian as a mandatory subject at school, but even I cannot read Russian using Western European codepage :) Please note also that some people may find it culturally offensive, especially in a program for language buffs. If possible, please allow users to pick their language on the first page of the installer.

Is there a zip package I could download instead?

Kind thanks,

General Software Discussion / Re: SyncBackSE vs. SuperFlexible
« on: November 24, 2007, 01:31 PM »
J-Mac, have you looked if there's a command line parameter to start the scheduler that you can use via the startup?

This would be helpful, but it would not mitigate another issue related to the scheduler - that the scheduler must be stopped before you can view/edit backup jobs. It is not only needless manual work to do, but it's awfully easy to close SFFS without remembering to re-enable the scheduler.

I think this is a really big design flaw, and no other sync/backup application I've seen behaves in this way. If SFFS was designed like this on purpose (rather than by taking the easiest way out), it would be interesting to hear the rationale. It's quite puzzling and seems to lead inevitably to the kind of experience Jim has had.

General Software Discussion / Re: SyncBackSE vs. SuperFlexible
« on: November 24, 2007, 12:53 PM »
Thanks for putting up with my whiny little rant, folks!  I know it is probably annoying, but I feel better!

Not annoying. I welcome your rant :) I have often refrained from posting about similar annoyances - some very severe, others less so - and only gave in to the temptation when SFFS disappointed me greatly, earlier in this thread. I don't know what level of criticism mouser wants to see here, and I always feel uneasy about dressing down a piece of software whose author just offered DC a generous discount, posts here and is an awfully cool guy (or gal). But then, a warning to potential users is just as useful as a recommendation.

I tried SFFS twice, because after I uninstalled it the first time I was convinced it would never get such high recommendations here if it were as bad as I thought it was, but there it is.

I wonder if we could have a section specifically for complaining :) Especially in the case of software that is very good overall, but can have one or two bugs or bad design decisions that just make you tear at your hair - as in, Aargh, how can such an excellent application do something so stupid! I've recently had to ditch a number of apps I would have loved to buy and use due to various little annoyances that made those apps unusable.

I submit that an "Annoyances" section might be useful, since it could become a repository of things to watch out for and avoid when you code. I could list a dozen examples right away, but there's that negativity thing, so I'll shut up now :)

Found Deals and Discounts / Re: snagIt 7 free: grab it
« on: November 23, 2007, 02:48 PM »
Thanks, urlwolf! The oldapps URL didn't work for me (it doesn't seem correct), but has the same file:

General Software Discussion / Re: Beginner Autohotkey question(s)
« on: November 22, 2007, 07:03 PM »
hi marek,
this is how i will do, for the 1st q:


you can use SetTimer to monitor if there are any selected text and run a routine from there but normally AHK requires a keyboard or mouse intervention to trigger an action. and also have a look at this script as an example:

Oh, I do want to trigger this manually. I may not have explained it fully. Standard hotstring operation is that you type "btw", and ahk gives you "By the way", as it is monitoring your keypresses. I would like to be able to select the text "btw", press a hotkey, and get "By the way". So the difference is I would not be typing b-t-w myself, since it's already in the document.

Since the operation could go via clipboard (as a last resort, but I could live with that), and I can assign clipboard contents to a variable, the only thing I'm missing is the ability to tell Ahk, in a script, to "expand this variable as if it were a hotstring I've just typed".


General Software Discussion / Beginner Autohotkey question(s)
« on: November 22, 2007, 08:15 AM »
...because where else would I go? :)

1. I am using AHK only for text expansion (hotstrings) right now. Is there a way to add hotstrings to the automatically executed script and have them picked up without manually clicking "Reload" in the tray icon? It would be perfect if AHK were monitoring the script file for changes, I suppose.
[Edit] Never mind, I've found the Edit and Reload commands. Now if only I could tell the Edit command to open the script in TextPad instead of Notepad...

2. Is there a way to trigger a hotstring (or another similar feature) using selected text, rather than typing? E.g. when I encounter a term in a document I am translating, I would like to select the text and have it replaced with a translation, defined in AHK script. (For example, with hotstrings I have to type "Control Panel" to get the translation. I would like to select "Control Panel" instead, press a key and have the translation pasted in.)


Living Room / Re: Domo Arigato, Robot Drobo!
« on: November 21, 2007, 10:26 PM »
While they call it a "robot", Drobo is really just a fancy NAS box.  Four bays, built-in processing & intelligence, an array of connection options.  Yawn.  So what?

Drobo is absolutely gorgeous and well-worth a sigh. For me, sighs is where it ends, since they don't seem to be selling it outside of the US, Canada and UK. Might I consider moving to one of those fine places just for Dear Drobo?

Oh well, for now I've picked this NAS instead, by D-Link:,1697,2091770,00.asp

And I have a story already. The thing was supposed to arrive today. A package arrives, a little big for what amounts to a two-drive enclosure. I pay the delivery gentleman, bid him goodbye, open the package and looksie here, what did the kind gentleman deliver? Seven (7) copies of Windows XP Home, eight (8) AMD Athlon CPUs and ten (10) Data Traveler thumb drives, 1 GB each.

Okay. For a moment I thought this was a Bioshock type situation, where you collect random goodies, like empty syringes and pieces of rubber hose, then invent something nifty out of them? Only those ten thumbdrives were bugging me, because they didn't quite add up to the 1.5 TB of storage I was expecting. Though maybe if I wired those to the cache dies in the Athlons, and did something clever to the XP CDs...

I should have ordered Drobo.

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