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It would help if you could describe what specific features of Direct Access appeal the most to you, and what other alternatives you have tried.

As you say, there are many programs that try to solve the display of a menu of applications, so there are probably some features that you dislike, or you would have picked one of the existing offerings already.
F.e., have you tried LaunchBar Commander, as provided in the Software section of this site?

General Software Discussion / Re: Custom Screenshot/OCR software
« on: June 20, 2020, 08:56 AM »
That kind of software already exists, as is to be expected:

And there is of course Screenshot Captor that allows you to automate the process, but you'll need to add some OCR software (free or paid, it should support command-line conversion, but most do) to your system, and configure it in SC to run after taking a screenshot.

Output format(s) is heavily dependent on what the OCR software supports.

That first regex that I put in works on that phrase just fine.
I fully agree, but as the OP has trouble reading (or understanding?) replies to his questions, I sort of tried to blow him off his socks, as all previous replies probably were too 'easy' :huh:

I didn't include the space in the regex
Well, there has to be some separator between any content and the e-mail address, and that's most likely a space.

OK so what is the regex to capture the piece of text that starts with space and ends with the end of the line and can contain any character?

That would look like this:
What this does is:
.* : Any character
\s+ : white-space, 1 or more consecutive
(  : start group
\S+  : not white-space, 1 or more consecutive
)  : end group
$  : end of line marker

You will have to get the group 1 value for your result, input like this:
a piece of text at the end of the line
will give you the word 'line' as a result

If you are still searching for your original request, I took the first regex from, dropped it in the regex tester, fixed the issues it reported (escape a few slashes because of the PCRE regex engine), and wrapped it with the construction I just showed here, and came up with this:
If you feed that this text:
test for email address with plain text prefix
The only group that's there produces '[email protected]' as a result.

Did I complete your assignment with this? ;)

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