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The smileys and emojis should all be https.. However the images in people's signatures or links to external websites may be http..
Well, the smileys are https when displayed in a post, but not in the Quick Reply editor. Or the Preview/Full blown message/reply editor. The layout button-icons are https, but not the 'toolbar' of smileys, just above the editor surface.

Some of the smiley buttons of the Quick Reply editor have http url's, while most of the other resources are on https url's. The current browser generations have deemed all http links to be "Not Secure", FWIW.

Hi, Great ...
 How do i add command line etc ? What do i do exactly ? Thanks

Well, according to this guide, it's not possible to start the Photo Viewer directly providing a filename (see step 4 in chapter 2: "Open the Photo Viewer With the Command Prompt"), but if you have configured Windows Photo Viewer as your default program for the image format you have chosen in SC (usually .png), you just enable the checkbox mouser showed above, and add %file% on its own in a blank line of the edit box. Works like a charm here.

Btw, it's not needed to draw attention to a post by writing it all in bold, that's against common internet etiquette, as it sounds like shouting...

And what is stopping you from using Direct Access DOS? It can be found here

You'll need 7-zip to extract the floppy images inside the 7z files. I didn't try to install though, too far past it's sell-by date for me (it was re-packaged in 2010, but the installer files are dated 1993 :o)

It would help if you could describe what specific features of Direct Access appeal the most to you, and what other alternatives you have tried.

As you say, there are many programs that try to solve the display of a menu of applications, so there are probably some features that you dislike, or you would have picked one of the existing offerings already.
F.e., have you tried LaunchBar Commander, as provided in the Software section of this site?

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