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 ;D :D :-* Welcome Back!!! Missed everyone!!

Living Room / Re: What annoys you to no end?
« on: February 21, 2008, 07:58 AM »
The anti-theft precautions in children's toys piss me off like nothing else.  I buy my son something small -- a little 4 dollar toy -- and I'm doomed to spend five to ten minutes trying to untangle and remove all the wires holding the thing in place.  Or, worse yet, the toys that have *screws* anchoring them into the package, in addition to the wires.  Or my favorite -- screws, wire's AND plastic casing that requires a sharp knife to penetrate. Of course, in the car, my son wants it open . . . but, of course, you need a damned toolbox just to get the toy out.

Totally agree - but it isn't just children's toys; it's just about anything these days. The level of ingenuity  required to open some packaging makes me wonder whether manufacturers are in league with the goverment to design devious 'in-the-home' intelligence testing - we are then all secretly rated on how long it takes us to open the refill for the air freshener!

General Software Discussion / Vista 64-bit - Service Pack 1 Arrived!
« on: February 21, 2008, 07:41 AM »
Out of the blue it arrived 45 minutes ago - Vista Service Pack 1, via windows automatic update. Entire installation process took ... well... 45 minutes.

I didn't think SP1 was due until early-mid March via automatic updates? Still, it's here! Have to say I was dreading it's arrival a little bit due to some of the pre-warnings about driver conflicts etc and past experiences with Windows Service Packs returning many settings to their default 'factory' settings. But, no, as far as I can tell the Service Pack has left things as they were - right down to my daily warning that "User Account Control is switched off"  :-\

There we go! I have to say again that while I continue to run XP on certain systems my experience with Vista 64 continues to be warm and loving!! For me it just works, despite my fiddling and tweaking.  :up:

A beta for Helium MM 2008 was released on Feb. 11 - have you tried it, Beth?

Yes I saw that and I've been trying to avoid it - I suffer from beta addiction and am trying to break the habit! :-\ Maybe you should try it Darwin (addiction by proxy!)?

Thing is that the world of music managers changed for me once ipods arrived - because only iTunes ever seems to reliably (ish) work with ipod synching, yet iTunes as a music manager is completely inadequate. As good as Media Monkey is I have only ever encountered problems when using it to manage an iPod (although it does have that ability).

I agree that MM is a fantastic music manager - I've been using it for as long as I can remember. It doesn't seem to like the latest Last.FM plugin (it uses the WinAmp one I think) but the MM fans on Last.FM have made the old one available anyway which works just fine.

I actually think the music manager that was nearly the most exciting yet is Helium by Intermedia Software. To my mind Helium has always been 'on the verge' of greatness but never quite gotten there - it does have some fantastic catalogue features and also superb tagging ... but it has never quite reached it's potential and has been prone to the odd bug or two.

It would be a useful project maybe to do a comparison of the two - if someone had the time (I don't right now)?

I own copies of both ... but MM is my current fav! :-*

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