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If only one could write a Firefox plugin in Delphi :) What's FARR?

is there a note taking program that uses individual txt files as the individual notes AND has a tree structure type view so you can see all the files/notes. even more than this i'd like the program to be able to show a tree view of txt files that are in different locations on the hard drive - and the ability for it to remember this each time i run it.

If I understand your requirement correctly, KeyNote can do precisely this. The feature is called "virtual nodes". The easiest way to make it work is to drag one or more txt files into the tree panel (not the editor area). KeyNote will prompt you to 'select import method" - choose the last option, "Import as virtual nodes". The term "import" is somewhat of a misnomer here, because the txt files will stay on disk, and KeyNote will read their contents when you open the knt file containing those virtual nodes. You can also turn any normal node into a virtual node (txt or rtf).

If you have already considered and rejected that possibility, never mind :)


Developer's Corner / Re: SQLite Administrator
« on: January 21, 2007, 12:39 PM »
Well, it does say it's beta :) They have a forum for bug reports here:

What planet are they using for the logo graphic? It sure isn't the Earth :)

I've no opinion on GiveawayOfTheDay, but just wanted to say that True Launch Bar is an awesome piece of software. Along with File-Ex, it's become a core part of my system, to the point that a Windows installation feels bare and awkward without it. It's way more convenient than the Start menu, can be used easily via the keyboard, and has never caused me any problems, as some shell enhancements can. Check out the site for the various plugins (free once you have a licensed TLB). It's updated fairly often and can be customized to no end.

I'm only missing one feature, a more capable implementation of "virtual folders". Currently you can create virtual folders which become menus displaying the content of a physical folder, optionally with a filter. An improvement would be to virtualize the concept entirely, so that a virtual folder in TLB could be a collection of links to arbitrary filesystem objects anywhere on the machine. Even then, TLB is really fantastic, especially the keyboard navigation (you can assign hotkeys that open menus), and how it can pop up on moseover (no need to click).

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