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Wouldn't WorkRave fit your requirements? It doesn't have as nice statistics that WorkPace has, but it's free (Open Source, actually), and that can't surely be said of WorkPace :(
I've been using it for about 5 years now, as a restbreak timer, and have been pleased with it from the start. (After using WorkPace for about 1 year, which is also quite Ok, except for the pricetag)

The always on Top requirement can be filled by the display as a Toolbar in the Windows taskbar. (If that's not set to autohide)
It doesn't show the exact counters mentioned, but you can display most of that on demand, from the systemtray menu.

The main purpose of WorkRave is to try to avoid RSI related injuries, and I assume it's what you eventually want this utility for?

The WorkRave website is rather Dutch (sorry) but most should be able to find the Download link...

Developer's Corner / Re: Strange behaviour with Delphi and Vista
« on: March 11, 2007, 09:44 AM »
If running your app from the finish screen of the installer, will run it with the same elevated rights as the installer is running. The InnoSetup advice is not to run your app from there to avoid problems like that. The InnoSetup that should be used to build Vista aware installers is 5.1.9 or higher (currently on 5.1.11). It's been on the InnoSetup KB since october last year... (

(Long-time InnoSetup user  ;) )

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