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As this was requested from a private irc chat I think it's most appropriate to post this in the Coding Snacks section. And because I already finished it, the Finished Programs section seemed best fitting...

Application Name AMDER
Short Description Actor Missing Dialogue Error Report: Register and store missing dialogues to be reported
Supported OSes Windows XP SP3 and later (.NET 4.0 required)
Web Page This DCmembers page
Download Link (Available from the above page)
System Requirements
  • .NET 4.0 runtime
Version History
  • 2012-06-12, v1.3.0.0: Update release, added multi-select for importing .csv files
  • 2012-06-12, v1.2.3.0: Update release, relaxed parsing the pagenumber from .csv files
  • 2012-05-06, v1.2.2.0: Update release, added option for parsing Episode nr and fixed a bug
  • 2012-05-05, v1.2.1.0: Update release, adds installer, makes AMDER single-instance, and fixes an issue
  • 2012-05-04, v1.2.0.0: Update release, details in the release history on the site
  • 2012-04-30, v1.1.0.0: First public release
Author Ath

This application was requested by Saira, on irc, for recording and storing the timecodes and some other parameters per actor, to be filed as an error report to the script supplier for correction.

Record 'Actor Missing Dialogues' and produce an Error Report from them in form of an Excel .xls or .xlsx file.
The list can be pre-filled by importing (File/Open) a .csv file.

Planned Features
- What is requested by a (potential) user...
- Add multi-select for importing .csv files (
- Create an Inno Setup installer (
- Batch processing for .csv files with a similar name (

The Application in action:
Screenshot - 30-04-2012 , 17_46_39.png

The User-settings screen:
Screenshot - 12-06-2012 , 21_27_51.png

Portable edition:
- Download, then unpack the zip-file into it's own directory
- Run the executable directly, or create a shortcut in a convenient place and use that
Installer edition:
- Download the installer, then run it. It'll check if .NET 4.0 is installed, and offer to download and install if it's missing
- Run the application from the optionally created Desktop-shortcut or from the Start menu

Using the Application
- Start a new Error report by either using the 'Add New error' button or using 'File/New'
- Type (or select) an Episode name/number, (the list will be automatically extended with what is typed)
- Type (or select) an Actor name, (the list will be automatically extended with what is typed)
- Select the feature(s) that is/are wrong with the Dialogue (use Up/Down arrow keys to select)

Both editions:
- Optionally remove any files created
- Optionally remove any usersettings file(s): {UserAppData}\AMDER\UserSettings.xml
Portable edition:
- Remove the directory created earlier
Installer edition:
- Run the un-installer from the Windows Configuration screen

Known Issues
- None known
- Fixed a bug that the Episode number wasn't taken from the Episode name (since
- Error message when closing AMDER because the settings directory doesn't exist

Got an e-mail today from O&O Software stating I'd be using an outdated version of their software :tellme: But I'm not using, or have used, any O&O software to date, so I'd better share this discount with friends who might need it ;)

Oh, it seems the prices in Euro's are exactly the same numbers with only the currency sign replaced :mad:

Try this link: https://shop.oo-soft...m/36/purl-diskimage6

Valid until 30-03-2012

 Got an e-mail today from the Chrystal Rich team:

We are happy to announce the new major release of USB Safely Remove 5.0! The new
version includes significantly improved device menu, unicode support, lots of
new options and bug fixes. Read more and download here:

!!! Special offer for owners of free licenses !!!
We are also pleased to offer you 30% off on purchasing an upgradeable license
for USB Safely Remove. Get the deal here:

 Hurry, the offer is time limited!

Sounds interesting :)

Got this e-mail offer today:

There's never been a better time to save on Zentimo or 'USB Safely Remove' if
you still do not own one of them. This Friday, November 25th we are offering
30% off on all our programs. Just follow one of the links below to grab the

  * Get Zentimo with 30% off:
  * Get 'USB Safely Remove' with 30% off:
  * Choose which is right for you:

Kind regards,
  USB Safely Remove & Zentimo development team,

Not as good as previous offers, but for those interested...

NANY 2012 Entry Information

Application NamePaperSourceExplorer
Short DescriptionDisplay information about your printers Paper Trays (the source of the paper...)
Supported OSes Windows XP forward
Setup File DCMembers page
  • 2011-12-07: v1.2.0.0 NANY2012 Release version!
    Several extra information options, display printer Location,
    Stores options and main form position/size between sessions
    Improved the print information option (Ctrl-P) to include all selected information
    Has the application icon on the main form too
    Displays main form and then loads data
  • 2011-12-03: v1.1.3.0-beta Added bin-name match for if it's tagged in the printer name (Win Server 2008R2 on VMWare)
  • 2011-12-03: v1.1.2.0-beta Improved bin-name match algorithm
  • 2011-12-03: v1.1.1.0-beta Remove whitespace in bin-name match algorithm
  • 2011-12-02: v1.1.0.0-beta Separating Active and Hidden/Disabled trays
  • 2011-11-30: v1.0.0.0-beta Pre-release for NANY2012
System Requirements.NET 4.0
Author InfoAth
DescriptionEver needed to setup Tray numbers in an application for a complicated, multi tray, office printer? Then here's the way to find out the correct tray/bin numbers.
  • Displays the printers trays by number and the name the Windows driver assigned to it
  • Print information about the trays on paper
To do
  • Print a page from each available paper tray
  • Design/find a spiffy application-icon(done)
  • Add the spiffy icon to the main form without adding it twice in the exe(done)
ScreenshotsOn Windows 7:
Screenshot - 02-12-2011 , 23_30_48.png

On Windows Server 2008R2 (VMWare):
Screenshot - 12_3_2011 , 5_59_29 PM.png
InstallationRun the installer, that'll create the shortcut(s) for you and take care of installing .NET if it's not yet installed.
Using the applicationView the information on the investigated printer by expanding or collapsing the tree (Default printer pre-selected and expanded)
Print the info on a page if required (File/Print or Ctrl-P)
Display Hidden/Disabled printer bins by expanding the corresponding tree-node
UninstallingRun the un-installer from the Software/Programs and Features Control panel option
Known IssuesLocalized printer driver papersource names don't match with English tray-names from the Windows PrintServer :-\
DisclaimerAny discrepancies caused by drivers are the manufacturers' responsibility :P
HistoryThis is one of the first .NET applications I made, back in 2007/2008, using WinForms but never actually released to anybody but myself :-[

Crystal Rich sent me this offer today:

Dear USB Safely Remove user,

Only until May 29th we are offering you a unique opportunity to purchase Zentimo
for as little as $9 USD (list price is $29.90 USD)!

Haven't heard of Zentimo, yet? Zentimo is an advanced external drive manager
also developed by our company. Comparing to "USB Safely Remove" it offers more
benefits for active USB and SATA devices users: more informative device menu,
portable device settings, portable apps launcher, TrueCrypt integration and many
other features.

More information about Zentimo & this offer is here:

Kind regards,
  USB Safely Remove & Zentimo development team,

Looks nice IMHO, and might be of interest to others as well.

WinSendKeys Latest Version thread

Application Name WinSendKeys
Short Description Send keystrokes and/or mousestrokes to other applications
Supported OSes Windows
Web Page WinSendKeys page
Download Link From the WinSendKeys page
System Requirements
  • An application that needs to be controlled from the 'outside'
  • Some perseverance to get it just right
Version History
  • November 4th, 2018: Added options -i, -s and -sd for setting some delays, see docs for details, fixed exe-version and icon
  • November 3rd, 2018: Now sets errorlevel if Window/-w argument not found (user request), recompiled with latest AutoIt3
  • October 1st, 2011: Added -v related setting to ini and updated the readme with some missing info
  • September 30th, 2011: Added 9 extra commands to multi-window mode when using -f strokesfile
  • June 21st, 2011: Added -v parameter and multi-window mode when using -f strokesfile
  • June 21st, 2011: Disabled left-over debug-messagebox :-[
  • April 22nd, 2011: Minor fixes
  • March 13th, 2011: Support for HWND window handles
  • 3.0.x.0 February 9th, 2011: Start an executable, with optional delay, and feed it the keystrokes
  • February 7th, 2011: Pass keystrokes from the clipboard
  • January 30th, 2011: Read settings from an ini file, read keystrokes from a file
  • January 28th, 2011: MouseClick support, no longer case-sensitive window names required
  • January 24th, 2011: Initial release, send keystrokes to a window
Author Ath

Requested as a codingsnack, on this thread, where mouser eventually suggested a central download to avoid people getting an older version by accident.

Send KeyStrokes and MouseStrokes to another application, starting that application if needed.
Since 3.2.0, the -f strokesfile mode has some minor scripting features to:
- wait for a window to open or close, with timeout
- display a message
- goto a specific labeled scriptline
- gosub a subroutine and return from there

Planned Features
Based on (applicable) user requests.

Unzip all files to a subdirectory of your liking. Check out the readme to get acquainted with the command syntax.

Using the Application
Determine what keystrokes and/or mousestrokes to send to an application, and configure that either in a batchfile, 'run-link' or 'external command' from another software tool that supports running a command-line tool. Hint: one of my other tools: WinButtons, has support for sending keystrokes using -send command :)
Use as applicable... ;)

Remove all files from your computer. Nothing is written to the registry.

Known Issues
Any bugs to report?

Got this e-mail this morning:

Spring is here in the northern hemisphere! It's time of flowers, streams and
changes. We are happy to celebrate this beautiful season offering discounts
for our products. Until the March 31st you can purchase 'USB Safely Remove'
or Zentimo with 30% off. It's only 7 days left, hurry up!

 * Get USB Safely Remove with 30% off:
 * Get Zentimo with 30% off:

Zentimo is our enhanced USB & SATA drive manager, read more about it here:

Not as big a bargain as some previous deals, but still a nice cutback.


I have a mostly typical if somewhat slightly dorky desk. It has a phone, a computer, a pencil holder, a slightly suspicious-looking robot, Cthulhu, and a keyboard.

OK, maybe your desk doesn’t have paranoid robots or cuddly gods of the netherworld, but I bet yours has other things. And I bet yours is missing something just like mine... something to rest those weary wrists on! And maybe something to up the geekiness level of your desk to new heights. Trust me, with this project, your desk will be the lord of geek. In a good way, of course. We at Urban Threads only take a positive view on geeks.


Today worstje came with the great idea of adding a custom Donation Coder page to the JottiQ (Inno Setup) installer (I helped him finish that by adding the .NET/VC++ runtime dependency stuff), to be featured in the next release of JottiQ.
This page should show a text with/including 1 or 2 links that would promote this wonderful site, and convince anyone even slightly interested into making at least a visit to the site, and ofcourse consider to donate while visiting.

The custom page I'll quite easily mock up (this weekend I'll have time for that, it'll be a free 'plug-in' for all dc members using Inno Setup),
it's the text that should go in there that's bugging me a little.

I could copy/paste the text from the left column of the Donation page, but that's quite long to show while pressing next, next, finish during the installation process. I firmly oppose to adding a time-delay to that page (though not impossible; it could even be a delay for the 1st pass only, even when passing multiple times), but all the other apps/installers adding delays or other tricks (scrolling down the entire Windows NT 4 EULA during install to be able to press F8 to continue, comes to mind >:(, and the silly WinZip shareware page where you press 1 of 3 buttons to continue, I often find on co-worker PC's), still these EULA/Shareware pages are not read in the way the supplier had in mind.

If there is an official "short version" of the Donation page text available, I'll be happy to use that, if not: any advise is more than welcome.

For those that haven't noticed, English is not my native language, so any spelling or grammar bloopers would have to be fixed as well :-[

It's a bit of a pity that nobody, including myself, came with this idea earlier, so it could have been used for all apps released during the fundraiser (that need an installer), but when done right (and I intend to do that...) it's usable for more than this fundraiser alone.

Hi all,

I'm looking for a type of Version Control software, in the area of CVS, SVN, etc., for versioned centralized storage of Projects.

These projects are technical drawings of electrical installations, and are stored not as plain ascii-like files, but rather a set of database tables and extra configuration files, holding an entire project stored in it's own subdirectory.

The users are technical drawing engineers, that don't have too many computer experience, other than typing a letter or some documentation, but are mostly working with this technical drawing software.
This software doesn't have any project management functions available.

There is currently a project management tool, designed and programmed in-house in Delphi 5, but the programmer is no longer available (left the company), so maintenance is 'difficult'.
And now there's a new version of the Drawing software. That changed the structure of the project-files, added subdirectories to the project directory, and stored the project info in an xml-file instead of a plain ascii file, and then some.
So now I've been asked to 'have a look at it', for being busy with D5 for years, and I'm already nearly finished on the minimal updates to make it compatible with this new version of the drawing software (it's is going to be used ASAP, after updating this project management tool), and fixing some other odds and ends.

It's not this task I'm asking your help with, but rather on the added task of a full rewrite of this project management tool, in a more easily maintainable environment. It's not that Delphi is not good enough, it's more the fact that they don't have anyone available any longer, that can maintain the darn thing. And they do not seem to want to employ anyone who can. This would ofcourse be a new problem when, after a rewrite, the programmer (probably me) leaves the company (or didn't work there in the first place), or doesn't want to work on it, or whatever reason... so this is why I'm asking this here: to investigate if something similar is already available.

I'll write up a few requirements, based on current functionality:
  • Simple user interface
      There currently are 2 lists of projects, the left side showing all local projects (1 directory with a number of subdirectories) and right side all stored projects (in a central database). There are buttons to lock and unlock projects (another requirement) and, with enough privileges, remove projects from the server or the local directory, and filter the displayed projects using some criteria.
  • User management
      Users are to be classified in types, like Administrator, Engineer (working with all kind of projects), Viewer (just get and view, not lock or edit) and some inbetween types, like Engineer/Admin that can also unlock other users projects, or manage user accounts.
    Single Sign-on is an optional request, and could be based on LDAP or Active directory, and further integration would be nice, as network access is controlled using an AD.
  • Project handling
      Projects are to be handled on a file-set base, all files in the project need to be sent/gotten to/from the server, not just individual files.
  • Project locks
      Projects have to be locked, so the engineer working on it, is the only one allowed to put back his updates, and unlocked, and this usually is performed when 'getting' a project, but could be a separate step
  • Scheduled tasks
      Some scheduled tasks needs to take place (on the server-side); weekly checking for projects that are locked for long a time (30 days, 10 days) and sending the locking users an e-mail that they still have these project(s) locked, or if they haven't logged into the management tool for more than 90 days, daily all projects stored on the server are compared to the list of projects in the database, and updated (I don't know why that could be needed, but it's there now).
  • Database
      The current list of projects, stored in MySQL (3.x), needs to be transfered to MS-SQL2000 (not a typo  :-[), as that's what's also used for other applications, and this project management data wouldn't put that much extra burden on the server. I expect that the actual database would eventually migrate to MS-SQL2008, but there is other tailored software that uses the SQL2000 database, and that is not expected to be upgraded or replaced any time soon.
  • Development environment
      I've planned to re-develop all this in .NET 3.5 using WPF and WCF, and program it in C#. This leaves enough space for their own additional development in VB.NET or any other .NET supported language, might that be needed. Using a browser based UI should be possible, but is not a requirement, nor desired.

The simple UI requirement kicks out direct usage of CVS or SVN, as those UI's are way too complex and error-prone for the target audience, but there may be other SCM's (Source Code Management tools) that might fill this in; I don't have any experience with other SCM's beside CVS, SVN and PVCS Version Manager. I'd like to store the projects on the server-side in a real SCM, because of maturity and reliability, but would need a deeper insight on the API's to get that implemented. At least it seems do-able :).

Anyone having advice or questions is invited to respond, including flames on the chosen development environment (I'm not going to do it in C or C++, that's for sure) or database (it's a customer requirement).

It is eventually a (spare-time) job I'm charging money for, so if you feel this as an unfair request, please tell me, and I'll remove the entire thread, but the moral is that I'd rather not write anything that has been invented elsewhere already.

Thanks for any responses.

Ps: This is my first large post, so if I need to restructure, please point me in that direction.

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