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G'day mouser

One screenshot attached as per your request (Can I take a screenshot, he asked naively... ) with pleasure.

Quick Actions.png

Ok, this is from v2.45.2 as I haven't migrated all my data to the newest version yet. I have more that I would use via this interface but as I max out at 21, I went formatting over number of entries and use the others via manual means.



G'day wraith808,

I'm not exactly sure about the version of Edge I'm using except the it is labelled/branded:

Microsoft Edge 41.16299.1004.0
MicrosoftHTML 16.16299
© Microsoft 2017

I came straight to Windows 10 from Windows XP, so I think I'm using a Chromium based Edge as the old version one was released for one of Microsoft's operating systems that was issued between XP and 10 but was already replaced when I first updated, if I am not mistaken.

Thanks for looking into this. It is not a big deal (Yes it is but I shouldn't grumble, I've been lucky anyway as my system hasn't had anything but Windows Defender updates but no upgrades for over a year.), I'll just live with it till I can get a new 64bit computer, hopefully later this year.



G'day mouser

I am talking about the actions that you see in the dropdown menu with the DonationCoder (fav)icon next to it labelled 'Actions' on the toolbar part of the 'Memo' panel. On my install, if you hover over it the tooltip it displays is "Choose a quick action to perform on clip", and is configured via an page in the configuration dialogue accessed under the name 'Quick Actions'.

The only other configurable menu that I know of in Clipboard Help+Spell that could be clouding the issue is on the same toolbar but is labelled 'Modify Format/Case' which is unlimited in size (I presume) since it's size and contents is governed by small external files stored in the 'PresetFormats' folder. Just while where are talking about this other menu though, it also could use dividers and submenus as I could and already have seriously enlarged this one from the 6 items that come pre-installed within it.

The actions come with just 2 pre-installed items, 'define term' and 'google'. It maxes out at 21 items and will not accept more and only has 15 accelerator keys (1-9 and A-P). I hope this clears up what I was on about in the last post.

Thank you for you attention,


DC Website Help and Extras / Mini input boxes for forum posting
« on: March 30, 2020, 12:26 PM »

 I'm a little hesitant to pass this problem straight to mouser, I've put a couple of things on his plate lately :-[ , so maybe a moderator or someone fairly familiar with the forum software might possibly look into this problem if it comes to their attention.

 One of my pet peeves is mini-sized input boxes that have you scrolling all over the place to proofread and modify messages or forum posts. I know that there is a little handle below  the DonationCoder input area like the one I am currently using, and it used to allow me to lengthen this input area to my liking (Almost full screen height is my preferred operational configuration.), and since I haven't posted for quite a while I don't know when this stopped working on my end, but currently it is stuck on the smallest setting and does not allow any increase in size. This is both for the Quick Reply and the Normal Posting edit boxes.

 I used to browse using Firefox when I last posted many moons ago and all was well then but just lately I've been using Edge and the problem has struck.

 My Operating System is Windows 10 Pro, 32bit, though it is a version that is stuck at the 1709 release, so that is likely the culprit. Sadly, it will not update and I should do a reinstall but I just dont' have the time at the moment to do so. Actaully I really need a new computer but finances do not permit (A 9 year old machine.).

 If it is version related, then this is the first item, apart from actually not updateing that has gone wrong since that verson was superseeded 14 months or so ago. It says good things indeed about the stability of Windows 10.

 Any input on this matter would be appreciated.

Thanks all, MikleB

Screenshot Captor / Re: Delete white space
« on: March 30, 2020, 11:28 AM »
G'day mouser,

Ok, now I know. I must have missed it when I looked. It was 'late' last night when I went searching.

 I don't really use Screenshot Captor to remove backgrounds that often, just ocasionally with the magic wand as this makes it easy to lift out irregular shaped items from a capture. I usually then further process it in a graphics package to get even closr into the subject. I was mainly interested from a new function/methodoly point of view more than anything else and I was wondering where in the menu I might find the new procedure.

I do use the splice feature extensively though. Still learning my way around Screenshot Captor, and have never used it to 'Photoshop' a capture. Never did I imagine that this could be possible so simply, as that menu item is one I haven't used yet.

Thanks for the heads up.

Cheers again, MikleB

G'Day Mr mouser,

 Now that Clipboard Help+Spell has the capability to save multiple formats of clips, I wish to make a request for a little update to the main window that would, I feel, be very handy as this new feature evolves.

 I wish that there be a greater number of actions that can be written, stored and accessed via the action button than is now possible.

 I have been contemplating this for a while and I feel compelled to ask for this now, especially as with all the new formats of clips that will now be stored, there will be a need to access  a much greater variety of different actions for the different formats. I initially wanted just a possibility to store more actions in the available 'action' button, but on contemplating the nature of Clipboard Help+Spell more fully I realised the value of maybe a slightly bigger change.

 I would now like to have three more action 'type buttons' (Four in all.), all with a larger storage capacity than the current configuration allows, which is only 21 items in my old version, this being way too limited in scope.

So... One new button for graphics clips (My 1st idea that got me started thinking along this path.). One second new button for sending clips specifically to installed programs (My 2nd idea.). And now a third new button for investigating the new formats of clips that become available within the latest Clipboard Help+Spell.

 I'll explain a little further. I currently have all 21 slots defined to access information on the web. Sites that deal with text only like spell checkers, synonyms, dictionaries, zip code searches, translators, search engines and that sort of thing. I wish to expand this with more search engines specifically and I'm sure some other items that as I expand the list will return to my memory (I said I have been thinking along these lines for a while now.) and that generally fit into the usage pattern that I wish to confine to the first button. Text stuff.

 The second button could be dedicated to graphics websites, like format converters for svg, webp, heic and the slightly more esoteric formats that one comes across, also sites for online storage and sharing such as Flickr,  iStock or Pinterest or even easy forum posting and via a properly configured script, avatar submission for the said forums. You get the picture, I'm sure.

 Button number three for the new formats of clips. Mainly online again for Html checkers, code verification, etc... whatever come to mind down the track for these new formats.

 Lastly the button for installed programs. I initially wanted this to start programs where I actually would use the clips I now have. I use quite a few different text editors for different types of documents and written editing. If they are not running when I grab a clip, I would like to have them configured in a readily accessible menu that groups these editors all in one location. Into this menu I would also place all my major graphics manipulation programs for convenience. Basically a Tools Menu like we find in Screenshot Captor.

 I have a thought or two on the menu structure of all four buttons. These menus should provide for sub-menus for grouping sites or programs that can take more than one form of clip as input. There should be separator and title lines that are non-clickable for neatness and easy labelling and management of their entries. This is fairly essential, I feel, as I would like the option to place many items into each of these menus, way more that the current 21, perhaps even in the hundreds (Some sites or programs could easily take 5 or more different input stream types. That was initially how I maxed out the single supplied quick action button and had to think long and hard about what I would leave therein.). So I would suggest a limit of 2048 entries per menu, or more. Large I know, but say 10 years down the track who knows what we'll be doing with clips, so plan big; It's just a limit that really doesn't need to be set low!

 Some more on the appearance. Specific program and site icons, (It's easy to grab a favicon or two via an online visit to sites, and a storage location for them of course would be needed to be provided within Clipboard Help+Spell's folder structure.), should be visible in these menus since we ARE using a Graphical User Interface (Windows -  ;) .), to make things easier to locate. And lastly accelerator keys that do not peak at 15  :o :'( . I have well over that number of keys on my keyboard... Why such an arbitrarily low limit?

 Since these new buttons are all quick action buttons, let's reserve this name for the options panel's configuration page and it's four submenus, those being, I humbly suggest, and in this order please, Textual (For the upgrade current button.), Graphical (Obviously for clipped graphics.), Miscellany (For the extended formats.) and Programmatic (For installed programs), though of course this would totally be up to your good self Mr mouser. It would also be the order that I think is the most logical for inclusion on the main window's divider bar, left to right, as the most copied clips are text, followed by graphics, now following is the new extended formats and lastly and slightly left of center is the programs menu (I mean not really as alike as the first three buttons which would be mainly online based while this last has a more local flavour. I don't mean bar location/position.).

 The name of this program IS 'Clipboard Help+Spell', so lets make it a tool that's going a little bit more towards a real clipboard helper. Especially as it is getting a major upgrade in the clipboard department. it deserves a likewise level of upgrade in the helper department.

 There, I rest my case, M'lud. Thank you linesmen, thank you ball boys.

 Thanks, in anticipation, as I'm sure you will give this some serious thought.

Cheers, MikleB

Screenshot Captor / Re: Delete white space
« on: March 30, 2020, 05:16 AM »
G'Day mouser,

Youv'e piqued my interest in this function of making the selected region transparent, as this is something I tend to try and do to backgrounds on a frequent basis.

The big quest is how? Is it easier than deleting an area selected with the magic wand? Does it provide better results? I do have the latest beta installed but I can't find it as either a setting or a menu items.  :(

So please, I'm all ears and eager to be enlightened by any information on this topic.

Thanks in advance, MikleB

Screenshot Captor / Re: Screenshot Captor grabbing focus.
« on: March 29, 2020, 04:20 AM »
G'Day mouser,

It definitely grabs focus at my end.

I am saving into a sub-directory of the Screenshots directory. Maybe Screenshot Captor is sensing that something is going on deeper inside the folder structure and wants some clarification on what is happening there. Just a thought.

I initiated this editing in Irfanview not from Screenshot Captor itself but from my file manager. I just happened to leave Screenshot Captor running in the background. I had just downloaded the latest version and had decided to clear out some of the files that I had stored in a sub-directory of Screenshot Captor's Screenshots directory. I doubt that this has any real bearing on the scenario, but then again better information may yeild some clues as to what is going on.

Puzzling indeed.


After I wrote the above lines I thought I should see if this behaviour persisted till today and in a different sub-directory (I have a few configured.) but the prolem was not reproducable, even in the original folder. I do see Screenshot Captor trying to update it's thumbnails even though the files I am saving are not in it's thumbnail list but the sub-directories that contain them are in that list, however it does stay nicely in the background.

Damn gremlins.

The problem appears to have been a temporary one, though it did happen 30 or so times yesterday, seems the shut down overnight may have fixed it but I will monitor things to see if the problem reappears.

Thanks for your attention mouser.

Cheers, MikleB

Living Room / Re: Gadget WEEKENDS
« on: March 29, 2020, 02:40 AM »
Posted by: mouser

What are you talking about?

Zounds... There it is... Complete 'forum time' with the relevant day :Thmbsup: included, must be something to do wih those magic fingers you possess mouser. How do you does it? The mind fairly boggles. :-*

It just makes post midnight forum browsing after a frothy one, or two, much simpler.

Cheers, MikleB

Living Room / Re: Gadget WEEKENDS
« on: March 28, 2020, 01:07 PM »
G'Day mouser,

Somewhere, way back when the new DonationCoder forum software first when live, you mentioned that you would appreciate feedback on errors. Well unfortunately I just found one for you to investigate. It is not a biggie but more a convenience thing.

In the first post in this thread you state, on the last line of that post:-

Posted by: mouser

(remember, you can't post on any other day except when forum time, in upper-right corner of page, says it's a Friday).

Well, the software for the forum no longer displays the weekday in the upper-right corner of any page.

Just thought you might like to cover all bases, so to speak. It can be a bit mystifying as to what day it actually is in you locale, Re: The Central Time Zone requirement to actually be the day in effect, so showing that information would be a boon if possible (I bet it used to be there!).

NOTE: I currently don't have any gadgets to enthuse over, but some day... you never know.

Cheers, MikleB

Screenshot Captor / Screenshot Captor grabbing focus.
« on: March 28, 2020, 12:17 PM »
G'day mouser

I have encountered a small problem, more of a quirk actually, in Screenshot Captor.

I have just installed the latest portable version and while I had it open, I was doing some work within Irfanview on some files within a sub-directory of Screenshot Captor's default save directory and every time that I saved a file into this sub-directory, Screenshot Captor grabbed focus away from Irfanview.

It only happens, as best I can judge, after the save is completed, as I notice my hard drive stops spinning and then Screenshot Captor grabs focus (Updating it's database I suspect, for some reason, even though the file is being saved back into it's original location, that is a sub-directory of the one that is being viewed by Screenshot Captor.).

This didn't occur when Screenshot Captor was minimized to the tray, only when it was behind Irfanview.

A tad annoying and, I'm sure it is aberrant behaviour that you have not programmed into Screenshot Captor, so I thought I should give you a heads up just so it is nipped in the bud before it propogates into future updates.

A quick question re: Screenshot Captor. Should it ever intentionally react when it is in the background? If for some reason you feel this is a benefit to some internal process, might I be enlightened as to what that may be and if that IS the case, would it be possible to optionally delay that procedure, even at the cost of a lengthier re-initialisation of Screenshot Captor when I return focus to it.

I'd prefer a slow restart to it grabbing focus.

Thanks MikleB

Living Room / Re: I'm getting married, wish me luck!
« on: October 06, 2018, 06:50 PM »
G'day young Mouser lad,

WOW... Turn my back for a few minutes and you do this! We need names here for who is responsible.
Mr & Mrs Mouser... Yeah, it has a certain ring to it.

But seriously, what terrific news... congratulations and best wishes to you both. May the journey you have together be filled with beautiful surprises in every step, may your futures be carefree and full of love and happiness and may you both have mountains of fun along the way!

... (I'm on the left!):
Bonus points: Can anyone identify where the photo was taken?

PS. I wouldn't have the faintest idea where the photo was taken, but it is great to have a a face to put to 'mouser' after all the years (I was a regular lurking reader for many, many years before my first post.).
As I am a keen photographer, I wonder if it was taken with an old school selfie stick (Tripod and time release.) or via a passing fellow hiker or a companion. Nice composition though whichever.

Once more, all the best wishes for you both.

Oh yes, I'm sure you don't really need it, but anyway... Lots Of Luck!


N.A.N.Y. 2016 / Re: NANY 2016 Pledge/Alpha: Mouser's Media Browser
« on: April 22, 2016, 01:35 PM »
I'm sorry I haven't replied to this excellent post yet -- I promise I will in the next few days -- I've been away from home for last week or so.

 That is quite understandable, as along with everything else you have a quarter of a million registered users vying for your time and attention!¿ "Me thinks it 'mazing"... you bother to reply to any negative posts, and you get too many of those, and after 10 years of putting up with the amount of, let's say 'Trolls' that pass through here, and their uncalled for criticisms, yet you cordially reply to them... You stated once that I had patience, that is surely the pot calling the kettle black.  ;D .

 I had noticed the lack of mouser input these past two weeks or so.

 I hope your absence was for a happy reason.

 And thanks for the qualification you conferred on my post. It's just I love English, it has such capabilities to be very precise in it's conveyed meanings, and though it may take more than a word or two to say somethings, I do believe that it best to try to be clear at the risk of being lengthy, rather than be possibly perceived as blase and have my meanings inaccurately interpreted as negative, just for the sake of brevity on my part. Especially regarding another person's toils. I can picture you toiling over red hot code, and though I encountered a problem, I admire what you are producing and in no way wish my posts to be less than helpful in what you are doing on line. Plus, it avoids the process of you having to ask for clarification as to what is my meaning regarding my experience, I have seen you have to do that too often.

 Things that you need to know exactly to be able to fix the issues, do, I understand, need to spelt out on probably all occasions, especially where you have not experienced the problem yourself. Hopefully I have provided useful input into the workings of your software at my end. I greatly suspect that to have all the information in one or two posts is way better than having to search through, or refer to many different post and allows both a more succinct understanding of the issues and may provide a better framework as to how to proceed to fix the actual issue, than when it is spread all over the place.

 I know it is early days yet for "Mouser's Media Browser".



N.A.N.Y. 2016 / Re: NANY 2016 Pledge/Alpha: Mouser's Media Browser
« on: April 22, 2016, 12:25 PM »
G'day again mouser,

 I'm still looking for that dedicated area for "Mouser's Media Browser" threads.

 Bug reports and suggestions are two separate topics and I have things that I wish to say in both areas and would really like to keep them separate (As a person who likes to browse this forum for good reads {I've found many.}, it's nice to be able to read in the area that interests one when I find myself here... I like to sometimes only look at suggestions for features, and some times I wonder what has gone wrong with a piece of software {Often just user inexperience, or trying to get the software to do something beyond it's design, but both are informative if nothing else.}, and personally I do appreciate that software, especially untested by users will contain bugs/anomalies that just weren't expected by the developer.). I'm sure other readers of this forum appreciate these distinctions in thread contents when they are having a browse here.).

 I came here today and reread my previous post on "Mouser's Media Browser" and have more results from testing a little further into it's behavior regarding how it hides everything (Not exactly true, but what I posted before is precisely what happened on that occasion.)

 I was going to offer a feature suggestion (My primary reason for coming to this thread in the first place.), but on that reread I decided to see if I was mistaken in some manner about the behavior that I previously posted about, and on further testing, I must say that there are some peculiarities as to how this program operates in the stay on top mode.

 I have it running as I type this, in 'On Top' mode (Not full screen, though!   ;)  ) and I do have the 'Options Dialog' open and neither the main window nor the options dialog are in sight at all... ¿ (Using Firefox v45.0.). It WAS on top, and when I clicked on a visible portion of Firefox, it moved behind Firefox... And does so with other programs as well, so it seems... As long as the options dialog is open. If however the 'About Dialog' is open, it does stay on top and definitely on top of the 'About Dialog' as well and in that situation there is no way to dismiss the dialog if it is totally obscured by the main window as all the buttons, menus and resizing options (Via grabbing the edges.) on the main window do not work and NO functionality is available to the main window. The 'On Top' functionality seems to have been totally passed to the 'About Dialog', although it remains hidden by the main window.

 I am not a programmer but from my understanding of calls to windows functions, this is not how they are to operate, if that is what you are using to generate the on top behavior and not your own code, in either case though, I suspect that you have omitted some error trapping code that should be placing the 'About Dialog' on top of the main window, so that it's various dismissal buttons are accessible and it can exit cleanly and return function to the main window. Ditto with the 'Options Dialog' as I only was able to exit out of that dialog because I could see part of it, click it and have it come to the front (The main window did still retain it's functionality in this circumstance though.).

 On this occasion, though I am happy to say that the pop up menus of other programs that I have running and visible in my taskbar are not obscured as they were on that previous occasion. It must have been a one off conflict of some sort. The same thing with "Mousers Media Browser's" own pop up menus from both the taskbar and the notification tray; These are all visible and fully functional. (NOTE: I had overlooked stating, in my previous post, that I did try to exit via the last menu item from the pop up menu, accessible via the notification tray's icon for "Mouser's Media Browser". I have added a rider to that effect in my previous post at the bottom of it.)

 The inconsistency of this particular behavior is the sort of thing that is most annoying to anyone trying out a new, to them, piece of software as it is hard to fathom what should and what should not be occurring and what can be done if, as that which occurred in my previous case, occurs to them and there seems to be no remedy other than a reboot. Was it a real flaw in the new program they are trialing or some conflict with other running software. Hidden windows, when they effect functionality are a _huge_ PITP [Pain-In-The-Posterior]!

 I only go on about this at length because I feel that there is something amiss here and I would really like "Mouser's Media Browser" to become a slightly more functional program (With great regard to what it is attempting to be... No need to reinvent the wheel, so to speak.), without any flaws and thus be taken up by many visitors to DonationCoder as a very useful tool and thus one that it would be a pleasure for you to provide increased functionality for, as it has a strong user base of happy individuals. To this regard, I suspect that any occurrences like I previously have talked about, needs rectification at the outset so that the code that you build upon is robust and bullet proofed to the maximum. I certainly appreciate programs that display these traits (Consistency and robustness.), way more than programs that have a myriad of features.

 I have a few suggestions like I stated earlier as to extra features and I especially anticipate the inclusion of the, as your own listed:- 'Detail's-view Mode' feature; But as an optional extra panel rather than a replacement of either the filmstrip or grid view. I already have it installed as a tool in "Screeenshot Captor", a program that I use a lot and really appreciate for it's feature list (Though I have suggestions in that area also.), and a details view is something I would also very much like to see there as well, but if it only were ever to be available via "Mouser's Media Browser" then that would perhaps suffice. I don't know how reusable code is from one program to the next but if you build it and bullet proof it here first then maybe (Hopefully.), it may see the light of day in "Screeenshot Captor" also at some point. I do also have it installed elsewhere as a secondary, ancillary browseable menu within other graphics programs and generally in other tools, also for the same provided function. I prefer to only have single instances of any program running at a time as to avoid confusion between what I may be doing in one instance as opposed to another and I frequently find that a second means of navigating my directories and files is something that I appreciate, especially if it is a lean, dedicated to one job type of affair that I may employ at those time.

 Once more a lengthy post, but hopefully one that will spur you on to great things with this particular program. It is a type of tool that I always look out for in my trawling's of the web, and more specifically, it has the rudiments of a program that I have been looking for for a very long time, (Actually it is the _exact_ program that I have been hunting for, and now that I have it, I have become aware of how much more it could be considering it's own potential capabilities to carry other programs/tools along for the ride as you already provide in many of your other programs and you have made one allowance for already within it. - More needed at this end.), so I hope you will understand my lengthy posting.

All the best and hopefully there will soon be a dedicated "Mouser's Media Browser" section within the DonationCoder forums. At that point my two posts here could be made a separate thread allowing this to be the main link and announcements page, consistant with the remainder of the site.

And actually, I haven't mentioned any of the features that I initially intended too. Next time. {I'll make a list... so I don't forget.}



N.A.N.Y. 2016 / Re: NANY 2016 Pledge/Alpha: Mouser's Media Browser
« on: April 04, 2016, 02:27 PM »
G'Day mouser,

 Unfortunately this is not a happy posting... Where is "Mouser's Media Browser's" own discussion thread? Slap wrist! And after you've spent that time updating the forum's format to boot, which is a very nice improvement I must add. I like!

 Now the really bad part.

 For  about 7 months out of the last 8 I have been without a computer, and since I have had one back again, I have been catching up with some spring (Well, summer...) cleaning and haven't had much time to investigate this program until a few minutes ago. Too busy reading a few threads... NANY releases, updated software, etc.

 Then I thought that - This might come in handy as a dedicated image browser, and although it has been installed for about a month I hadn't spent any time checking it out. Now's a good a time as any so I fired her up.

 Way to really 'Keep on top of other windows.' Absolutely nothing will come into the foreground... I had this maximized full screen and thought that I would like to see the 'About' screen and see if it had a place to enter a registration key  ;) .

 The result was - 'Hidden'. OK, try Restoring... No go. Minimizing... Also nothing. Try from the taskbar. Still nothing. In fact the pop up menus (Also those of other programs.) were all obscured!

 Try accessing the settings and turning of the 'On Top' option. Still no luck. I thought that maybe it's not liking some other programs I have running alongside it. Being maximized, it would not drag out of the way so that I could close those other programs. Their pop up menus were also obscured. Alright I'll try Process Explorer (My Task Manager replacement - By SysInternals.) and try killing the process. That would also not come to the front, nor would it's menus. In fact, none of the eight or nine instances that I ended up evoking of it would come to the front.

 Reboot! Didn't want too but there was no other way.

 Turn "Mouser's Media Browser's" on again and have a look at that dialog box. Scale it down though... Just in case... Silly me, I left it in the middle of the screen didn't I  :-[ .  I'll know better next time. It still wouldn't drag out of the way to be able to see or close the dialog box. I left it a bit too large on the screen and could not even see any part of the dialog. Process Explorer will nail it this time. One instance let me scroll to the entry for "Mouser's Media Browser's" and 'Kill Process' but of course the confirmation box was also in the middle of the screen... so it would not be killed.

 Reboot AGAIN. Lesson learned... use only small windows when trying out any new software's options and turn off the 'On Top' option ... especially when opening dialogs that might become obscured and freeze the program.

 Other than that, with a few tweaks here and there this will be another fine DonationCoder program that I would find very useful. I have seen enough to know that it has serious potential for a dedicated image browser but I do have a  suggestion of two. Those, I will get into a bit at some point when there is a section dedicated to -=  "Mouser's Media Browser's"  =-  Yay!

 I wish I could have posted this in it's own forum area as this thread seems to be an introductory area like all your programs have, but seeing that there was no reserved area and these points needed to be made (I have presented all the pertinent details regarding my experience, that cover all the areas of the program's behavior that need looking into, such as every option that could have been used to fix it's behavior that failed and things that should not have occurred {Popups hidden and thus, nonfunctional. I suspect that the multi-evocations of Process Explorer was just me getting a little edgy as I truly didn't want to reboot but it WAS starting to look like I would have to.} Oh, I wasn't running anything esoteric. The first time: Internet Explorer 8 (2 DonationCoder Tabs), Notepad, Total Commander all one instance. And the second time just "Mouser's Media Browser's", 1st program after a reboot. My OS is Windows XP SP3.) I trust these issues will be easily fixed.

 After all that, thank you immensely for my non-expiring registration key. I very much appreciate it as I am still unemployed and all my DonationCoder programs are registered, and they like that too! (They told me so!  :Thmbsup: )

[PS: I know it _Is Difficult_, but I really wish ALL programs, not just... well, none that I know of, would cease their 'Keep on top of other windows' behavior when you start up Task Manager (Or it's replacement program.). I mean; If you are bringing out the big guns, then they should cower and tremble in fear and trepidation lest you beat them mightily within an inch of their proverbials.  Ok, I've calmed down a bit now that I've had my say. This has happened to me before, though a long long time ago and I had forgotten how annoying it is or what I should have done in the first place. No damage done though.]



NB: I should add that there were 3,742 images in a folder that I was wondering about sorting out loaded when the program froze, but I had been scrolling through a few and it loaded fairly fast and there were no problems in that regard, they weren't large files either all only about 140x120 pixels.

-= An Extra Note (Added after rereading this post on the 22nd April 2016) =-
 When the happenings that I described above occurred, I did check the notification tray icon to see if it would either provide some function to fix the frozen state or restore functionality to the main window but it had it's pop up menu obscured, and though I could see a sliver of the bottom entry in it and that the selection of items was occurring, I could not get any of them to actually function (I was hoping that I could use this means to exit, I knew it was the bottom entry.).

    G'Day Twinbee.

     Thanks for a the nice program. I have stayed away from RegEx's in the past but have recently decided that I really must learn more about them and actually start to use them as they are just too powerfull a tool to ignore any longer, especially as more of the tools that I now use employ their capabilities and without some knowledge of RegEx, I just am not utilizing my resources fully. This looks as it could ease the frustration of checking for correct syntax in these expressions, at least till one becomes more familiar with them, especially for more complex ones, and that would indeed be a boon as that is my main reason for avoiding them in the past.

    No matter, your program will at least allow someone like myself to experiment at a more than basic level within this language without continually being thwarted by the fear of getting horrendously inappropriate results, thanks to the highlighting. Very usefull indeed, and provides a quick means of really getting to grips with the RegEx expression.

    A few suggestions.

    1. Some thoughts on tooltips and the helpfile in general.

  • You might want to add the regex code inserted by a button into the tooltip, for the more technical/interested users

 I also feel that this would help enormously for a third category of user:- Those new to RegEx, like myself. But I would ask for an even more, in my opinion, usefull possibility. Include the values in your help file ALSO. And while on this point, allow for your help file to be opened in a new panel that is part off or docked too the main program itself. (So that working on the text to modify does not sent send the panel out of the way but allows visual checking of what is being input {Or what still needs to be input.} as values are changed by the user.) Also add the '$' functionality to this help file as it is only in the tooltip at the present, and is a fairly complex concept to nut out.

 Tooltips and values also for the 'Many' line of buttons.  Let's be completist about this  ;) , also in the help file please.

 Tooltips for the 'Copy' buttons would be nice. A tooltip could be - "Copies the New Text to the clipboard."

NOTE: While dealing with these buttons, I must point out that your 'Copy <<<' button is really a 'Replace It <' button and a relabeling might be in order. A tooltip could be - "Will replace each occurrence of highlighted text with the text in the new text box."

2. Would it be possible without too much work to redesign the help file panel to be a little more friendly[<- MikleB EDITED 30th/June/2015 Reason: I didn't mean that it wasn't 'user' friendly. just that I wanted more functionality from it.] usefull, wether it gets docked or not. I'll explain.

 Currently this pane only has a close button. I would love for it to have ALL the special modifier buttons that the program supports with a few special functions available through their usage, these being:

A. Duplicates of the tooltips used in the main section, displayed as they are hovered over.
B. Actually pressing these buttons results on showing the help section for that button in the help pane itself to allow study of syntax of both the button's usage and the corresponding RegEx values that will be entered into the search string, so that really powerfull and very complex expressions may be built up using the viewable help as a guide and thus not having to rely on bug prone memory.

This pane would become a real boost to learning RegEx and your program, as well as a safeguard against accidentally pressing the real 'Live' buttons while trying to read a tooltip and thus messing up a partially completed string that you may not have memorised and thus rendering it effectively useless and causing much grief and heartache and the use of foul language.

A button that toggles between the aforementioned functionality for the modified help file and a new section of this help file that would only show a synopsis of ALL the button functions. I.E: Like your list of button functions.

  • Single character: .
  • Many characters: .+?
  • Repeat character: +
  • Numeric digit: \d
  • Numeric digits: \d+?
  • Newline: (\r\n|\r|\n)
  • Newlines: (\r\n|\r|\n)+?
  • Symbols: [^\s\w]+?
  • Symbol: [^\s\w]
  • Letters: [a-zA-Z]+?
  • Letter: [a-zA-Z]
  • Charset: []
  • Charset (repetitions):[]+?
  • Single whitespace char: \s
  • Multiple whitespace chars: \s+?

 This list could be placed at the end of the main help section.

A second push reverts to the original location that was left when the button was first pushed.

The scrollbar at the side of course needs to still remain so that all areas of the help file could be read as normal.

3. A third scrollbar for the main window, placed -Between- the two text areas with a button below it to activate/deactivate it, as toggled. When toggled on, it locks the two panes together so that scrolling in both panes is done simultaneously.

 If you load a big piece of text and have many areas, that will be affected by your endeavours it would be a lot easier to proofread, especially if it were to contain areas that look similar, if scrolling were to be done in unison. Either disable the other two scrollbars or allow scrolling via any of them. I think disabling would be best and automatically setting the start position to the top of both panels when this third bar is first toggled on.

 When toggling off then, the previous locations in both panes could be returned too. (Thinking as I type here that this may be a usefull feature in itself {I mean, the reverting to a previous position in the file. EG: Say you know your input file contains many similar values that you wish to modify but they have minor differences. You could look for the first occurrence of these strings, check that the modification is basically correct, lock and visually inspect the rest of the file, looking for the coloured highlights. Unlock and apply the replacements as is or further modify your expression to be more complete.}. ).

4. When you use the relabeled 'Replace It <<' button, could the newly inserted text be highlighted in any colour but not RGB - 222, 255, 222 / Hex - #DEFFDE (This is a pale green that I use systemwide as my default 'Window Colour' as it is easier on the eyes than always looking into a white 'Light Bulb'.). Well maybe not a variant of yellow as this doesn't stand out too much against my green, but a pale orange
RGB - 255, 205, 155 / Hex - #FFCD9B or a light red RGB - 255, 179, 179 / Hex - #FFB3B3 as these are good CAUTIONARY colours and standout quite well. Once the changes are OK'd by a visual inspection, this highlighting should disappear when any new alterations are done to the 'RegEx' input box.

5. A -protected- window-box, that can't be edited by hand, as a storage buffer that contains copies of full regular expression as they used to stand, only created since the program was opened on this occasion, updated via a 'Store Now' button, to be used as an area to keep 1 or more (Depending on how you feel about coding in storage buffers and drop down selection boxes.) completed regular expressions. This box should have it's own button to copy the current contents of this regular expression box to the clipboard for using in other environments or work situations as required. This would allow creating a list of usefull strings that could be kept for future use, and to easily revert to a better version of what you are currently working on if your newer versions are wrong. Another linked button would copy these strings back into the 'In Use' area for use or modification.

6. Would it be possible to have the system context menus available in the text areas as I wished to use some of their functionality and feel that cut and pasting in this area could be very usefull? This would bring another level of usefullness to the general editing capabilities inherent in your program.

I have made a composite graphic, aided by the excellent Screenshot Captor program (Shamless plug for mouser's work, I love how it has changed the way I do a lot of things since I've been using it!), of what this redesigned program would look like just to clarify a bit more. And in my opinion it would be, pretty much - "Polished till it gleams 8) !"

WildGem - MikleB-1.PNG

Even if you totally ignore all these ideas I really do appreciate this program  :Thmbsup:, it's just that I feel with these things attended too it could be so much more than it currently is, a text modifying tool that allows using Regular Expressions in a very powerful manner with little or no experience, a great Regular Expression learning, prototyping and go-to tool.



OH, sorry to add ANOTHER request, but I just posted this and then decided to add WildGem to a program that I use, as a launch button and I noticed that it didn't have a nice, distinguishable icon. If it weren't to be too much trouble... Maybe... Please. And Thanks again. [▉ :'( ▉]

Editings Legend; AND Reason for Edit/Modifications Applied. Performed: 30th/June/2015
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Additions to rectify Bad Grammar. ... (Fix = Shown as green text.) ~ 1x instance(s).
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................................................. (Fix = Strikethrough applied, new correct word follows. No colour change.) ~ 1x instance(s).

New Smiley(s) inserted {I feel the need... What did I do there, where was my mind focussed to actualy write that?  Don't wish to sound mealy mouthed or demanding, and on further reading I feel that this is how I may have come over, so an appropriate Smiley was required in my original posting.}.
...............................................  (Fix = Inserted appropriate smiley with background colour. Today's Colour IS _ Lime Green, the colour of embarrassment! · ) ~ 1x instance(s).

NB: Yes. I am a full fledged grammar nazi, but my only weapon is my language, so fear not young Jedi, it only SEEMS kinky the first time!

G'day 4wd

So that's what Billy Goat Bluff Track looks like. Very interesting... Worked for 10 years with a bloke who regularly did some 4 wheel driving and he has talked about that drive a couple of times as he has done some tracks in the Alpine country. Bit of a photo buff and he has some stunning prints from around that area, mainly Craig's cabin and surrounds.

Just viewed both your videos on the descent you did and comparing them it seems that the Microsoft product looses a noticeable amount of detail and the colours are also a bit washed out but way smoother a view and a better experience from a casual observers point of view another post intimating that you have done a little more research into the results obtainable using a high definition camera and a few comments that I wish to explore a little if I may.

Been playing a bit more with Hyperlapse, (FHD up and down Billy Goat Bluff this time), and while it may produce good results it has some drawbacks, (AFAIAC), compared to increasing the playback rate in a NLE.

- Subtitles can't be burnt in to the source video because they will be effectively removed by Hyperlapse due to the way it works.  This means some tedious editing of external subtitles to get timing correct - the following two points make using external subtitles almost impossible.
- Instead of a constant rate increase you get a rather slow/fast effect, slow where the camera is panning, fast where it isn't - which can be quite annoying sometimes.
- The big one is you can't set a specific duration of the video, you only have a choice of x2-x25 which usually doesn't give the time that it should be.  This makes it very hard to match it up to an audio track.  Vegas I can at least specify how long the video is going to be down to a specific frame.

 Regarding the subtitles, I presume you had to insert these into your Vegas video after shooting using Vegas itself (I know of the software but am not at all familiar with it.) and that the Microsoft software stripped it out during it's processing. I'm presuming you added the GPS stuff to the full normal speed video then processed the subtitled video using both software packages to get the shortened trips, or did Vegas (Another presumption on my part, it being that you mainly use Vegas and are just comparing it's timelapse capabilities to the output from the Microsoft Hyperlapse software.) add and shorten at the same time?

 Just trying to get a better handle on what I am seeing. If you did indeed need to do two passes, either for the software's sake (Can't add subtitles and speed up playback in the one pass.) or for your own archival needs (Want to keep the full, subtitled, movie but just want to have a quick little episode to show non-4 wheel drivers what you are up to out back {I mean this literally as I'm, just over the hill in Kilsyth  ;) .}  and not bore us. So added subtittles to the full movie and used that version for the shortened version on both occasions.)

 I ask mainly from the viewpoint that this is still software in development it seems and the crowd from Microsoft who are developing it may find experiences like yours very informative as to what they need to make it useable in the real world. They may have considered GPS subtitles but I'm not sure that the Go-Pro cameras have any GPS capabilities and I'm certain that many people who would use their software would use this feature to catalogue events they wish to keep whether Go-Pro's have this feature or not - there are other movie camera brands of course. Yes I'm a lapsed keen photographer and this kind of software is really interesting. I just feel that the earlier in development that these sorts of issues are raised then the better the solutions can be integrated into the final product.

 While watching and listening to your videos I had memories flood back of one earlier time that I first consciously recall this sort of road trip effect and that was the in 'The Hunter's and Collector's - The Slab' music video but that was not time lapse just edited segments, but used to good effect. Sorry for the rant but the Microsoft site states that they have a forum for this software and it really is an intriguing concept to have these sorts of capabilities in the average user's hands and I am trying, not so subtly, to get you to make your experiences known to them so that they may be able to incorporate some sort of secondary sub-processing channel just for subtitles to be kept and in sync. I feel however that it must not just be tacked on at the end as an afterthought.

 However in the mean time, I wonder if you are making two passes, then maybe it would be possible to process via the Microsoft software first and not apply any speeding up but just to see if smoothing can be applied firstly and then add the GPS stuff to this resultant video and then just do a speed up in Vegas and have the capability set a predefined time length. This process has now become a three pass one instead of two but if it's just a matter of starting it up and letting it run for each pass it might presently be acceptable for the odd video or two.

 Hmm, thinking on this, I see at least three process pathways that it might be possible to proceed along to get the some desired results and also that they all have there pro's and con's. How much time is involved, what quality losses occur, can manipulations in one process alleviate problems encountered in the other process if done prior to of alternatively after (I.E: Alternate processing orders.) and just what these might be for any given source video and required result... OK, before I get too bogged down, I must state that I may only look on in wonder as I only use a 32bit Windows XP computer so can't do any of these tests myself but would love to do so (I do have some video gear though, just a little antiquated for the types of trials that I would love to perform. Ah, more expenditure looming.  :(   at some point.)

 Pondering the panning speed up problem this I'm sure could be fixed in some pre-processing scenario, but now it becomes another 'pass' to go through but this time one that maybe only needs to be used to set timing marks as a pre-process, for rectification values if you get my drift, as an analogy, like is needed and done within CGI animation softwares for fly through's (I.E: If nothing new to see, go fast, if lots of new data, slow down but fit it all into the required 4minutes 22 seconds, start soundtrack at beginning, add narration tracks and backing tracks, add opening titles, sub-titles and end credits, drop in a still frame here, etc... And when all is ready, then do it all in one pass, but keep a record of the settings for reapplication if the results need tweaking.). Sorry but, these thoughts come to mind both as problems and solutions/ideas as to what would really be a - usefull - piece of software with lots of power but with simplicity built in (Heaps of core functionality, properly integrated and well laid out.).

 The thing is, IF Microsoft do polish this up and make a final release of it, then I'm sure someone else will bring out a competing product, without any guarantee that it would be a better product or of necessity a worse one... Who has the money to research like Microsoft can do? I feel the best outcome would be if Microsoft were to be given as much input as they could handle so as to be fully informed of any foreseeable requirements presented by the processes we users would wish to perform, then the more likely that their research team will see that the software itself is one that the community at large is keen to have made available to them, albeit improved upon in usefull and sensible ways, and as such will continue it's development from which we might see a piece of very usefull adjunct to home video production in this case. Home presentations to be effective need scripting just like a Hollywood movie, otherwise boredom can and often does set in. Seen a few sad affairs and some good ones too. Hyperlapse technology it seems would do a lot to help out in that area (Wether from Microsoft or not.).

 I hope that you do intend to address some of your concerns on the Microsoft site and hopefully receive feedback from the developers.

 I'll end here as this is enough from me indeed. Looking to see what thoughts you may have regarding these issues or just this piece of software in general from your further use of it.


Living Room / Re: RAM contact spray?
« on: February 22, 2015, 01:39 AM »
G'day again.

 I thought I best start a new, more on topic reply as my previous post started off as more of a reply as to how long the 'Small Bellows Puffer Cleaner' would be available mussing of Stoic Joker [On February 14, 2015, 01:07:16 PM] and just grew out of proportion and a little off topic.  ;)

 A few thoughts on readily available cleaning solutions (As in liquids.) and methodologies for cleaning any kinds of electrical contacts.

 Isopropyl alcohol has been mentioned before and commercial spray contact cleaners often use this and aren't too expensive and usually come with extension pipes that attach to the nozzle for hard to reach places and if I recall my chemistry, it is also what is used in nail polish remover. (Use only the non-oily kind... If you need to clean a bit more thoroughly that a spray. IE: If their is a smoker in the household for example... as the smoke will leave a decent amount of residue over time, and this could be the case. A small bottle will last for years and should be available from a Chemist/Drug Store, but may not be at a discount drug supply chain (In Australia, a store name that comes to mind is 'Priceline', a discount chemists that would have nail polish remover for sure but probably only the oily kind for the person that doesn't like that dry out their hands, and not the non-oily kind. You know the kind of shop I mean to avoid if you wish to find this product.), that pushes brands but has no real base product diversity if you get my drift. A few drops on a tissue or cotton ear bud and a quick but firm wipe will do the trick nicely.

 I use Isopropyl alcohol but I have liters of the stuff as I used to grab it from work (My father's plastics business had a print shop and it was used to thin the inks.) and it cleans gooey grime off everything (Metals, Perspex, glass, brickwork [Great to remove glue and felt pen marks.], etc, etc...). Love it. Actually, one might be able to buy a small amount from a local to you, packaging printer or maybe just about any printer as I suspect that it is fairly commonly used throughout most of the commercial printing trades. The fumes are a little strong and may induced a little light headedness.

 Just be a little careful using it on most plastics like CD covers, Hi-Fi display panes, etc... (Nooooo! It will eat into them! But soft plastics. like the formulations that are used in say bread wraps, carrier bags, etc... {That's what the business was.} or children's plastic toys and those based on this type of plastic are fine with it.). It is fairly cheap and in my experience better than Methylated Spirits. Also, it is benign to circuit board formulations and the bond between the board and the metal contacts and evaporates fairly fast and if the amount of grime needs a bath to loosen it (How such system would continue working till it reaches this state is puzzling in itself, but some industrial installations are very dirt generating and machinery manufacturers do use reseatable/replaceable componentry for areas other than PC related items.), a little poured into a plate and dipping only the contacts that requires cleaning into the pool of liquid will facilitate loosening up heavy coatings.

 Methylated Spirits has always worked fine in my experience and it may have a residue but this is far less than that left by nicotine or if the electronics are near a kitchen (Open plan houses with kitchens adjacent to family rooms come to mind.) and thus may be contaminated by cooking oil fumes. If I'm asked to attend to a friends Hi-Fi gear at their homes and if they have some I will use this in a snap, or recommend that they get a little and do it themselves latter (Glass cleaner is my second choice in this circumstance but may be a bit 'iffy' inside electronic circuit areas, but is OK for RCA plugs and such.).

Erasers, the ink ones at least if they have a fairly fine granularity, are great for getting rid of small areas of corrosion when used gently. The pencil ones are sometimes OK but may be too gentle and Art Gum erasers are just about useless for this purpose. If you dare, try a little toothpaste as this has very fine polishing grit (Yes it's true.) in the formulation (This will also remove fine scratches from CDs, DVDs Blue-Rays and may restore playability if not overdone, and also the jewel case covers of CDs.), but it will then need a carefull wash with a water dampened cotton ear bud, finishing off with alcohol as an aid in water dispersion and drying. If you have heavy corrosion, a diamond cleaning stick (Available at good jewelers for a few dollars... Made from glass fibers, and surprisingly, benign enough not to remove gold, hence it's use in the jewelery trade is absolutely the bees leg joint. Will last for years. And the significant other's jewels will gleam into the bargain and they'll think you really care about their appearance and may be all the more frisky for it! If' that's a good thing in your books.  ;D).

Finally a blow off with a good commpressed air blast or more gentle puffer, as the case may require, just before reinsertion and that B person is your uncle.

{Another post covering all the bases that I can currently think of or have experienced... Cleanliness being next to godliness as the saying goes. And no I haven't been sniffing the Isopropyl alcohol as I am sick of the stench it, very long term familiarity breeding contempt and such is it's current effect on me. Yechh!  :sick:}

Cheers and hopefully someone can find this rant usefull and not too off topic. :)

Living Room / Re: RAM contact spray?
« on: February 21, 2015, 11:43 PM »
[                                                                                                                                                   ]
[   WARNING: Do not buy this linked item for use on a computer's circuits! Read till the end to find out why.   ]
[                                                                                                                                                   ]

 Funnily enough I had forgoten myself that these puffer dusters are usefull for printed circuit board cleaning, as I had come across this tip years ago for gently blowing out contacts on the back of Hi-Fi gear (To stop crackle in the sound.) and it was mentioned there that internal use is also recommended to stop heat build up. (Reminds me I must blow out all my Hi-Fi gear... I live in a slightly dusty area and haven't done it for years. and it should be done regularly.)

(not sure how long the link will last, but...) Something like this? They call it a 1-handed puffer duster.

 This looks like a eBay store add and will most likely be there for years... 137 sold when I looked suggests an eBay store, and the price is attractive (US$10) but for me in Australia the US$52 postage puts it out of the question ( :().

 If you want this kind of a thing in a hurry then any camera 'Puffer Duster' will do the trick and they are all priced around the same. Just head off to a camera store and they should have one.

 They are recommended for cleaning camera lenses and the internals (The lens well that opens when you change lenses on reflex lensed cameras... Both film {Single Lens Reflex} and digital {Digital Single Lens Reflex} cameras are 'interchgeable lensed' cameras and are called reflex types as the internal mirror mechanics is called the "reflex" mirror system, and this area may contain dust that can be shaken loose when wielding the camera about or just taking a picture as the mechanism operates and shakes the dust loose and thusly it can float inside within the light path for hours, and for film cameras, also occasionally clean the film roller guides and shutter in the rear also {Shutters are not in the lenses... those are apertures, which is a common source of confusion [Shutters open and shut to let the light through, like your eyelids. Appertures control the amount of light addmited to the film, like your eye's iris].}.) of any dust within the camera as they do not touch the lens as even lens cleaning cloths will over time pick up body oils, so they (Cloths.) should be used sparingly and replaced whenever they start to look a little grubby or don't clean as effectively as you would hope. NEVER touch or use anything but a blower to clean the mirror as this is of the front surfaced kind (Household mirrors are rear surfaced... Silver coating on the rear.) as they only blow off what is already there.

{NB: The above service message was brought to you by my desire for you to take cleaner pictures! ;D}

I would have bought the eBay one as my camera one is all rubber (No problem with that, they all work on the same principal as an eyedropper.) but I prefer to leave it with my camera kit and a good second one would not go astray but in this case the postage price prohibits this. Nice sturdy design though being partly metal. ¿?¿?...  :o I just realised that the fact that they are metal could be a problem if dropped onto a motherboard as even when powered off voltages flow within a motherboard and they could short and fry components  :down:, so my recommendation would be to go for an all rubber one. :Thmbsup:

EDIT after doing more research on the item in question:
There is no information regarding this on the the originally linked page but the nozzle may be entirely metal, as I discovered one to have when I did a general eBay search looking for other suppliers that may ship at a better price as I like the item and thought that I may try to acquire one and exchange it for my camera one.

 I did find one shop with a little higher price and a fairish shipping but still too pricey when combined as I could pay half the total at my local camera store for a second one. This site had a picture of the item with the nozzle clearly being made of metal and a lengthy description including that the nozzle is metal. So even more reason to avoid for circuit board usage. Even if the original posted link's
item looks a bit different it may just be a painted nozzle and also be metal itself. I went on about this previously as the top definitely is and maybe the bottom also is metal on the original one.

 I wouldn't chance it for the usage that this thread is aimed at either way even if the price was reasonable. Not even for my camera. So consider carefully if you think you would like one.

 A clear case of buyer beware (As eBay generally is not a good place to rush any purchase.) and the need to do a thourough investigation on items one would like to purchase (At least sometimes with a second search on eBay, more information may be gleaned from a second seller's description, it sometimes is a nice place to go shopping {As opposed to go buying!}.).


Image Filter Pro 100 : 100% Off at BitsDuJour

Photographic Filters for the snaphappy crowd from Iconico.

I seriously lust after their screen ruler software suite.  :-*
Very professional stuff indeed and this seems to be on par as far as quality goes.

Just imagine -- you've been tasked with maintaining a website that's laden with images, and you need a way to be able to capture those images quickly so that you can work on them. Well, how would you like the ability to capture all of the images on any website, in just a few clicks of your mouse? Even better, how great would it be to wield the power to apply multiple filters and special effects to entire libraries of images, automatically?

Image Filter Pro will instantly streamline your workflow when it comes to acquiring and editing digital images. With Image Filter Pro, you can save all of the images off of any website, then apply multiple filters to your images, condensing hours of toil into just a few minutes of effort.

With Image Filter Pro, you'll be able to store collections of filters in Filter Groups, with the power to apply them all in a single click, either to individual images or entire folders using batch processing. With over 100 filters to choose from, including a vast selection of color filters, transforms, HSL filters, and edge detectors, you'll be able to implement site-wide changes to your images using just a few clicks!

Programmers take note: If you're familiar with C# or VB.Net, you can create your own image filters! These filters can then be integrated into Image Filter Pro, thus extending your existing filter collection. You can even use Image Filter Pro as a testing platform for filters! To learn more, please follow the link for the custom filters info page.

You can of course manipulate images that you already have stored on you computer as well. Stacking of multiple filters is supported.

Free functional upgrades for the life of the product is available within this offer.

Would be a nice bit of kit for inclusion in any photographer's arsenal of tools.

Image Filter Pro 100

Enjoy! :)

Today's promotion includes the following:

Image Filter Pro 100 ($0) - 100% Off.

Line Reader ($9.75) - at a 50% discount.
Screen Divider ($14.75) - at a 50% discount.
Website Styler ($9.75) - at a 50% discount.

Another edit to further inform and clarify the issue for those who may be considering this software and looking for the upgrades policy, the lifetime of free upgrades is only stated in a message sent with your registration code after downloading the software.

Upgrades to future versions of the software will be free for the lifetime of the product.

Sooner or later I'll make a post that needs no edits... Grrr.  ;)

Time for edit #3.

The lifetime of free upgrades IS stated in 'The Fine Print' tab... I only discovered this myself when I decided to check what the status of the offer was on 22nd February 2015, as I wanted to indicate in this post the current status for those possibly looking at this after the close of the fully free offer, as I did not indicate in the thread topic the date for the one day that this offer was totally free (The date of my original posting - 19th February 2015.).

Gotta love how these threads will persist for the life of the board, even if slightly out of date.  :Thmbsup:

The offer is no longer for a discount of 100% but the link still points to this software at a discount of 50%.

I'll look regularly at the BitsDuJour site over the next few days and when I notice that the offer is withdrawn totally, I'll make edit #4 indicating that the offer has expired (Or been reduced once more.), as I notice that this thread is still getting views.

PBOL / Re: Cannot enter activation key.
« on: January 26, 2015, 09:01 AM »
 Oops.. My bad... Well not really... O.K. Sorta!

 I haven't been running PBOL docked at all, but the place where I was looking to paste the activation key was not through the MAIN Bars Display window's help dialog, which does indeed show an about option and accepts the registration key, but through the Edit Bars window's help dialog which goes only to the actual help file.

 This makes sense of course because if you are adding or editing program options (I.E: Bars in this case.), then it is kind of logical to think that any user would have already investigated how to have the program registered and not nagging to have a key installed. I think that I may be a little more aware of the Help Button on the Edit window menu as it is nice and prominent and not greyed out as the Help Menu item mainly is on my Bar Display (The program loads, I check the items and as I said in my first post, I don't have many events so I tend to close the program and even when I do leave it running and add or modify it, I use the right click popup menu and not the menu bar itself to enter the edit mode.). This popup does allow to check for updates however... Hmm.

 That having been said though, there is no option to enter the activation key via the tray icon's menu like there is for "Clipboard Help And Spell", "Launchbar Commander", "Find And Run Robot" or "Screenshot Captor", and was the other major area that I looked for as I do often see the option to enter the key in these more regularly used programs, though I'm still trialing them.

 Though a little off topic, while initially formulating this post I loaded up all 6 Donation Coder programs that I have installed aside from Coding Snacks/One Hour Software, to see how activation keys were accepted and what paths one has to travel to retrieve and load them, and the sixth one being "Easy Screencast Recorder" is quite amusing. Maybe I should post a new topic in the "Easy Screencast Recorder" thread regarding this so their are two topics for this program, but I will place it here as it is related to this topic. While "Easy Screencast Recorder" does accept an activation key and its topic does have a placeholder to navigate to a download location for that key. There is no key. I understand that it is just a little helper program that can be intergrated within "Screenshot Captor" and of course can use  the permanent key that becomes available either on donation or the key that is available after a year of forum registration and two six month key downloads, but why no seperate key? An oversite I'm certain, but it does need looking into. Also no option to enter the key from the tray menu which is a great place to have this option.

 I have been having a good nosey around the DC Forums of late (Fills my time as I'm currently unemployed.) and am aware that many visitors become irate at how complex they feel that the program registration process is (Seems quite reasonable to me.), it would seem advantageous to maintain a bit more consistancy in as much as first impressions (Wrong or right.) are the ones that many people tend to use to form their opinions on. I'm not stating this to be negative, it's just that if it threw me for a loop then for a newbie (Hate that term but it is appropriate.) it could be quite the stuff to make one want tear their hair out. Of course I make this comment aware of the fact that I have been a little conditioned by seeing the option regularly within the tray popup menu and a new user might not be so conditioned and really would just need better hand holding to be led through the correct proceedure.

 mouser, you state that "I'm not made of magic--" (Re: Easy Screencast Recorder - NANY 2013 Entry « Reply #3) but from what I have seen of both the software available on this site and its quality and for the manner in which you address the issues raised by the users of those software items you come pretty close. Kudos are decidedly in order. Cheers mate, you efforts are much appreciated.

PBOL / Cannot enter activation key.
« on: January 20, 2015, 01:08 PM »
G'day mouser,

 I have the latest version of Progress Bars Of Life (v2.03.00 - May 16, 2014) installed and it asks me for the activation key but there does not seem to be any way to paste it into the program. If I click on the help button I don't get an option to choose 'About', which is were I am informed that I should place the key, as it IS the usual location where other DonationCoder programs will accept their keys, but I am only shown the actual help file for the program.

 I have had it installed for about 2 and a half months and although it is not at this time proving to be very usefull as I don't have many events that I could track with it, I see it as a very potentially usefull item that could and should be developed further (I read on the forum that you yourself were a little taken aback that it hasn't been more widely taken up by the visitors to your site). I have some suggestions for it's development as a general timekeeping utility that I feel could make it a very handy alternative to a full featured P.I.M. including some features that would be a little out of place within a P.I.M. but that sit within the framework of problems/items that could be resolved or simplified within such a program as Progress Bars Of Life appears to potentially be able of becoming.

 I haven't posted regarding this problem till now as I felt it best to let the N.A.N.Y. period and it's workload pass.

P.S: I was the person that you checked as to wether my e-mail address had been used as a registration address very early one morning 2 months ago after either Deozaan or Stephen66515  dragged you to the keyboard after a short respite from being on line. Thank you again for that assistance then, as I was just about to ask that you not be disturbed to do that task but alas, I was too slow and there you were... helping an unknown from the wilds of the internet. Much appreciated. :Thmbsup:

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