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Well, the 'closed anything' actually means it could be a commercial app without me having real control over it. I'm still negotiating with the customer, and ownership and rights are some of the subjects.  :-\

btw, does anyone know to change CD-rom letter in windows server 2008 R2 ?
As with Server 2003 or 2008, Disk management should do the trick, but even if it does look quite a bit different, all the features are there.

Hm, I've been looking around for an existing solution to the problem I posed above, but there does not seem to be an application that could solve it for me.
Guess I'll have to write it myself then, but it will be a nice project, and a good reason to finally do a major development project in VS2008/.NET 3.5 or even VS2010/.NET 4.0 8)
If possible, I'll post my progress and solution here, but can't make any promises, as it's most likely going to be closed source and maybe even closed anything.

Thanks for the advices so far, any suggestions are ofcourse welcome :)

Checked out the faq of SVN in the meantime, and it seems they have indeed a good support for diffs of bin files, so storage requirements, unlike CVS, should be rather modest. I'm currently not sure they the customer wants to keep the entire history of changes, but it should appeal to them, imho.
The sharepoint 'thing' is what I would like to avoid; I really, really, really dislike it from the (little) use I had with it.

Guess the SVN, using the SharpSvn .NET library, is a very promising candidate now 8)


Thanks for the responses so far, but I feel I need to clarify a few points.
  • I'm trying to manage Projects. These projects are sets of files, some of these files are databases of a format I don't know (yet) and have no intention of exporting to put in SCM; it's not worth the hassle.
    Also, I don't want to store the content of a SLQ2000 or MySQL database in the SCM, the DB is only used to have a quick and easy manageable list of projects. It takes far less time to produce a list of a DB, than to produce a list of the (hundreds) of projects from a directory on disk.
  • MS Sharepoint, allows a group of users to work on shared projects. That's close to the model I'm looking for, but leaves to much room for error, because of not (easily) getting all files local. And I don't want the user to have to package/expand a project in/from a zipfile by hand, again, too much room for error.
    I'm not sure Sharepoint has facilities for locking a project to a named user, but that is a requirement for this customer, with the same reason, only one person should work on (modify) a project, as the files can not be merged. And then there's the issue of licenses and server resources, this might turn out expensive but I'll investigate that a bit later this week.

I might go for the suggestion by f0dder, a front-end to SVN (or maybe tinjaw's suggestion of Sharepoint), and use the database for storage of the project attributes I need 'quickly' to present to the users. Guess that's the safest solution. Have to find something to keep the storage requirements for the repository as low as possible, because currently only the last 3 versions of a project are kept in storage, packaged in zipfiles, and older revisions are just discarded :-\, it originally was designed around 2000, when storage was much more expensive than today.

More suggestions are welcome, ofcourse :Thmbsup:

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