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I also notice that it wants to open best and fastest from the little hidden icon box in the right end of the taskbar.  Pinning it to the taskbar and using that as a way to open it and even using the shortcut on the desktop is way slower for some reason.
Well, not to spoil your discovery, but that is the way it was designed to work. Either by activating a capture mode from the tray icon, or by hitting a configured hotkey and start capturing... :-[

Is ScreenshotCaptor referencing a network or USB attached drive anywhere? As in storing your screenshots? That doesn't help the startup speed, as SC tries to populate/refresh the list of recent images, and that type of drive tends to give slow access when first used since some time has passed.
And adding the screenshot directory to your AV exclusions list can give a speed improvement as well.

Actually, I've had teams, skype, and zoom up at the same time. ...
Yup, here too, (well, not Zoom, but Teams, Skype and Skype for Business). I'm not that busy that I need to be in multiple calls often ;D

how do i open 2 zoom sessions on one pc? (company pc, zoom is permant open)
I don't think you can open more than 1 zoom session at a time..
Agreed, technically (close to) impossible. How would the software multiplex the videostream between 2 (or more) sessions?
And how would the other party/session know you're talking to them, or to the other session?
It's difficult enough to have multiple conversions at the same time with people in the same room, let alone on the other side of a digital connection...

MS Teams lets you switch to another call, but it then puts your first call on hold, just like in a phonecall, and you can resume later, after ending/pausing the second call.

Screenshot Captor / Re: SC - smart screenshot folder
« on: August 01, 2020, 12:38 PM »
monitor OR change a folder, but not both??  Not sure.
When monitoring a folder, it seems to only be able to change the attribute(s) of the files, not of the folder. That is what you would usually want, I guess.
I tried to use the "Open With" action, and set "(if exist "%ParentDir%\*.*" (attrib -h "%ParentDir%") else (attrib +h "%ParentDir%"))" as the Destination Program, but that doesn't seem to work. And also it doesn't trigger if you delete a file from the directory.
Some deeper investigation in the AutoIt source of DropIt could reveal a way to do this (or extend it with a 'run command' action), but that seems a bit much.

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