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Three other options that you might consider (best experimenting with them - I don't know, for example, whether they work with Win 7) -

1. UltraRecall. This enables you to create a repository of PDF files and search them in various ways (Boolean search operators etc.), and that includes searching Hebrew and internal display of PDF files. UR has additional advantages: (a) you can annotate relevant PDFs (not internal PDF annotations, but annotations in UR which are "attached" to the PDF files) and search these annotations along with the original PDFs; (b) you can also search within other types of files, including all Office file types (except for Access), RTF files, and HTML, and all such files can be internally displayed in UR. You can also use UR to search files which are linked to the program, and not just files stored internally in UR.

2. X1. This is a full fledged desktop search program (not based on a user-generated repository of files), which enables you to search multiple file types, and provides internal display options, though not close to those provided by UR.

I use both UR and X1 extensively (obviously, for different kinds of projects), and I am extremely happy with both of them.

I also have a license for Archivarius, and while I prefer X1 over Archivarius, Archivarius has one potentially significant advantage over X1 (although I find it inferior in other ways, e.g. in terms of its interface): it enables you to search for prefixes, whereas X1 does not. Thus, for example, you can search Archivarius for [muse] and find "bemused" and "muses," whereas X1 will only locate the latter form (to find "bemused" you will have to do a double search = bemuse* or muse*).

3. Copernic Desktop Search, paid version. (The free version does not let you search PDFs). I don't have too much experience with this one, and I am disinclined towards it, since it works on a subscription model rather than a one-time payment model, as with the other products. Still, you might want to try it out.

Other options, which I am not sure at all how helpful you would find them, are Zotero and the no longer developed, but still downloadable, Smereka Tree Projects (

If you are not satisfied with these options, another place you might want to check out, is the excellent Outliner Software forum (

Good luck! (If you want to PM me about any of this I would be happy to try and help.)

Ultra Recall ( is superb for this sort of thing.

Found Deals and Discounts / Re: Directory Opus 12 - 40% discount
« on: December 24, 2018, 05:40 AM »
I think that the main advantage of DO over other file managers is the ease with which it enables one to label files with different colors and statuses, and to sort and organize the files accordingly. So users for whom such functionality is really important might do well to take advantage of the current offer (otherwise, hard to think of anything earthshaking that the DO people can put in version 13 that isn't already present in 12).

Found Deals and Discounts / Discounted Personal Finance Software
« on: June 02, 2016, 10:33 AM »
At Bitsdujour today (Personal Finance Pro) - so far this looks like a pretty decent program, although it is obviously worthwhile checking this out more carefully.

Today Bitsdujour is offering a significant discount on a personal finance program, Personal Finances Pro.

From a quick look this seems like a promising program, which might be of interest to people seeking an alternative to YNAB's subscription model, although potential users should obviously give it a more comprehensive look.

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